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War2 crashes during the gameplay for some reason? Report please
« on: February 17, 2016, 06:56:58 AM »
I'm making experiments with game debugging using crash dumps.

So, if you know how to crash the game during regular gameplay (not using hacks) report me the steps to do that.
It's quite possible to fix such crashes.

I currently know 3 situations how to crash war2:
1. to start it with DEP mode enabled for war2 process. Lazy to look into, because has known fix: add it into DEP exclusions. Adding automatically in combat installer.

2. on several computers (at least tupac) to alt-tab from bnet chat with last ddraw.dll loaded causes crash sometimes. Not reproduceable for me and other developers...

3. multicast. You bind something, then select mage, select spell, then activate previously binded and click. The game crashes.
Thanks tupac for that report. I didn't know about such bug.
That required about 4 hours for me to analyze code, find tools and fix that. Not sure if problem is severe, i plan to add fix into next version of loader. I can make and release a fix right now if someone needs that.

I don't know any other crash situations with war2, will appreciate if you report anything you can.

Also appreciate if you can explain how to reproduce freezing for war2. (Rear problem, but sometimes happens on some hardware, i don't know any ways to reproduce that)...