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i'm back! 4811  10

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i'm back!
« on: July 06, 2016, 07:24:28 AM »
noone knew i was gone :P
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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2016, 07:18:50 PM »

 :o check this out tupac more shit for your mod'!

Lmfao is this GTA 2??

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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2016, 04:04:43 PM »
yup i can edit the megatiles also :P just a little more time.

What are you trying to do here??
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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2016, 08:42:16 AM »
space tiles are just blank tiles :o and theres tons of them \o/ like i even need that much just a experiment.

why does it look like sheet..cause im hitting every tile including the fog of war ...lazy <<<<<

Well just don't make the fog transparent LOL ;)
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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2016, 03:39:34 PM »
still isnt the full megatile!! 24x24 now getting all the mini tiles so i can use them :)

well conclusion ... i can half ass some tiles to make a different ground target the trees...but theres so many and they really dont have the order like i thought they would have....gm here i come!!! please help! :o (need to get my skills going in this sucker anyhow)

This is really epic good work, so bad i have no big knowledge and cant help, but maybe do not use custom tiles, use cloned vanilla and check result.
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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2016, 03:23:47 PM »
was not expecting to find that in this spot....fucks that number mean tupac lol gave me 2 extra units before farm kicked on.


it is negative one lol,each townjall erases and also +1 so 2 extra units :P look at the cpu!!!

Maybe I can help with this. Here's some info. Theres actually a very simple method here
for working out signed integers, and, because I'm me (sorry) also a whole pile of related
info that you may or may not find useful.. or may already know.. do with it what you will.


It really helps if you're trying to get your head around signed binaries to just ditch decimal.

Decimal if great when you're counting with 10 fingers, but pretty much blows for anything
binary based (i.e everything to do with compters).

Use Hexidecimal. The shit actually makes sense in hex.

Decimal: 0-255,        256 possible states.
Hex:       00-FF         100  possible states

Decimal: 0-65535,      65536 possible states
Hex:       0000-FFFF,   10000 possible states

DWORD (doubleword):
Decimal: 0-4294967295,          4294967296 possible states
Hex:       00000000-FFFFFFFF,    100000000 possible states

Clearly one of them is much easier to remember than the other.

If your value is being interpreted as a signed number then yes,... blah blah blah
... bit 15 is being used as a sign bit (for words, or bit 31 for dwords.. etc)  but then is it
"(n/2)-1 thru minus (n/2)"? or was it umm err plus one ... and the... um....

OMFG. No. Computers work with very simple concepts, we just make it difficult
because we have the wrong number of fingers for the job.


for a 16-bit ('SHORT' or 'WORD')     signed integer, the value "-1" is  FFFF
for a 32-bit (DWORD, doubleword)  signed integer, the value "-1" is  FFFFFFFF
for a 64-bit (QWORD, quadword  )  signed integer, the value "-1" is  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
(and yes if anybody actually used 8-bit signed binary ints it woud be FF)

they count backwards from there...
so for a 16-bit number:
              -1     =     FFFF
              -2     =     FFFE
              -3     =     FFFD
              -4     =     FFFC
              -5     =     FFFB
              -6     =     FFFA
              -7     =     FFF9
              -8     =     FFF8
              -9     =     FFF7             .... etc

Here's the good bit:
Just do this:

Pull up the windows "calc" calculator or anything else that will convert hex to decimal.
... for calc you need to select 'scientific' mode from the 'view' menu ... at least in the XP
version I have - probably still the same in others.

Work out how many bits ur using... most likely for WC2 it will be 16 bits, 
perhaps 32 for some things.

Ok divide that by 4... easy
this is how many zeros you want.... as in the table above.
 i.e.   WORD - 10000   DWORD - 100000000

16 bits - 4 zeros
32 bits - 8 zeros
64 bits - 16 zeros  ..... etc

Lets try a random example... say  -7629, just for lols

so .... if you want to know how to represent the number -7629 in a 16 bit signed integer

     1 - first select HEX MODE
     2 - THEN enter a 1 and 4 zeros "10000"
     3 - then select DECIMAL mode
     4 - then enter your number and press '='
        ....... so in this case press [-] [7] [6] [2] [9] [=]
theres your answer:  "57907"


Note: that's the [subtract] button, not the [+/-] sign
button, you are just subtracting the absolute value.

If you want you can convert it back to hex, then its: "E233"

In the actual CPU or RAM or on a bus or a disk drive then its

These are all the same number, the only one that's real is the last one.
The other two are just ways funny hairless apes like to think about numbers
because it suits their funny brains.

If, like me, you're a bit on the nerdy side, you may have wondered:
"if 57907 is 1110001000110011 and that actually equals -7629..
then how can we represent the actual number 57907 as a
16-bit integer???"

Well, 57907 is processed as 1110001000110011, yes, it's exactly
the same number. How can this be? Well everything in a binary
machine is ones and zeros.... "1110001000110011" could also
represent the position of 8 black pixels in part of a monochrome
bitmap, virtually any other type of information that can be processed
by a computer. It's up to the program to know where it wants to get
the ones and zeros from, and what type of data it is that it is getting
(then it has to decide what to do with it)... and thats the whole gig.

If its looking for a 16-bit WORD and it gets 1110001000110011 then it
says "Oh thats 57907". If its looking for a SIGNED 16-bit integer
and it gets the same 1110001000110011 it says, "Oh thats -7629" - or
if its a bitmap it says "thats black - black - black - white - white - white -
black - white - .... etc"

Carefull of this bit - maximum nerdage:
The actual CPU etc. doesnt say "oh thats..." anything at all, it just has the
ones and zeros. Its 1110001000110011 period. The system works that
way, because in a 16 bit CPU, adding 57907to a number gives you eaxtly the
same result as subtracting 7629. The answer is the same sequence of ones
and zeros. The CPU doesn't know or care if it is adding on 57907 or adding
on '-7629', the result is the same. In the end the program knows if it wanted
a signed integer, an unsigned integer, black and white spots, a floating point
number or a string of neucleic amino acids, and it knows what it wants to do
with that info... because thats what a program is. The CPU couldn't care less.
Neither could RAM or a disk drive or whatever...    which is the stuff you are
manipulating to make your patch. Obviously to manipulate the data, you need
to know what the program expects to find, and what it wants to do with that
data - only then can you know what to change in order to get the result you

BTW: You may have realised by now that the internal graphics format you are
tweaking is an old Blizzard propriatory format called GRP. I think I gave a general
description in one of my posts about PCX palettes or there abouts.


Oh, and one more thing....

I expect you should already know, but if you are directly manipulating data in a file
or volume with a hex editor, the you need to be aware that our funny human brains
are used to seeing numbers with the least signifigant value at the right..
i.e  539

5 = 500
3 =  30
9 =    9

Most data storage (and certainly all the stuff in wc2) is the other way around. To
further confuse the issue, hex editors have evolved to display data 8 bits at a time
which = 1 byte = 2 hex digits.... 00 thru FF.

A 16-bit number as we now know, has 4 hex digits - or 2 bytes. Most of the internal
values in the wc2 game engine are either 16-bit or 8-bit. However the exe is a 32-bit
PE file (M$ Portable Executable) so all of the values related to the exe as an object or
memory addressing etc. are all 32-bit values, which of course have 8 hex digits or 4

The hex number 5D79 (dec 23929) is a number arranged exactly like a decimal number
except hex uses 16 digits (0123456789ABCDEF) instead of 10 digits (0123456789),
however the layout is the same - least signifigant on the right, each column to the left
having a value that is the equivalent exponent of the number base being used.

Our trusty hex editor - still presents everything as it was back when the world was made
of 8-bit numbers (flared trousers anyone?) The Byte. So every 8 bits was presented as
a hex number. Little digit on the right, big digit on the left.

But..... as we are directly manipulating the data as it exists, when we come to larger numbers
(16-bit...32-bit..etc.) we find that they are actually stored the other way around i.e. the with
the smallest part on the left through to the largest on the right, however, each pair of 2 hex
digits is still being 'conveniantly' presented to us as a 'correct' hex number... which is actually
backwards... SO

If we want to directly read or write data larger than 8-bits (1 byte) with a hex editor, we have
to rearrange it - but only in groups of 2 digits. On disk, our hex number 5D79 is actually stored
as 2 bytes like this 79:5D ... the order of each byte is reversed.

YES! Fellow nerdlings!... thats not true either we all know that its really just stored as a bunch
of ones and zeros... but thats the way a hex editor displays output and accepts input, so that's
what you will be using and seeing,... but really, its just another one of those kooky ways the
hairless apes decided to do things, because we just love to make life easy for ourselves.

The same principal applies to a 32-bit value.... take a random 7EE9D123. On disk or in memory,
we represent this as 23:D1:E9:7E ..... in practical terms split it into groups of 2 digits then
reverse the order.


---> split into bytes

        7E - E9 - D1 - 23

---> reverse the bytes

        23 - D1 - E9 - 7E

           ^^^ And there we have it

Same for our 16-Bit value


--> split

        5D - 79

--> reverse

        79 - 5D

==>Remember to make sure you have the right number of digits to start with!

i.e.  I want to write then number 2016 as a 32-Bit (DWORD) value on disk:

2016 decimal = 7E0 hexidecimal

but its 32-bit, so we want 8 digits = 000007E0   (just like 00002016 = 2016 )
 now we have 8 hex digits we're good to go:


         00 - 00 - 07 - E0

         E0 - 07 - 00 - 00
This is how a hex editor would display the number 2016 stored
on disk as a DWORD

....and if it isn't stating the blindingly obvious when you see something like:


the '0x' at the start just means "this is a hexidecimal number", because of
course '1234' is a perfectly valid hex number as well as a decimal number.
0x1234 = decimal 4660....... indeed 101110011 is a vaild hex number and
a valid decimal number and a valid binary nunber. Time to STFU before I start
talking about octal....

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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #6 on: September 19, 2016, 06:03:20 PM »
thx man!yeah i got your pcx .pal
Save all your info easycompany I'm starting my own forums for mods and development. I'll buy the domain to tonight.
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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #7 on: September 19, 2016, 09:03:16 PM »
Nah dellam was saying he hacked my phone, he was posting my information first! good thing it was my fake email lol, he was harassing me, he was spamming the mods section in which I had to keep removing his posts, he kept calling me a child molester, then miss blid thinks she can just warn me and edit my posts oh hell fucking no that's the last straw. I'm done with ru unless blid is gone period. iL needs to demote blid like 80% of the community wants. If they had dellam banned like he is supposed to be then nothing would of happend. I asked over and over again. They rather lose a valuable member then get rid of a poisoned one. That's stupid and fuck it suffer the loss then. I'm out I'm not even joking. I'm blocking this site in my host file and through my routers firmware. I'll see you on the other side buddy! o.0
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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #8 on: September 19, 2016, 09:33:08 PM »
Done waiting for payment to be confirmed then 24 hours the dns will be updated. I just paid for 2 years and now I will begin work on my client, and merge my antihack with my pvpgn server.

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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #9 on: September 20, 2016, 12:46:48 PM »
I will be on my own forums. I won't post here anymore. All my projects will be continued and supported on my own forums. If anyone would like to join feel free.

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Re: i'm back!
« Reply #10 on: September 23, 2016, 03:32:31 PM »
What was you trying to do with all those footman??