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High Quality Music + Warcraft1 Music for Battle.net edition 2688  16

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Re: High Quality Music + Warcraft1 Music for Battle.net edition
« Reply #15 on: July 05, 2016, 03:49:03 AM »
I have uploaded MP3 files for you, but keep in mind they will not play in the game unless you convert them to WAV first.  The quality might drop if they are converted from WAV to MP3 and back to WAV again.  That is, unless you plan to use an external music player...

That reminds me - I forgot to explain that in order to modify install.exe with the original BNE, you guys will likely need the NoCD patch.  The NoCD patch will require you to copy install.exe from the CD to the war2 directory, which can then be modified with my music tracks.  Otherwise, you will have to modify the install.exe on the CD itself, which isn't possible unless you are using a virtual CD with an ISO file or something.  It was a pain for me to get the NoCD patch installed;  the .exe doesn't run on windows 64-bit, so I had to run it on an old computer with 32-bit and copy over the modified files (mostly just storm.dll).  If anyone has windows 64-bit and needs me to upload the modified storm.dll file, let me know.  The windows registry also has to be modified (check the readme with the NoCD patch).  I found "CDPath" and "War2CD" in a strange place when I checked my registry, so do a search on the entire registry for those strings if you don't find it in the paths mentioned in the NoCD patch readme.

Come to think of it - this is quite complex for most people.  lol.
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Re: High Quality Music + Warcraft1 Music for Battle.net edition
« Reply #16 on: July 05, 2016, 07:33:23 AM »
I wanted to get the MP3 and run it with an external player of course :) Using it online must be tested as I am not sure if we can use it and keep our current anti-hack integrated with it. It will mean using music or using war2 anti hack....