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Concerning the Dispensation of the current Faith that is demanded by Christ for
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:06:48 PM »
Concerning the Dispensation of the Current Faith that is Demanded by Christ for the Sake of those Conglomerated in Denial of His Love

A person ought so to be, perfect, and without error. For Christ so destined the perfect person to be able to withdraw 100% from the needs and existence as the world deems worthy; and to be able to live in any agitated, or rested state, without having to worry desperately as to where the next meal was to come; how to be clothed, or how to keep clean... even how to satisfy the wants and ambitions that so destine the arrangement of the calling of the bible on that person. A person is so destined not only to be complete in Christ; but also fulfilled eternally by the very enactment of faith that is so problematic in the atmosphere of this present, wicked world; and to inflate their person to be in an arrangement where nothing is impossible, indeed, and verily the construct of faith, with fasting and dedication, produces an end of such resolution.