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$150 PBall Build Balance Tourny Bracket(Final)
« on: January 08, 2017, 01:24:08 AM »
Eight people showed up to the $150 1v1 PBall Build Balanced tournament last night. 8)Mikulz(8 was in the finals vs Proof-Dealer and 8)Mikulz(8 won it 3-1 and $90. Proof-Dealer got $40 for 2nd and QUICK{hR} won $20 vs Flea(2-0) for 3rd. Congratulations Mikulz and all the winners. Here's the bracket:
Round 1
xXxSmegolxXx vs Proof-Dealer Proof-Dealer wins 2-0
QUICK{hR} vs Koh QUICK{hR} wins 2-1
8)Mikulz(8 vs Adam-w Mikulz wins 2-0
Flea vs Manowar! Flea wins 2-0

Round 2(Semi Finals)
Proof-Dealer vs QUICK{hR} Proof-Dealer wins 2-0
)8Mikulz8( vs Flea Mikulz wins 2-0

Round 3(Finals)
)8(Mikulz(8 vs Proof-Dealer($40) 8)Mikulz(8 wins 3-1.($90)
3rd. QUICK{hR}($20) Honorable mention 4th: Flea.

Thanks to anyone who played, it was fun. Congratulations winners!