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DISCIPLINE FOR war2players <-- constructs/habitations/lucrative ventures
« on: May 20, 2017, 07:10:44 PM »
O player of War2, you have been ventured forth to conglomerate your skills in this game with allotment of success. The various circumstances presented to you will involve social involvement with players, and the various esteem of the server must be prolific.

If you so much as say one rude comment to another player, let it be done in Christ's will; that all glory that awaits success may be redeemed.

If there are any casualties of code; and the conduct of the server is broken -- such that Christ's will is not tantamount to its cause, let the player apologize with great speed, and pray at length. For there is no forgiveness for a player that doesn't forgive others also, and there is a great amount of trouble that is guaranteed to follow offenses spouted by an individual. O breakthrough of the morning, come shine your light! For the people are good; they are perfect, their righteousness shines brighter than the sun, and their habitation is in fullness and beauty. Their joy is full, and their happiness is content -- and whatsoever more they desire they are given such and such things -- for they do your will, and are present in all biblical speaking.

O War2 player, that you would make the cornerstone of your appearance on the server, not aggression, or hate, or heady and haughty display or feelings, but peace, and humility. For such is the gallant cause of opposition, whereby an enemy will not be construed with pride, whereby only by pride comes contention. Let hate find its mark not on any of the server, unless the diligence is against wickedness -- for such is the cause to have perfect hatred.