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FYI Urban Airborn Defence 196  1

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FYI Urban Airborn Defence
« on: June 02, 2017, 03:18:26 PM »
hey guys, this is another doodle topic to keep you sharp my last topic was about Runes check it out here

            FYI runes are awesome

lets cover the Offense first because its simple.. the larger your attack force does not insure victory air attacks work better to wound your enemy rather than charging and risking suicide so here we go..

1: haste one death knight and then haste 5 dragons it helps keep the haste process faster and saving you time on the spell

2: casting haste on an ogre can increase its spell casting rate like the death knight.. this can help with process time again for a deadly haste bloodlust attack, never forget to cast bloodlust first then haste

now for the good stuff Defending versus air is annoying and these little tricks can work under some circumstance  :))

1: the Eye of Killrogg can be used to scout Submarines using it to create chaos with friendly fire can work and it does cost very little

2: Invisible Flying machines are priceless but invisible boats like the transport ship can be flame shielded to wield damage without risk of attack from subs or dragons

3: Casting Unholy armor on pesky flying machine does great damage and it wont flea or alarm your opponent fully  :thumbsup:

4: Death knights can steal life with death coil spell often allowing you to use them like archers to kill air

5: Casting Poly-morph and slow are great tools when fighting haste air attacks  :critter:

mind you dont burn your mage getting into a blazing ships now  >:D
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Re: FYI Urban Airborn Defence
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2017, 09:00:41 PM »
Strategy & Replays?

idk if orges are affected by haste.

u can flame shield a knight and burn out dragons! #2

its even a good spell to put on lusted orges(grouping up to cast) or your knights(if spread out)

#1 lol cool