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The BNET Manifesto
« on: June 05, 2017, 04:13:33 AM »
The BNET Manifesto

A player shall distinguish themselves as peculiar not by comparative advantage; but in conduct.
Therefore if the appropriation of a person is to make a mockery of this statement, it is for his advantage, as the scripture says, that he is left to be accursed - for they who love not the Lord Jesus Christ the scripture says, let them be accursed.
If by any means a player with their conduct obviates the foregoing, let them multiply their offenses indeed, that it is clear that they are not a patron of Christian ideals; and examine their life, and declare to yourself who is in power over the whole earth, that they have such a perfect blessed life with joy to the full and cognitive awareness of emotional and psychological intensity? Nay, let yourself examine their life, as if they love not Jesus Christ it is accursed. By this you are able to tell what force is at work and in power over the entire earth, which is GOD's footstool.

Let the commonplace Manifesto so accorded with the foregoing speech now be realized, and not amended for future appropriations of judgment.