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Oh Baby 743  22

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eyyy im walkin here

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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #15 on: June 25, 2017, 12:41:45 PM »
Yea Christ came to save sinners, bla bla bla. I know about the GREYS.


hmm they don't want me to talk about it.

The bible was very useful to me; and I followed it flawlessly.

What does John say concerning Christ, babyshark!?

HE SAYS BABYSHARK BABYSHARK aww ur such a cuty lil baby sharky awww

* tries to pet it

BABYSHARKY pls pls pls pls pls
dn get mad pls pls I am a flea


Don't get mad at a lil flea pls pls pleasy

(clears throat)
John says Christ is the bible made flesh.


I take it you know that verse; if you don't... I am going to continue not quoting scripture because people should know it... Paul didn't go quoting scripture; Christ said, as it is written....


OHHHH I TAKE YOUr Corinthians 700 and I would like to compare it with my Job 62

I'm not quoting scripture....

Now what does that mean baby!?

I know you haven't stopped to think about it
I hope there isn't a character limit on this thing
Sure it implies that in HIM dwells the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily...

but it also implies that every thing in scripture points to Christ.

Scripturally this is exact. As the law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.

After years of study you might realize on your own, that Absalom was made by GOD without any blemish on his whole body, not because it was GOD's pleasure solely, but because it was to signify to all who read it, that the scriptures have to do with CHRIST, and CHRIST WAS going to be, in the foreknowledge of GOD, without blemish/sin IN HIS ENTIRETY.

Now if someone now points to Absalom saying... Absalom was without blemish on his body, that confirms that Christ was without blemish in sin; if you know the scripture, so say; Amen.
We can learn about Christ through Joseph? Why? Because Joseph was in the scriptures, and Christ is the bible made flesh.... Joseph and Christ were both firstborn.... Both were shepherds.... Coincidence? Nay. Both were loved by their fathers. Both were prophesied to be rulers. Both Joseph and Christ's brethren didn't believe them. Both had prophecies that they would rule Joseph (as Joseph over his brethren and Jacob (named "Israel"))\Christ all Israel. Joseph was sent by his father to his brothers. Christ was sent by His Father to Israel.
Coincidence? Nay.
Reuben wanted to rescue Joseph; Pilate wanted to rescue Christ. Joseph was sold as a slave to Egypt; Christ was betrayed for the price of a slave. Both went to Egypt. The king of Egypt exalted Joseph ruler over all to bring all under the king’s rule; Christ was exalted to bring all under the RULE OF GOD. It goes on and on and on. What do you think the inspired writers of the gospels meant when they said, so it may be fulfilled, "I have called my son out of Egypt?" What does that mean? Hosea was calm in writing of it... It was spoken before Pharoah by Moses, that Israel was GOD's son, even His firstborn. DON'T SAY THIS IS NOT CHRIST IT IS SPEAKING about Israel's children, called the nation of Israel? Because the gospel writers said it was about Christ.

How do you think? That David being the first king chosen by GOD (Saul was roused up by the people, but not chosen specifically in due time) had a name meaning, in the Hebrew tongue, "Beloved of GOD" because it was not referring, pointing to Christ that was going to be born among us? David was named David in the torah/old testament/scriptures TO POINT TO CHRIST. Not for God's sole pleasure in naming David "Beloved of GOD."

I would go on to Solomon and explain BUT I am simply not going to do it....

When the scriptures say that Moses talked with GOD as man does, speaking face to face; is this to be taken as correct?
Absolutely not. Because GOD says, You can not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

So why is this contradiction in the bible, that people like Babysharky can't explain?

Except you don't make a website about it haha, saying... BIBLE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE LA LA LA


Can you figure it out?

I did....
*points to himself... ME

As the prophet Jeremy writes, let not a man boast of his strength... his might... a wise man of his wisdom... or a rich man of his great riches, but glory only in the LORD/knowing HIM.


what is the answer babysharky!?

Christ went to the mount... AND....

Why was he transfigured?

Because HE was the one, not Moses, even though the scriptures say Moses, it wasn't Moses as I just proved....
Christ was transfigured, and his face shone as the sun, into another type of 'being' so to speak, and he spoke to GOD face to face....

How do I know that? Not because the writers of the gospel write of it... but because I'm taking it clear back from the books of Moses.

I almost stop... but I will keep going....

Job... let's take Job....

What is another way the scriptures point to Christ?

He fulfills the scriptures another way, too... in that he enacts their specific actions.

Christ had the strength of Samson in that he was able, by his FAITH WHICH WAS LIKE SAMSON's physical strength, to tell the demons that were breaking the chains they bound a man that was possessed by them to depart. No one else could. These demons were in the man... the people would bind that man up with HEAVY CHAIN lots of chain... and just like Samson physically... Christ broke them physically, but by faith....
Samson was showing how strong Christ the Messiah was going to be... and this wasn't written in the Gospels... though many things were, 'specifically.'
I could go on.

The man in 1 Kings 13:18 (I will use the verse to help you) telling the man, "Hey, I am a prophet of GOD too (which he was)... and you are not supposed to do that...." The prophet that failed was shown in the gospels to point to what the Messiah WOULDN'T FAIL. Just like Esau gave his birthright for a bowl of pottage and bread, Christ did not give up His birthright when he was hungered, to satan when satan told him he would give all the world to him, and food, when Christ was hungered, if he would command the stone be made bread.... Christ was have lost his birthright to Satan if he had done so, so to speak. But Christ was the second Adam, and as it is written, Satan has nothing of me. So where did 1 Kings 13:18 show where Christ didn't fail? Like the prophet who had just been given a sign by GOD to HIS WORD (if you read that chapter,) and was recognized by all to be a prophet and had just done a work of GOD in restoring the King's hand (I won't go into the meaning of this)... but Christ ENACTED that AND DIDN'T FAIL because that situation was shown when Peter was called THE ROCK ON WHICH CHRIST WOULD BUILD HIS CHURCH; but after being so called, Peter rebuked Christ, saying, Not so! You will not die in such a way! You are the SON OF GOD! so Christ, rather than failing like the prophet in 1 Kings 13:18 (not named), he prevailed.
Therefore, babyshark, I hope you are beloved of GOD; I hope everything is soooo wonderful for you... when Job said, "Naked came I from the womb, and naked shall I return..." this was POINTING to Christ in figurative form, of what Christ did with his life, saying at the end, "My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death," and that all the things he was going to suffer, and had suffered were realized. Every bad thing that happened to JOB wasn't for GOD's amusement, and it wasn't even for sole edification/knowledge/subsistence toward HIS WILL, it was for Christ, and what he would go through, and what happened to HIM. Anyone that follows Christ, as it is written of HIM saying, must leave WIFE, FATHER, MOTHER, CHILD, HOUSE OR YOU ARE NOT, absolutely NOT his disciple. Christ therefore did these things while He, being the master, was on the earth. He denied Himself; as He said whoever comes after Him let them deny themselves, and prepare for the worst of possible deaths to happen to them because of it EVERY DAY. So what I said was correct.

What about Jacob?
Jacob/Israel as written and described in the bible, is not just about him... or even about learning about GOD through HIM; but way back LEARNING about Christ, due to the foreknowledge of GOD on Christ the Messiah
For example...
Jacob's Ladder.
Christ, likewise, in fulfillment of this, WAY BACK in the torah, said, Verily verily I say unto you, Hereafter thou shalt see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man"
Jacob was also named "Israel," and thus seeing this in a dream was as seeing heaven and earth through the One Mediator, Jesus Christ for all believers.

Israel/Jacob wrestled with an angel of GOD all night, why? Because Christ, as it is typified by Him praying ALL NIGHT, has power with GOD and man and prevailed. Did Jacob correspond to this of what the angel told him? Jacob was limping afterward... but whereas Jacob failed, it was pointing to where Christ in the foreknowledge of GOD SUCCEEDED.

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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #16 on: July 01, 2017, 07:50:27 AM »
Do you smoke crack?

d8 there is fulfillment in words, and righteousness by not only conglomerating your faith to overcome the entire world, but to become a completely new creature, that is, obtain a faith so highly restricted to perfect love of GOD in Christ; that people will call you mad because of the abnormality of perfection.
Speak not in ridicule to the light of the world, to a city on a hill.
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marx was right

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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #17 on: July 01, 2017, 09:22:18 AM »
what do you think about jesus being a communist
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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #18 on: July 01, 2017, 11:18:45 AM »
Hi Marx!

What knowledge of the Savior can you bring? Of Christ Jesus can your mind swing -- that the bible in all its glory should attain and attach itself to one man; being the product of GOD, coming out of GOD, being the only begotten Son of GOD.

Communism according to Marx is aimed to help the proletariat (working class,) as contrasted with their struggles with the bourgeois (upper/middle/lower ruling class.) Don't be confounded therefore by injunctions or episodes of contrasting what Christ presents for us, and the detail of struggle as immense as it was in certain times of the world, or even now, and thus the creation of a creed and dedicated 'party' to solve those problems, hence, communistic ideals.
Christ commands in this present time, when he is not King ruling on the earth, to the "proletariat," not to rebel, or be in animosity of their position in life, but to take Paul's example, in that he learned in all things to be therewith content, with whatsoever state he was (also in Psalm 23 et al..) And if under masters, to obey in all things. I will make one verse quote, but that is all, as one should know the scripture, as Christ said, you do err, not knowing the scripture or the power of GOD. The verse of someone obeying a master is in Colossians 3. Furthermore it is commanded by Christ that the servants obey the masters heartily, as though they were following the commands of GOD.
MASTERS are told to deal justly, telling them they have a master in heaven, even GOD, who will give them according to their works, being no respecter of persons.
Thus we see not the birth of communism with Christianity; but the complete denial of a plan for communism at all, knowing that the 'proletariat' accurately following the will of GOD would have no solution to solve for indemnity of happiness -- they would be on one hand, cared for by GOD and happy with their labor; or on the other hand, if not both, cared for well by their masters/CEOs. Communism, which seeks to aim to help the proletariat in its struggles - would have no struggle to subsist for remedy, and would thus relinquish or not even form.
Those who will not be ruled by Christ when he is king, as it is written, "bring them hither, and slay them before me." This is not communistic; however, make not appeal to a murderer or a drunkard on the throne, THIS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. And what man took a candle and shut it out when comforted or in need of light, that was in his right mind. What person despises a city on a hill, that loves its enemies, is righteous, and cared for by GOD? What person swims in a lake, and looks at a rainbow, and beholds the drops of rain; moreover eats savory meat, or has marijuana, or wine, or strong drink, and gives thanks to GOD because of it? Those who know that GOD created the heaven above, in the earth below, and in the sea beneath, and all that in them is. Therefore who but a murderer and a liar, would despise Christ as King, and thus be slain. Again communism has no creation for such causes. For it is written in the scriptures, that the servants of Christ will be of such demeanor, and full joy, that any other kingdom would be in awe, and by the servants alone. This is found in the bible in Solomon's rule, which is a 'type'/foreshadowing of the Christian dispensation under Christ's future rule on earth.
Christians are forbidden to rule over one another, but the greatest shall serve. This is not perfected in the communist manifesto, as such perfection is not dedicated to its espousal of doctrine -- the communist manifesto falls short of such "daring" and perfect statements. Christ is stated by a Roman as speaking as no other type of man, but as GOD (if asked I will give the verses for these two situations.)
Moreover communism has an aim, but doesn't reach the perfection of the bourgeois seeking no material gain or items. It is not daring enough. But the bible is that daring. Christ altogether makes sure communism won't even have an issue, that is to say, the help of all communistic appeal and care would have no place for a situation such as what Christ commands.... This is to set not things for yourself on earth, which rust and moth corrupts, or that thieves break in and steal; but to set things up for yourself in heaven, which rust and moth does not corrupt, and thieves do not break in and steal. For example, if instead of going to a movie your pray for a homeless man; having faith that it would do even the smallest bit of good, if not COMPLETELY ERRADICATE his errand with pithy substances. This calls for an end to materialistic hedonism which would completely destroy an economy and render no classes at all; and thus no class struggle of course.
Christ did not come to destroy the law of Moses (However Christ's future reign on earth will not be an economic or warring environment -- we know this by Solomon's reign and how it applies as a type/foreshadowment of Christ -- in Solomon's reign silver in the lowlands was as common as stones and there was peace in his days. Christ will also have the wisdom as was thought to be applied to Solomon, but was coordinated not to be so besieged as to become mad as Solomon did with his wisdom; but will be exercised appropriately by Christ.) The law of Moses calls for economic wealth with the creation therefrom of people that are unable to support themselves. However the homeless are able to find food, because the law commands that the landowners to not pick/glean all of the fruit or food but to leave thereon remnants that the poor may be able to pick and eat. Christ mentions this economic system in his parables as the law of Moses does, a free competition market; and sometimes existing under the rulership of a king.
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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #19 on: July 02, 2017, 02:04:25 AM »
jessu is in a constant elevated state of conciousness

hail jessu :fro: :fro: :fro:
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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #20 on: July 02, 2017, 08:57:52 AM »
Has anyone actually read jessus 's works?
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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #21 on: July 02, 2017, 10:42:54 AM »
Jessu is he who comes before the 2nd coming of Jesus. Who Jessu is not worthy to unlatch his sandal. Jessu is the voice of one crying in the void of Warcraft 2. War 2 where the barbarians still roam, none heed the call of this modern day prophet. Hear me Warcraft 2 players hearken to Jessu's words. Like seriously mann, yeah babyyy, ITS YOU JESSU ITS YOU MANN.
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Re: Oh Baby
« Reply #22 on: July 20, 2017, 09:59:48 PM »
jessu. shave ur nose hair.