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Europe Map
« on: October 31, 2017, 12:00:03 AM »
I've created a 5-player multiplayer map that spans most of Europe and northern africa, so that you can satisfy your world war fantasies in Warcraft 2.

Because of the obvious unsymmetrical geography of europe, this map might not be the most balanced multiplayer map you've played, but I've done my best to balance it out while trying to keep it interesting. Starting locations are in England, Germany, Spain, Northern Italy, and Poland.

Germany and Italy starts with 60k gold mine and they have a 30k easy expansion nearby
Spain and England starts with 65k gold mine because they are a bit harder to expand
Poland starts with 55k gold mine, because poland has 2 other nearby gold mines with less gold than usual.

Poland is separated from rest of the europe by a thin stone wall, which can be destroyed with sappers.

Northern africa is totally uninhabited, and has 3 gold mines, each having 50k inside. Securing that place before your enemy will without a doubt give you a huge advantage.

The oil is not easy to come by in this map, there are 3 oil patches in total, two of them have 25k inside, and they can be harrassed with catapults. England has one secure oil patch with 20k inside. But don't worry, you shouldn't have a problem expanding overseas if you are careful, as everyone starts with 5k oil anyways.

Be sure to try this out in a match and give feedbacks.