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Eastern Mediterranean
« on: October 31, 2017, 01:50:58 AM »
I've made this 4-player multiplayer map that spans eastern mediterranean.

Considering the relatively symmetrical layout of the geography, this is a much more balanced map compared to my europe map. And still has a few twists to make it interesting too.

Player start locations are on each corner of the map. Every player starts with a 60k gold mine, and has very easily expandable and easy to protect 2 other nearby mines, each 30k. The big island in the middle of the sea, Cyprus, has a single gold mine with 70k.

Chokepoints make all bases easily defendable.

There are 8 oil patches on the map, the four oil patches that are close to the mainland have 20k, the other four that are closer to the island have 40k.

Thin stone wall on the east side of the map separates the map into north and south. You have to either blow the wall up with sappers, or use transports to get to the other side.

Since the map is separated by the stone wall, in a 2v2 team game, this might bring out some interesting situations:
If both teams start the game on the same mainland, then it will turn into a north vs. south war on epic proportions.
But if the rival players start on the same mainland, then the game will turn into a set of simultenous 1v1 match. Meaning, you will have to finish the enemy off on the same land as you first, and then cross to the other side.