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For the beautiful girl that wrecked me 1259  2

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For the beautiful girl that wrecked me
« on: December 09, 2017, 12:00:46 PM »

I fight tooth and nail to keep facing ahead

Keep your beautiful face right out of my head

I don't want to go back into rewind

Or your perfect voice to replay in my mind

I push every flash that enters away

Not a heartstring of mine even slightly to sway

I don't want to remember the way that it felt

When your arms all around made my insides all melt

I don't want to see your smiling eyes

Giving me trembly butterflies

Dont want to remember the things that you said

Now that the words are totally dead

Don't want to remember I was your best friend

After the way it all had to end

I don't wanna feel a thing anymore

Wash every memory from deep in my core

Don't want to remember how I held your hand

While you called me your amazing man

Don't want to remember how happy we were

Don't want a trickle of feeling to stir

I trusted you so totally

And gave you way too much of me

The draw has pulled the other way

Once towards, but now away

Just wanna get away from you

So thankful that it's fully through

How you could look me in the eyes

And fill my head with empty lies

And turn my trusting heart to mush

While over you I'd dumbly gush

But I was just a game to you

Your love was just a dirty tool

To use me for a selfish end

And toss me just around the bend

It's always you, you promised me

Then watched betrayal devour me

You let another in your bed

Can't get that image from my head

"I'll always protect you, I'll always be yours"

How can my promise stay true anymore?

Words of endless love sound sweet

Poisonous to those who eat

Their textured fable like a treat

Then turn into a corpse of meat

My heart was really fully in

Every part you maimed within

Everything we shared felt real

The deepest love I'd ever feel

I really would have married you

Had I not seen this side of you

That was just another lie

You coldly watched me cry and die

The sad truth is I love you still

And part of me, it always will

The way you made me laugh and smile

I couldn't feel a trace of guile

It all felt magical, like bliss

Your mouth, a perfect angel kiss

The raw attraction claimed my soul

It's taken quite a hefty toll

So when a flash of you arrives

I pierce it through with many knives

I light a match and burn it down

Pick up axes, go to town

Maybe you're a part of me

But when I'm bloodied, I'll be free

I'll cut you out relentlessly

So you won't have a hold on me

You don't deserve someone like me

Who loves with fiercest loyalty

Players can do the job for you

Who'll forget as fast as you

A love like mine deserves the same

Not a sickly, hollow game

Beautiful, your face might be

Shaky, warm, your voice makes me

But I will fight it till it dies

An end will come to my heart's cries

Your name will melt into the ground

I'll curse the love I thought I'd found

I never should have been your friend

I'll never let you in again

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Re: For the beautiful girl that wrecked me
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2017, 09:11:43 AM »
 :'( beutiful man!
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Re: For the beautiful girl that wrecked me
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2017, 11:52:54 AM »
Sorry david99