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Lost Temple [new map] Classic from WC3 and SC
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:46:28 PM »

Ok, here is the third map in my map series.

This time a 2s/3s/4s map.
The classic Lost Temple, inspired mostly by the Warcraft 3 version. It's also one of the most classic maps from Star Craft.

This map has the same feature as the Twisted Meadows map i recently made; you can build on light dirt.

8 Spawns. 60k gold each (might change in after testing).
4 Expansion mines.

This will probably take a while to beta test. I am also still beta testing the Terenas Stand map. I named the map with a "+" sign, but will rename it when the final version is released.

Please help out by host and playing the maps :) Thanks!
I'm doing this map series, because i believe war2 community would benefit a lot from more balanced and fun maps...


*edit, i did some fast adjustments and re-uploaded map.*