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The Chains of the Beast
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:33:21 PM »
The Chains of the Beast

It awakens while you're looking away
Breathes on you before you know it's there
You think you're only here to play
But find yourself with a beast in its lair

A faint rumble starts sounding
Your heart begins pounding
You detect the dark figure
Looking bigger and bigger

But its eye holds a gleam
That feels like a dream
It beckons you stay
You feel that you may

The toothy grin seduces
Your inhibition looses
You dare to approach
And a dragon encroach

You stand there feeling brave and fierce
Until you find you have been pierced
Yet still its smile pulls you in
You think you'll play its game and win

A firy pillar from its snout
It starts to put your breath right out
You are completely paralyzed
This creature's just been appetized

Incited yet charmed
By the time you're alarmed
And know you'll be harmed
Instead of just warmed

It's much too late
To escape through the gate
Desert through the smoke
If you try, you'll just choke

The claws encircle you
Slicing in through to you
Yet somehow the glint
Of the fangs leave a hint

Of euphoric abandon
Without any landing
You stay in the cave
Become the beast's slave

How can it hold me this long
How can I still be in chains
Hearing the hurt in its song
I want it to leave me in pain

When it sets its weapons down
I feel a deep unsettling frown
I want those claws inside my chest
Why would I want it to molest

This tattered remnant still remains
My corpse's drying bloody stains
To stay it's total agony
To go, I'd simply cease to be