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Kaleidoscope 268  2

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« on: April 09, 2018, 02:52:32 AM »

I've had a lot of time to cope
With heartbreak's mad kaleidoscope
The maddening insanity
Drives into black infinity

The bricks I've laid around the box
To hide it under concrete blocks
Covered with a massive stone
So I won't have to feel alone

When daydreams of your face imbibe
Intoxifying to describe
A part of me, it welcomes you
Ignores all evil that you do

It sees you as a shrouded saint
A beauty I would love to paint
And keep within eternally
Hold onto how it used to be

Another part of me will fight
Knowing that us wasn't right
Then I'll focus on your flaws
Rage at you with tightened jaws

Inflict the memory with hate
Entice the lover to that bait
To see you as a vile mess
Nothing but a source of stress

But the lover always wins
Embraces old inviting sins
Envisions you the way you were
Old affections start to stir

I should be so long over you
The things you told me weren't true
Tormenting me was not their goal
But still they sing inside my soul

I know obsessing isn't wise
Even over love this size
There's nothing torture can regain
I miss the days when I felt sane

Before you meant a thing to me
Before our friendship made me see
How special you turned out to be
My heart will never be set free

I'm weary now from fighting it
All this passioned pain can't fit
Inside one soldier's battered mind
A sweet relief I long to find

In your love, within your arms
Taking in your wondrous charms
Tasting every word you said
The ones that play inside my head

When you told me you are mine
Until you die, I loved that line
You told me I am your best friend
I'd do anything to send

Myself back into days of you
And never leave, make lies still true
I see us standing face to face
In a sunny distant place

I fantacize a sweetest kiss
Then I think I'll die from this
And crash back to reality
I hate this crazy hold on me

I try to push it all away
Wipe the streaming tears away
Put it back inside the box
Board it up with beams and locks

But love like this will break the seal
Tell me that I'll never heal
It bursts its prison when it wants
Returning, sings and smiles and haunts

The pleasure and the pain entwined
To this future I'm resigned
Living with this gaping hole
Inside this fractured broken soul

I'd had it neatly tucked away
Days rolled by, you'd lost your sway
Several months I felt okay
Until I reached that fateful day

The chasm closed up instantly
I saw you right in front of me
I felt your whisper in my ear
Saying things I loved to hear

The first day that I heard your voice
Can't make myself regret that choice
I feel enormous gratitude
Covering the somber mood

So thankful you were in my life
Even though I'm left in strife
Of momentous magnitude
Sometimes feel that I got screwed

The clock of healing is reset
I feel like I am in your debt
Because I just can't let you go
You were too great a thing to know

To be forgotten like a dream
At the time it didn't seem
Like anything was strong enough
Even when the times were tough

To disassemble love like ours
Now locked behind thick iron bars
Two hearts once close are now so far
I'm left alone to fight this war

I wanted to believe your words
The beautiful things that I heard
Of love that never has to end
Of a true and faithful friend

I want to live that fantasy
That's come to be a part of me
I'm still a wreck because of you
Though sometimes think you miss me too

I broke down again tonight
Was an ugly, awful fight
Secrets long in silence laid
I had to clean the mess I made

Don't want to love you anymore
Want to kick you out the door
Throw the box down some ravine
Never ever to be seen

I wanna wipe you from my past
Stop letting any feeling last
It isn't doing any good
That I can't do the thing I should

And lock you out forevermore
Make the memories unstore
I never have been here before
With pain like this within my core

But pain means something real was lost
A love like this can't just be tossed
Even when the pain is bad
When what is gone makes me feel sad

I love you still with all my heart
Didn't ever want to be apart
I'm sorry that you lost your friend
For us the rules just wouldn't bend

I wanted to be there for you
For everything you'd be put through
I wish that I could hold your hand
If you're mad, I understand

So you see it's maddening
Feeling all these crazy things
Spinning, wild, twisted shapes
From which I dream up my escapes

It strangles me, this shortened rope
I don't let go of hopeless hope
I put us through a microscope
The dizzying kaleidoscope
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Re: Kaleidoscope
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2018, 10:23:18 PM »
I read a post about a rhyme,
it reminded me of the time
I had to shit so very bad
but my butthole must have been quite mad

I pushed and pushed to no avail
no Hershey squirts, no stinky gale
why oh why can't I poop?
my buttplug was buried deep inside my hoop
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Re: Kaleidoscope
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2018, 06:22:37 PM »
wow david aplause!