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The Salutation of Christianity
« on: May 05, 2018, 04:59:50 AM »
If another person hates another, then the cause is guilt, or admonition; yet the failure to find reconciliation is the issue with Christ: in that a fellow countryman (brother in this sense), will even move to spite the other with atrocious acts, even murder. This is not liveliness of "toughness" lacking from Christian commendations, as the due diligence of a Christian is to endure the worst of deaths, and enduring persecution, however, it is to save a propriety about the world free from murder, angst, and deprival of animosities.
A torture of Christ is to not endure him, and to dismiss his words as nonchalant or ambitious to a rite of hallucination of ideas, which standing by themselves, don't act tangibly enough to enforce the faith as to everyday procedures.

BE NOT DECEIVED, for the works of Christ were not of this world indeed, but the betterment of society is based upon it; the light of the world is becoming of it -- and the diligence of all human flesh to find salvation, is only possible through having ideas and notions that will not corrupt from the eternal scope of procedure, which separates such a long chasm of time and contentment, that in this world and thereafter one will be perfect in love, with joy to the full, in a paradigm of courage.