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Maybe somebody wants to see irl with me ? Athene and Lviv
« on: May 04, 2018, 03:07:58 AM »
Hello there, Next month i will travell a little bit. I will be in Lviv (Lvov) from 10-13 may, in Buchrest on different dates, and in Athenes (21-27 may). If there is anyone in this cities who wants to see with me write it here. He/She can help me being  a guide, having a beer, a walk, or anything else. i will be travelling and i will  not have a telephone number so my only contact will be the wifi from hostel/room. In Lviv i will be with a friend so i am not sure if he will want to see with smbd from a game he doesnt play, and because its only 3 days i can`t promise you that in this city even if smbd will want we will see. But lets see what we can do. Have a good day.