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You're The Vision of My Heart
« on: May 04, 2018, 01:12:48 PM »
I could hide a thousand nights in your eyes
Every word you say is the sweetest surprise
I've never met anyone nearly like you
The greatest thing is each that you do

You amaze me by simply breathing in air
I see your gorgeous face everywhere
No matter where I am it seems
You follow me smiling, in my daydreams

Beside you is the best place on earth
You have no idea what you're worth
You're everything, baby, everything
I'll shout it, scream it, even sing

Tell everyone how amazing you are
How crazy high you've set the bar
No one can beat you, you already win
Crowded inside my heart, you're in

No one but you, never again
I can't help remembering when
You'd smile at everything I'd say
I wanna talk and laugh and play

Run like children through the fields
Play with swords and spears and shields
Laugh all night, then hold you near
Of all earth's humans, you're most dear

Let's mount imaginary thrones
Trample all the dead men's bones
Warm each other's empty arms
Build us castles, towns, and farms

Be by my side, o one I love
You perfect floating maiden dove
Of pulchridtude and softest light
To death, forever, I will fight

To keep you safe and make you mine
Give me just any tiny sign
The love you had for me back then
Can live, can breathe, alive again

Of my soul you are a part
You're the vision of my heart