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Make war2 even more epic!!!!
« on: May 24, 2018, 12:00:31 PM »
OK guys.... I am tolean, the man who found the meaning of life but forgot it because... you know why :)
And i decided to show you smth that will change your view about watching war2 games that are not commented but any of our great commentators. And by The Greatest ( you all know who :) ) .
So... too many words and nothing substantial, what were you expecting?? i am joking: Here is the big secret :
Open this link, press play and enjoy, you will see how epic the games will look like, there will be drama, tragedy, pain, beauty and sence... Maybe it will help you to find all of it and in your lifes, but no guarantee....
In 2 words this or any clasical music can be the best soundtrack to a life....
I know lots of you will not like it, but some of you will love it....
P.S. And of course don`t forget that everything looks better when you are in some ,, good,, state of mind...  if you know what i mean ;)