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War2 not launching in Windows XP
« on: June 26, 2018, 01:00:45 AM »
Hello, I'm hoping this is a place that might be able to help me with this problem.

I can't seem to get Warcraft 2 to run on a clean install of Windows XP.

I have purchased several old computers that I am setting up to play some old games.  They were wiped, and I specifically installed Windows XP on these computers because I was hoping to run some Warcraft 2 multiplayer.  However, the program isn't even starting.  This is a clean install of Windows XP on several different computers with different hardware, and nothing is installed except for drivers and some games, so nothing should be conflicting.  And yet not even one of these computers can run the game.

It starts to run it.  It runs the setup program just fine, and when I run War2 it starts to work.  The screen turns black except for the text at the top of the screen.  But then the program exits without any kind of error message.

I have another computer that I used to use as my primary computer back in the day, and it is running windows XP and can run the game just fine.  It was installed off of the same disc as the other computers.  I thought that maybe the reason was because that computer has received updates, so I updated one of the new computers to the latest version of XP and upgraded the drivers for the on-board graphics card.  But it has not changed the result.

I'm at a loss here.  I can't think of anything else to look for or to try.  please advise.