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The true and only keys to be a valuable warcraft 2 player in 2018 (pro tips) 335  1

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The true and only keys to be a valuable warcraft 2 player in 2018 (pro tips)
« on: July 06, 2018, 03:36:14 AM »
Simple steps toward a much better goal:

We have a lot of good and egocentric players, what we do lack however are players that actually play the game < plain and simple.
You don't need to be good at the game to have either fun or interesting games just get that out of your mind, you can be the worst player ever play a lifetime and never improve and still enjoy playing the damn game if people will allow you so no you don't need to be good and actually we don't really care if you are.

To be a valuable warcraft 2 player here is a simple step by step tutorial:

1) Play the game for what it is: a game... (a very old one, with a very small player base that is)
2) Find nice people to play the game and enjoy your time with and make sure they come back to play with you.
3) Just focus on having fun experimenting and loosing with a smile on your face because no one cares if you suck at it.
4) Try hosting games that any player can enjoy.

More on that point:
Play and host some games with rules or settings that all levels of players can have fun playing with.

For example play with last man standing (LMS) rule:
Basically that would be a FFA melee game where the only rule is that you can ally but without ally victory all of the players.
It means forming alliances during the game is allowed.
That way being weak or not wont stop anyone from making a difference if they find enough weak players willing to ally them players can make the difference and change the tide of the game and even win against all odds against much stronger players than them (providing that they are good at picking sides and letting them do the hard work).
This is then much more challenging for the strong players while letting weaker players having a real impact in the game in their own way.

Or you could handicap yourself by limiting your roaster when you see it could help the game being fun for everyone instead of a one way stomp that would not even be challenging for you.

5) Find other rules and ways to make these 4 steps happen as often as you can.
6) Make sure you avoid playing or entering games where the host is being disrespectful to new players.
If the host is being an ass try whispering the victims to let them know that not everyone is an asshole and leave the game.
^ if everyone leaves these hosts alone in their game, that might make them realize how good the game will look like in 6 month if everyone behaves like them.
7) Don't try to be good at the cost of the above.

I wish your luck in your quest to becoming a better player!
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Re: The true and only keys to be a valuable warcraft 2 player in 2018 (pro tips)
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 08:13:30 AM »
I like these.