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[as] is getting bigger and bigger!!!
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:09:26 AM »
Clan [as] is getting bigger and bigger. Curently we are recruiting new members, you can find me ( tolean[as] ) or iliych[as] on server, or here on forum and become a new member of the legendary clan. We mostly play on gow and train our new members or destroy our enemys. The purpose is to have fun and to be a part of smth bigger then just to play as a lonely wolf on server. We don`t like smurfing and we ask our members to behave nice on server. No trash talk, no rasism, sexism and any other ,,bad'' things  :) . You are always welcome to our clan and  everybody is always welcome to play with us and not being a part of our clan.

Here is our youtube channel.

Long live warcraft II !!!!!