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Wrcraft 2 Community & Friends 189  5

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Wrcraft 2 Community & Friends
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:22:28 PM »
I have been gone for awhile and apon searching the forums i noticed this thread http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,3891.0.html  with people concerned if i was alive or not. I was honestly touched by the few there who seemed to have gennunie care and concern. You gained alot of respect in my eyes Jessu001, Tora and Masta. Masta will always get respect from me for the fact you tried to track my info down and my number. Thank you.

I have been going though he 11 in my personal life and i am unable to play Warcraft 2 atm but i still feel my self thinking about the game even though i havent touched it in a year.
I let my rage get the best of me on this game, i'll admit it, i cared about this game and i let my downfalls and hurt from my personal life be converted and vented to undeserving players.
I truly appogize and regret alot of my behaviour to players i actually considered my old school online buddies. I am actually quite a nice and calm person in real life and i used the internet as an outlet for the hurt n rage. I actually liked most da players on this game there is very few players i actually disliked.

W4rcraft 2 and the community has left a legacy in my heart, the game is the oldest online still played game and is an unbeilable fun and skilled rts, da best rts to ever exist.
People say balancing blodlust would be good for wc2 but it would ruin it, bloodlust made warcraft 2 great, it opens up so much oppertunitys for speed and control to maxmize your ogres proteinal
W4rcraft 2 was more than a game to me, its runs in our blo0d, we grew up with the game and i'm sure it defined alot of people.

Sh 1t talking got out of control with no real rules or enforcement, but it also made the game badass, there is no padding and hand holding in this game, its do or di3 keep up or keep out, it added alot of elements and fun. Games these days everyone has to be super nice. A noob has to be called a noob to know his place if you know what i mean.

Dugs[anz] - My favourite ally over the years, over a 1000 games being allied, the king of smurfs. scoprion2003 got a many a lol from me. Your dedication to humans was inspiring, your mage useage was extremely effective and made many players heart sink hearting those blizzard shards hit. I respected you as a player and a friend, you had a good humor and nature to the game.

Shotgun - We use to be mortal enemies back when we were teenagers, but when i came back i realized dat we actually did get along. You are one of the best players to play the game, my main impression of you was you were always solid and never had 'bad' games. Consistant and reliable. You are one of the most knowledgeable players. Some of my favourite times on wc2 was we me you dugs and others were on vent in 2008-2009 ish. I respect you alot AJ.

Equinox - One of my favourite rivals, we were simlar in our rage behavior but your broken english use to make me laugh in a good way many times, I enjoyed seeing you on the server and playing against you :)

Jessu001 - Never seen a negative word from you, always respectful to all players, a real strength.

Alf-Attack - i use to own you but then all of a sudden you became extremely good and started owning me out of noware, you improved super quick and became a great player. Always a postive attuide

Knitterhemd - Consistant and great german player, good rival and overall good attuide

Swift - I rated you as #1, we had alots of periods of friends then enemies but i always respected your game and intellgance, your step above play was inspiring. I'll never forget beating ur over 100 1on1 winning streak  by 0 bagging u from 9 u being 11. Winning a game against you felt like a real effort and required alot of luck. I think your a good guy swift and we had many laughs

Xurnt - Your undying dedication to admin and building of warcraft 2 is unmatched to anyone. You have seriously put in some extreme effort and made warcraft 2 a more fun and enjoyable place. Good job for real buddy.

TK- i use to sh 1t talk u but i never actually disliked you, haha biggest streak against anyone 27-0 untill u won 4 games in a row making it 27-4.. Your all goods

Ywfn - your name is my favourite of all the w4rcraft 2 players, you are a legend on random maps and low resoures, i always looked up to your legacy from old school king of the hill days.

Wargasm - I viewed you as the football jock, the all rounder who gets the girl and wins the game. I looked up to you as i was improving on the game and consider you one of the old school legends

KHB - You are the #1 person i looked up to and consider you the 'grandfather' of old gow. Impressive skill, great charater

Yamon - random in behavior but we had some good chats near the end, i hope you doing good.

SPB - my favourite bash on 1on1 player, you improved alot and you are a legend in your own right, of never giving up and over expanding. You have great heart and dedication to the game and were very fustrating to play against lol

Mystical - Great  player, great attuide, good friend

Paperboy - up and down but ur creativity and odd game style truly left its mark, also ab usin the chat bug to fake someones name to unpause we had some laughs doin that

Jesk - Man of few words, extremely skilled and solid

Viruz - Your gansta attuide of im still winning and actually still winning with f u k all left still has me confused, Your resourse mangement was the best in this game.

Braviet - Your cat control was unmatched, you are the king of cats and pulling an army out unexpected

Blid - You are a good admin, im sorry for all the sh 1t talk, you keep your cool which is what a good admin is meant to do.

Tora - thanks for helping to search for me

Lux - solid player, we always got along i felt. I enjoyed allying you.

00joe - We were friends alot but i raged out at you, i always thought you were a good guy though and i also enjoyed playing with you.

Sh4de - i will never understand why you keep putting up a cannon and 2 rax and walling out 2 peons, but you always had a never give up attuide. Great attuide in this game

I will update with more players soon
I do not  know if i'll ever be able to be back on wrcraft 2 my future is looking bleak to be honest and hopeless, i am sorry for the r4ge, koorb is extremely broken right now and im not sure how long i'll have left with my mental state im not sure if i'll make it much longer without intervention. I miss you guys and you had an impact on my life and evolution from a young teen to an adult.
There was many laughs and many ownages.

Keep up the GGs and keep w4rcraft 2 alive forever!

GGs my friends.
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Re: test
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2018, 09:33:22 PM »
Who makes a test post

U just type what u want to type and click "post"
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Re: test
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2018, 09:38:05 PM »
Glad to see you did not commit suicide by the way. Congratulations on still being alive
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Re: Wrcraft 2 Community & Friends
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2018, 08:50:14 AM »
You told me about your situation before you disappeared but i didn't feel like it was my place to share it on the forums without speaking to you first on whether i should or not. on a different thread then the one posted i did mention that you're not dead and that's about it. Did not want to say too much, I do hope things turn around for you soon mate.
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Re: Wrcraft 2 Community & Friends
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2018, 06:35:29 PM »
Thanks for the kind words Koorb.

Remember, most of us have been there in some form or another.

It is always darkest before the dawn and sometimes we all need something or someone to pull ourselves up.

There's no harm in talking about it. Hit me up kinghillbilly@gmail.com

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Re: Wrcraft 2 Community & Friends
« Reply #5 on: September 20, 2018, 08:22:17 PM »
been gone so long i dont get a shout out

once you accept that the fatal flaw in the game is hacks the the rage goes away, play for fun or try hard. troll on the side for the luls. some epic nights of chat, its all a work/shoot....why you think so many guys jacked wwe catch phrases ;)