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If you had any doubts about that new server and have trouble joining war2.ru! 217  2

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If you had any doubts about that new server and have trouble joining war2.ru!
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:43:59 AM »
Here is how to brute force your way into war2.ru right now to play with us:

1 - launch the game, when the error pops up click ignore so the game launches.
2 - When in the game navigate in the menus with the shortcuts keys.
3 - To connect use the C key then escape key if it takes too much time and then C right away again you will be able to brute force yourself in the server before you know it.

Why bother you may ask?

Even if you do not believe like I do that splitting the player base in half, when the game barely have under 100 players on average, is a destructive and silly idea no matter the undergoing intentions are.

Here is why you should not join that new server :

Let's start from the beginning, these attacks started moments after the new server was advertised, I am not accusing anyone from that new server but it is still a possibility and should be considered as such nothing more.
It is thus very probable that the person hacking the server right now knows about that new server and wants to push people to go there and knowing that actually changes things.

You see, when something like that happens there are really two kind of messages you can send when you are in charge of that wannabe non-toxic new server :

1 - Show you are not supporting or accepting these attacks and decide to play it fair by disabling your own subscriptions and registrations until the attacks stop on the other server to show you are not supporting these attacks and refuse to benefit from them as it is not acceptable and you are willing to show you will do everything in your power to condemn them.

2 - Or show you are not condemning these actions by actively using the attack to try and win people over. Thus supporting them by not sending a clear message.

Well I have the regret to announce that the creator of that new server himself, though he may have nothing to do with the ongoing attacks as such.
Did however show by his actions that he chose to adopt the second option...

That should be enough for you to see why if you had any doubts about joining or not that new server that you should not even consider it anymore:

If even that person who created the thing does not think you should move to his server just because you want to but because you are pushed or forced to, why should you think it is going to be any good for you or the community?
Do you really think moving to a server because someone tries to force your hand to do it is going to have a good ending?

This server lost all credibility the moment these actions took place.
If they do not hesitate to use that attack to unfairly profit their server (you can look attached image and see for yourself) they do however acknowledge and show that,  even they, do not believe people would make that choice on their own if not for that "fortunate" attack.

Now I can accept a honest mistake and it is up to them really to show how much they care about the image they show right now.
But honestly the more the time goes and they stay on this stance the more they dig their own graves in my eyes and I hope in yours too.
And the more it goes the more they show how low they are willing to go for getting your attention.

Thank you for not playing in their game and show by your actions that you do not support or accept these kind of behaviors or attacks!

Just boycott that server until they change their attitude and clearly demonstrate that they are condemning these actions publicly and by their actions.
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Re: If you had any doubts about that new server and have trouble joining war2.ru!
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 02:25:41 AM »
I honestly don't think it would be a problem having 2 servers

if they promote there server or get new players it would eventually lead those players to Ru... once they get into game they will seek for the server wit more players to keep playing
so in the long run it would be healthy for wc2 ... i dont see a threat at all im sure more people will get banned from that server for stupid stuff .. bs does not know how to run things an tupac jus does what she says so sooner or later those players would jus make there way to ru an enjoy the freedom they have here
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Re: If you had any doubts about that new server and have trouble joining war2.ru!
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2018, 04:05:09 AM »
 I talked to Babyshark she says tupac effectively condemned in words the attacks on his server:
And there is proof of that (attachement) it has to count for something.

I believe it and I think these are good words.

I guess now I would only want these words to be followed by actions, effectively showing that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
By effectively deactivating new account creations or that new server all together until the attacks stop, to send a clear message that is not your way and that it will not be accepted.

Also stopping all advertising on war2.ru until that crap is over.
If not followed by actions words are just that... words.

Seems reasonable and fair enough?