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Re: How to Hate People - Demo Thread
« Reply #30 on: January 11, 2019, 01:26:53 AM »
Yes. So sad. That I don't think people should give death threats to others and tell them they will come slit their throats at night while they scream after they slit all the "niggers" throats.

Funny how you're running with what I told you van said to me like it's gospel without a screenshot of it, but when I tell you that you did something shitty to me on a public forum, you vehemently deny it and act like you never did it and that i'm just out to get you and I have to provide proof of every interaction we've ever had in the game for last 3 years or any evidence is not evidence which not even you yourself do. But because it's van whom you hate, your bias is showing. 

The world needs men with backbones but they are in extremely short supply nowadays.

Having a backbone means you're willing to stand up for what you believe in even when you're the only one, even when you'll be criticized and hated.

You choose to ignore them though unless they follow your agenda down to a perfect t, or better yet, slander them if your the one being stood up to by them.