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Idea: Streaming integration to combat 282  2

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Idea: Streaming integration to combat
« on: April 02, 2019, 08:10:03 PM »
It depends on your setup that you use for streaming.  If you use a single monitor and full screen,  you can use OBS with the "UScreenCapture" plugin that was designed for SC1 and Diablo.  If you want to stream in Windowed mode,  you can use either of these 2 DDraw files and then use Alt+Enter to enter windowed moded.  I find that UScreenCapture is the BEST method for streaming because it doesnt suffer from any performance loss that you will experience when you run in windowed mode (screen stutter,  inaccurate mouse scrolling,  etc).  None of which you would notice if you're just playing casually such as playing through the scenarios.  But if you're trying to play online vs real people,  you definately need to be using UScreenCapture and full screen on a windows 7 machine.

@iL   Speaking of which,  we really need to get UScreenCapture on the downloads page before it disappears for good.  It's hard to find as it is already.  Download it here:  https://www.videohelp.com/download/UScreenCapture2015.zip?r=hswlrskmwcK   and modify the link here:  http://en.war2.ru/tutorials/how-to-live-stream-warcraft-2/ to point to the server.war2.en location.  The mouse plugin is already on our server,  but uscreencapture is not.

I never tried to stream, no idea how to do that.
So, question to you:
Is this article still actual?
As i understand you recommend UScreenCapture on all windows vista-7-8-10?

Would the be a good idea to just unpack UScreenCapture/OBS somewhere on war2combat installation, then apply patches (are they still actual?), then configure it (changing some registry keys?)
Then you just will need to register on twitch and then post your twitch key to settings.

I think it's the installer part to unify such type of typical activity.
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Re: Idea: Streaming integration to combat
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2019, 08:44:12 PM »
I had to use OBS studio (windows 10) to stream properly
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Re: Idea: Streaming integration to combat
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2019, 03:32:48 PM »
In my experience,  UscreenCapture has been the only method that has worked across all the platforms.  With Windows 10 and OBS Studio, you can get away without using it but thats an OS version specific thing,  you cant do the same with Windows 7 and OBS Studio.  Installing UScreenCapture along with the OLD version OBS (not OBS Studio) is something I did with War2Custom and everyone was able to use it for streaming regardless of OS.  So I know it's possible to do and is actually not that difficult.  If you wanted to get even fancier,  you could also install a hotkey that could start OBS and it would start streaming right away just by pressing the hotkey while you were in War2.  Of course that would require that OBS already be setup with a twitch streamkey,  but you can ask the user if they have a streamkey during the installation.  Thats something I had planned but didnt actually implement.