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Re: Coming soon :)
« Reply #30 on: May 21, 2019, 08:40:14 AM »
I'd say chop bars looks even more cheating than health bars:
there was no legal way to know how long time peon chopped his tree except to look at him. And now you can just click and see.
I don't mean that's bad, that's just changes the gameplay a bit.

I think it was a pretty obvious hole in the game interface, it's been in the wargus interface since it started.

.... i mean it's your peon - why wouldn't you know how much it has chopped?

You already released is though, so, looks like we should add it into all versions to make it be balanced for everybody.
Maybe that is a good time to make some fresh live for war2.
Why not to add something new? Let's do it.

I can look at adding it to the 4.4 version, although I do wonder why we are bothering to use the GOG version at all. Is there any real use/advantage to using it? The only use I know of is that you can say it's "compatible with GOG", but there's nobody using the gog server anyway so why bother?

People who download the GOG client can still play on RU, and if CE has improvements then that will encourage any GOG newbs to install and use War2Combat.

Anyway I havn 't looked at 2.021 much but it appears to be 99.9% the same as 2.02, just with a 0x50 byte offset on the .data section. Not hard to convert, but it would mean maintaining 2x versions of every plugin just to support a server that nobody uses anyway....

Does anybody actually play on the GOG server??