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Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server! 205  6

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Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« on: January 25, 2020, 09:13:43 PM »

« Sent to: Equinox on: September 22, 2016, 05:43:00 PM »

Quote from: Equinox on September 22, 2016, 10:46:26 AM

Sell me that server, you know you got no time for it, you have your own life and your own goal, war2 is not a part of them anymore, i know it and you also know it.

Sell me this game and i will keep you in the staff and every other admins. I just dont want lightbringer and foonat anymore.

But i will keep all the rest, you, tora, burnt, blid, mousetopher, Rit.

Stop fucking act like a child who cant share is barbie, i want this game to improve, i want this game to be better then he never has been, i want this game to became popular and get affiliate with other big website of e-sport communauty.

You have been admin of this server for 15 years, for 13 years i let you go your own ways, now it's time to give it to someone who see different and can affort more then you can at the moment.

You will made a pay check, but your also gonna keep your position, the only thing i want is to be the official admin of this server and take the decision.

You are scare by the fact some peoples will be mad about that??

Then i got another option for you, because at the end, the only thing i want is to make this game better and higher in the E-SPORT communauty.

I dont need fame at all, im already the most popular player of this server, maybe not the best, but certainly the most popular without a doubt.

Do you really think i need fame ??

So here what i propose to you, i buy you this server, i became the official admin who take the official decision, but we dont even have to told it at the communauty, keep acting like if you are the official admin, and nothing have never change.

Think about that, grow up for once, and let this game also grow up.

War2 and this server is still a part of my life, i have no much time for it now, but i still have plans to continue.

I can't sell you the server because i'm responsible for this project and i don't trust that you will reach the success going against the team.

If you want to keep me and other admins, why you need to buy the project? To give your directives to admins as big boss? Admins will leave then.

What disturbs you to do good things for current server?
What exactly you want to do being a big boss?
To enforce versioncheck and limit client to only? That's useless: at least 4 members in our comminuty (me, tupac, lance, archer, several more) have enough skill to make a hack to catch your starting location and not catched by ss on pause. Should require 1-2 hours.

What else you want to do? To get foonat and lightbringer out? Do they really prevent your great plans? Foonat didn't appear for a long time and Lightbringer 99% of time just migrate stats and ban dellam clones.

What else?
To hire a programmer to make antihack? You should do it as is. Make your own loader, your own status page to see who use that antihack. You don't need privileges to be a big boss for that, we also will be happy to integrate your projects into current server.

I don't think you need fame, i think you need power to fire the staff and to promote doubtful decisions that will not be accepted by community.
So, i think the only way is to work together with staff, not against them.

There are 2 types of people: who destroy something and who create. I didn't see any desires to create from your side in last 2 years, only to destroy.
That's why i don't trust you success.
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Re: Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2020, 09:17:06 PM »
Re: (No subject)
« Sent to: Equinox on: September 23, 2016, 10:28:34 AM »
« You have forwarded or responded to this message. »ReplyQuoteDelete
It's not a part of your life iL, you lie bro, after 15 years you dint even know how to play this game, just be serious dude, yes it's a responsability Ldir give you, but it's not part of your life.
It is, im not a pro war2 player, but i have some basic knowledge and admin experience. You don't need to be a perfect player to be a perfect admin.

But do you have desire to improve this game, do you have desire to get this game on e-sport communauty.
I have the desire, another question is i have no much time for that. I do what i can and appreciate help from others.
Big mistake like what?? Bad marketing and bad promotion.
Agree, i never worked on marketing and promotion, other admins did. And agree, it's far from perfect.
This sever need a world wide name, NOT a RU thing, it cant work on E-SPORT level.. it cant...
Hm, sad, maybe you right, maybe wrong, not possible to check except try. And that means to start promotion from the very beginning.
So, moving from ru is our big discord.

The second big mystake are the other clients... THERE NO OTHER GAMES, in the e-sport where you can use different client to log on game.
Agree, with a comment: no play with other clients, but join using them. Now you can see combats (most likely in antihack status page.

I hope to finish antihack sometimes and make it mandatory to play. You should have something like that antihack if you want to promote the project, right?
So, i think closing client is our small discord.

Now, why cant i do that without being admin? Because im proud person, im a smart person, and im not a fucking donkey dude.

I did everything i had to do over the last years to proof i deserve to be an admin.

Ive made different website for this game, ive made a bunch of popular map for this game, ive help everyone for this game, ive take the newbe on my team for over 2 years and play against pro with them, ive made different tournys with nice attraction and nice promotion.. I stream all day long for war2 and its not even for our players, its because i do promotion. I work harder then 75% of your actual admin..

And... your websites, tourneys and w/e didn't reach much success as i understand. Not sure about your maps.
Streaming is a good thing, i didn't watch them, but maybe that's your main achievement for last time.
That is one of the reasons why i'm not 100% sure your ideas will really help.

Any other of your activity is turned against somebody: admins are idiots, do everything wrong, server is shit, etc.
Look at Tora: he didn't turn to conflict to others, makes tournaments with many people and now he takes part in our admin team.

And look at you: you conflict with everything, want to get the staff out, to destroy what we have now and at the same time you didn't reach big effect in your positive activity for community. Everything of this makes me doubt you will be a good leader for community.

And why? i think i know why... cuz you got lightbringer who fucking shame of himself, shame of doing nothing, shame of being a coward worker.
Well, he is not too active, you right, so what a problem, let him be. He is not useful, but the main thing is he is not harmful for promotion plans.
Maybe he will migrate stats, maybe not, not a big deal (if he will agree for your adminship).

Im pretty sure right now, at least 3 of the actual admins will love to have me on ther team, Moustopher, Tora and even blid!
Hm, i'd not be so sure, but if so, i'll join them most likely.

And its perfect like that, i am the bad guy who take the hard decision and get harrase after for that, like for anti hack, i fight for it, ive been harasse for entire month because of that, did you ever see me give up? I am a hard worker person who cant take hard decision, im not scare of that, im exaclty the opposite of you, im exacly what you need.
Looks good, i like that, the problem is to find the compromise here. You never accepted any compromises before, so we have never been cooperated yet.
I have some experience in admin activity, so i think i can state i understand something in cooperation, hard decisions and plans.
That's why my relation to your revolutional ideas is sceptical and careful.

At the same time i'd be glad to see some new fresh ideas, especially if they don't require to crash everything, get admins away or anything like that.
We have something now and i don't want to loose what we have. I want to use current things as a base to something new and positive. After getting impressive results we can change the existing things. Impressive results (if happen) will also proof your qualities of leadership.
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Re: Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2020, 09:26:15 PM »
« Sent to: Equinox on: September 26, 2016, 11:22:57 AM »
« You have forwarded or responded to this message. »ReplyQuoteDelete
Sorry, have been afk in this weekend, just returned...

True your right, but being a good players will make you understand other clients are not only a hacking issue but also a latency issue, what your always forgeting, by knowing exactly what is the latency issue, it will be a long time ago you we will already have close thhose others clients.

I just dont understand since 2 years why you dont want to close those other clients, what is the probleme with that, can you just told me why you cant close them, we both know it took you 2 minutes by the control pannel of your adminship... Why cant you denied those acces?

Well, i know what is warlatency, i've been one who debugged the original utility and included it into combat patchers/loaders.
I didn't check how warlatency works on, need to check that, but maybe you right, you talked about that years ago.

I plan to limit other clients when i finish my antihack system, temporary solution for now is to look into status page and make sure antihack is applied to all the players in your game. Antihack is on => war2combat =>

If i enable versioncheck now, i'll get many support requests with war2 not allowing some connections for some unusual reasons. And probably some lost newbies who will think the server is down and just leave.

but it need a world wide name, it can be WAR2COMMUNAUTY.COM, since it's not included any country.

Maybe i'm a little biassed about "ru", as soon as i'm russian, i don't want people to think Ru is evil. But another reason is ru belongs to known people who keep it in years. Of course, we can ask someone to let us take the domain war2.us or war2.com or to use burnt's domains like war2combat or war2server belongs to us, but i'm not sure that will be so useful for community as you talk.

I cant argue that, if you told me so, then ill hope its true, but your time probleme its a fact from long time ago, and you need to fix that, this server need someone who can take final decision at any moment.
I agree and i'd be happy to find adequate admin who can at least help me with my things or maybe even replace me.
Unfortunately i don't see such admins now: Tupac gives good help in support requests, looks at the server security and also makes interesting things in war2 research. Mouse supports the site and the server. Others fight against spammers and keep the server order. Maybe their job is not perfect every time, but we have what we have. They make their job in general.

Ez.. I have never get the tool i needed for all of that, like the acces for the war2ru website and making my own promotion on it without to w8 on lazy admin, like having a staff to help me on it, like having the support of everyone.. All of what i need was in the pain, all of what i did was against peoples who take me as a competition. My website was not even something on what i want to really work. It was a way to show at your admins they are lazy, and making a website of forum can took 2 days, not 2 month... I have never make website for any other reason, just to show they are lazy. And it work great, 1 month later we had a new forum? NO?

Well, i see, that's sad when you have no normal access to the site you plan to promote. Maybe the best you can do is to make your own site on your own hosting (as you declared in your new thread: http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,2526.0.html ). If it will be useful and you will not promote it as something against current team, we will be glad to officially include it as a part of the whole war2ru project.
As mousey, who wanted to be a part of war2.ru admin team. First of all she made beautiful war2.ru site, then we made a forum together with her, and the same she didn't got into conflict with other admins. So she became a very good admins here. Of course some people in our community hates her, but that doesn't mean she is a bad admin.

I know that technically making the forum is 1-2 days, not 2 months, but the main question here is how to make sure people will join it. We checked the new forum in few weeks to make sure our configuration is ok, i also talked to axolotl to cooperate with him with this new forum. I hoped on his support to not loose the occult's content and community. That was much more important than to just run the engine.
Another important task is to find compromise between all the admins, otherwise they'd just leave our team, and we can't let leople just leave.

My maps is not even arguable, everyone was playing them ask at anybody for The Amazing wood, fight for the middle, cliff hanger nox version, BloodyLands.

Streaming is personal firstly, but yeah i did alot of promo with war2ru.
I actually didn't see even 1 game on that maps (90% of games are GOW and chop, others are some more classic, archers, bgh or w/e). Anyways, i appreciate yours and others forces for war2 game and war2 commuinty.
I didn't watch your streams (no time), but i beleive streaming is an important thing for war2 promotion.

True i talkshit alot against others admins, the probleme is i was not like that before, ive been here for 10 years mores, did you ever seen me like that before i know about the hacking issue with other clients?

Ive try to do the right thing and nobody have never listen me, acting like if i was crazy, lightbringer is the main source of our problemes, by over abuse of his power and banning me for my own free speech. By telling at everyone i was crazy and there was no hacking or latency issue with other clients cuz he build them and know what he said... Telling to peoples i was on burn out and just paranoid.

It was not the case.. How do you feel when you give so much of your time, passion, knowlege, creations while other lazy admins talkshit about you.

This guy have never love me since europe server 2000 cuz he was already suspect of hacking at that time, we are both french and we talk personal sometime, but he dont take that personal and mix evrything with warcraft II like banning me when thats nothing to do with the probleme.

This guy have never been neutral, he smurf himself and insult other peoples and after cry like a little bitch because tk told the truth about his smurf.

Do you realize you iL no other person then you, have made a thread to talktrash against tk because he told the truth about the fact lightbringer smurf peoples while he know everything on other.

Yes, i don't remember any events of talkshit from you against admins before that situation when you explored that is vulnerable to maphack. Then you demanded to close the client. I thought about that and decided that will not be a good solution. Ligthbringer supported me, other admins too, and then you tuned against us and began that talkshit.

I feel your talkshit very harmful for our community, but i don't think banning you will be much better.
We discussed that between admins from time to time and one or another of us offered to let you stay as is.

I don't know about others, i just ignored your messages in last 2 years, because you make too many posts and (almost) all of them consist of harrasments against our admin team without any positive sence. No interest to waste my time for reading that.

Do you realize you iL no other person then you, have made a thread to talktrash against tk because he told the truth about the fact lightbringer smurf peoples while he know everything on other.
Yes, i remember that, Lightbringer stopped his admin job (for several months) after conflict with you, then he created another account to run away rasist attacks against him and told about that new account to 3-4 his friends, asking to not share his new account to others.
I looked for him, he stopped his admin activity in these months as i remember. He asked to remove his admin, but i didn't, because i've been happy to see him back any time.
And tk just suddenly discovered that private information with no reason. That's why i feel that tk's action as betrayal.

What kind of admin is that, not hate, we speak truth.... So yes i dont like this guy at all because he is an hypocrite and liar... For blid it,s easy, i think he is a good person, but i just he is lazy as fuck, hes doing absolutly nothing, the only he do here is talking about nba and politics... Why did he is admin?? he should just be a forum moderator, because this is what he is....
I personally like lightbringer point of view, our admin team talk together before making decisions. I like Lb's arguments, i'm not 100% agree with his decisions, but his arguments looks reasonable. I can make mistakes same as every other persons, so i prefer to discuss my ideas to others before to implement them. Lightbringer is one of these people.
I don't know what happened between you and him since europe server 2000, but he talked nothing bad against you in last 2 years (after that conflict) as i remember.
Let me know if i missed something. I'd say he just ignoring your offencing posts same as me. And i'm sure he will do the same for future. In spite of you attack him in many posts.

Anf for all the talkshit i do, im sorry, its not what i want, i just want this server to get better and bigger, and thats the only way i am understand and the thing move and you know it.
That looks like the most important thing about communication between people and community.
I understand that you want good for the server and community. That's why you talk shit to people. You expect that people read your shit against them and... they will change themselves and become good?
That is very popular behavior and it never succeeds. Can you remember any moments when talking shit about people will attract them to you or will let them change themselves?
100 of 100 you will not reach your puproses that way. They will answer your the same talkshit, then will ignore you and then they will just turn you out from their community.

If you want to help to community, make something positive, that will help the community. Make your things as an addition to things already working, explain why your things are better and useful for people who always used anything else.
Don't fight against existing team, otherwise you give them the only choice: to crash themselves (that they will never do) or to remove you.
I didn't look into last events happened in these weekend, but looks like you got in confict with tora or blid or mouse, so they gave you a warning...

So, what would you do with them being admin? What will you do with other members of community who disagree with your opinion?
I'm admin here for years and i can confirm that there are many discords between every 2 members even for obvious (as i think) questions.
If you want to be a leader in community, you have to find compromises with people who disagree with you, not to insult them, otherwise they will leave.
I see my main task is to save as many people as i can. Tupca is proud and he and don't accept unfair (as he think) warnings against him. You are proud and don't want unfair warnings.

How you plan to act on the place of current admins? You give someone an icon - another player will be angry for unfair icon against you and leave. You remove an icon - that player will be angry for unfair taking icon away and leave.
Many actions will be pleasant for some people and unpleasant for some others.

I think, turning talkshit to positive activity is mandatory term to begin some positive activity as a community leader. It's not enough, but it's a 1-st step.

My probleme with him a being an admin is the fact im sure he use to hacks us for long time, and i just cant work with someone like that, because its against what i fight, i also hate the fact he can know every ip and see whos are the smurf while he smurf peoples, its not fair and its a kind of cheating, i hate this fact and thats 2 of the biggest reason why i hate this guy, my personal probleme with him have nothing to do, if it was the case i will not even think about this guy, but the way he use that power make me sick.

Well, i never caught him cheating, so i have no reason to suspect him of cheating. You can repeat 100 times he is cheater, i can repeat 100 times he is not. So, without proofs it's your assurance against my assurance, nothing more.

At least, for example, if you've been in admin team, i don't see any intersections of yours interests (let's state that you never catch each other, just other cheaters).
That will mean you continue play as is, lb plays as is, and together you help to catch/ban others who uses hacks. Looks reasonable compromise?

Like i said i dont use that behavior because i want everyone to die, i use that behavior because its my only way to get understand and make the things move, and yes its also because im mad of being in this position since i should be in a better then this one, and we all know it.

I am willing to do your desire if its really a big probleme for you, like keeping your entire staff there, but we gonna have to made rules and respect it.

I understand your desire to make things move, just looks like things are not being moved this way.
I argee that your ideas could be fresh for our admin team, so i'm ready to try your ideas even if they looks senseless for me. On condition that they don't require some destructive actions, like remove .ru and move to .com. Or to close server for half clients and make them not working. Or to make some activity against legal players.
Positive ideas are always welcomed, at least to discuss.
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Re: Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2020, 09:27:26 PM »

« Sent to: Equinox on: September 27, 2016, 05:23:34 AM »

Quote from: Equinox on September 26, 2016, 10:00:21 PM

The only thing i cant forget right now, is how TORA force swift to keep the legend status ( icon )

Since the 2 last day, tora give a legend status to swift, a legend status he have never earn inside those 2 last years.

OMG, how i can be responsible to that icons?
Here's as you wrote before: i'm not a top-10-20 player who plays every day. I can't judge who of you plays better. Swift is one legend in war2 and you are another one. Or you are one and he is another.
My main purpose as i see is to attract newbies, to keep servers and software working and to promote the game as good as i can.
Why you can't resolve your disputes together with swift and with tora? You think icon to swift is unfair? Ok, why not to ensure tora? Possible tora's mistake, i don't know.
Why you make threads, insult people, get warned, create new account, talk to everybody?

I just can tell you how different people can see that situation:

you: tora regarded swift, bypassing you. You deserved that more than swift. Unfair.
tora: need to motivate people to play, to make interest, let's give icons to some best players.

What can i do in this situation, even if suppose i definitely know you deserve icon more than swift? I'm not a big boss, i can't just give an order to tora to remove icon from one and give it to another. Otherwise tora will just leave.
All i can is just to explain my point of view to tora. But i have no idea who of you two plays better or deserves that icon more. I never played with you or him at least for 3-5 years.
So, you should try to ensure tora yourself i think.

That's yet another example for your leadership:
Days ago you told me that you hate Lightbringer much, you hate Blid a little, they should go away. Foonat should also go away as soon as he is useless and unpleasant.
So, you buy the server and fire these 3 bad admins.
Mousey and Tora are ok.

Now you hate tora for unfair judgement against you. So, let's fire him also. Or give him an order to do what you think need to do.
Also, mousey gave you a warning to account Equinox, so she is also probably biassed, let's fire her too?

How you plan to grow up the community when you turned out everybody you disagree with in a few days?

If you want to be a leader, you have to be a part of team. And then you have to talk to other members and find compromises. (Compromises is what i'm finding last 4 days, between you, blid, tora, tupac and others. Non-stop except weekend when i've been afk. Here's what an admin job is.)
Otherwise they will eighter run away from you or get you turned out, after several warnings.
Tora didn't have plan to disgrace you or w/e. He just decided to reward one of old good players for some reason.
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Re: Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2020, 09:29:20 PM »
Quote from: Equinox on September 27, 2016, 10:12:05 AM

The probleme with you and tora is like if i cares about that icon because i want it, i dont fucking want this icon, i just want the person who got it to win like everyone else and win it like a man, anyway im borred, torra is biase and nobody do nothing against that in your staff.

I dont ask for a fire, i ask for someone to stand up and said its enouph, kyle must be the legend he fucking want, but he cant fucking over pass a entire communauty like that, he need to win like everyone.

But obviously you guys have a certain love for swift and dont really cares about others to keep forcing him while he dont even want.

Your states looks reasonable in general.
Also, mousey's and tora's agruments looks also reasonable.
Swift is #1 for some kind of rating. The problem is there's no ideal rating for every possible cases.
So i'd say #1 for him looks relatively fair. That was not some kind of artificial faked rating to promote expecially swift.

I think should be ok that we have several different ratings with different top-1's and each of them have his personal icon for the rating where he is top-1.

I also didn't understand whom do you offer to give an icon instead of swift (or in addition to him). And why your agrumentation is better than tora's one. Some other players also have their personal icons as rewards for some kind of achievements.
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Re: Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« Reply #5 on: January 26, 2020, 02:17:49 AM »
I only read part of this because it was so damn long but EQ I have to give you some advice. I'm honestly not trying to piss you off or be rude.

I understand you are a passionate person and you get emotional about the things that happen. I do too sometimes, as I can be seen talking crap not being so nice. Emotion can be a good thing for sure.

But, something you need to know is that, there is a time and a place for you to be diplomatic and professional. People are not going to take you seriously if you are constantly insulting everyone and being rude to them. Sometimes, not all the time, when you disagree with someone you need to have a discussion as opposed to telling them why they are wrong and calling them a retard! :)

If I was IL back then and you asked to buy the server from me and then insulted me. Even if you wanted to pay double the price I wanted, I wouldn't give it to you on pure principle based on the disrespect you just showed me. That works online and in real life. You don't make business deals in real life by calling people morons. Would be nice if you could... hah.

I feel that this gets in your way a lot (maybe you don't even notice it) around here and it makes people not take you as serious as you could be taken. I think that hurts you as a potential leader and is just my honest critical feedback.

Feel free to use it and see if it works for you or not (may take time) or feel free to call me retarded, haha. :)
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Re: Old discussion between me and iL about the future of this server!
« Reply #6 on: January 26, 2020, 03:32:26 AM »
Hes not diplomatic and hes not professional at all, why i would be, hes an hypocrite whos laugh on our face and dont do anything good to grow up that game.

And if you think im happy to call him a retard then im sorry but im not, but it's still the true when we talk about what he do for the game..

Hes telling me im mad against all those admins but they are almost all corrupt and bad.

Only thing i had against tora was because he give up free master tag and free legend tag.

Only thing i was asking to tora was to make some tournaments and let winner deserve ther title like everyone.

But he just decide to fuck the community bad and give them freely to everyone he want...

How the hell thats not stupid, but sincerly, now that i seen what he does for the game, i got nothing to say, hes actually one of my favorite admin after mousetopher.

Now my grudge against blid was because he told me if i want to be admin i had to give a donation.... the fuck is that, did any admin had to give a donation before? Why I would give my money like that, i would give my money when i want and for what i want, im not a fucking slave bro, they have to stop trying to rip me off.

I want to give money for this server but for my own ideas.

I will not give my money to follow there plan when i really know its already been 15 years we are at the same point and peoples are just lying to themself.

Everyone know this game have never get better, actually the day that game better is the day i get crazy about that anti hack and that latency bug.

That day mousetopher make a new forum, they start working on anti hack, they made major updates on the website, they add icons as i ask, they start giving prize more frequently in tournaments.

I mean.... you all know this is true... if it was not from my crazy behavior we would still be on war2 occult no anti hack with no admins to take cares of us..

We all own to that crazy behavior bro... because it make thing change for real.

Now lightbringer was a blatant programmar hacker who try to lie at me, telling me peoples cant hack the server by using different client and there no latency bug because he made that software and i dont know what i talk about.

He told to everyone i was crazy and i had to go on hospital...... can you believe this? 1 week after iL was making a thread telling to everyone i was true and he was planning to make an anti hack because he dint want to close those different clients... ( ANOTHER MAJOR ERROR ).

Then after that first thing we know it's lightbringer relinquish is admin title desapear and we never see him again.

Why? Cuz that motherfucker was hacking us and using his admin command to abuse of his power and he knew he just have been caught again cuz i know him... He knew he was caught cuz he made those software and told me i was not right and he want to keep that silent before he see iL make an official thread about it, even going to say at everyone i am crazy and i need to go hospital... is that diplomatic and professional?

He knew he was roast and he fucking desapear like the coward cheater hacker he are!!

The truth is, they are all mad bro... All mad cuz i say TRUTH, all mad cuz for 10 years that game have never evoluated, and since i open my mouth i make them work harder.... I make them look bad and i make them pressure to take care of us faster.

They have shame because the frenchman is right on almost everything, and they dont want to be teach, so they are acting like im crazy, but im not, and you all know that, you all know that im right and after 15 years im just fucking hangry to wait and be patien and patien and patien.

Hes telling us nobody give them idea or propose himself as a leader... Look those date bro, 2016, and since that time i still try to help that game without being an admin, i even offer to pay 2 years of domain to get a new name for the server.

He dint even have answer me.

Only thing i can say is, he say he believe in burnt for promotion and get the game better, but we have let that game between burnt hands for years (at least 10 ), and nothing have never change, we still have roll with an active overall of 5 to 80 players.

It's not about tk, it's not about blid, it's not about tora, it's not even about burnt.

It's about him! Him taking bad decision over all those years.

- Dint wanna change the server name for a global one.

- Spread the community, work, time, effort, between world and russia.

- Refusing alot of usefull admins and acceping alot of useless one.

- Dint wanna close those different clients, wich will mean no more hacks, no more latency issue and everyone on the same step.

- Dint know anything about marketing and how to make good promotion for the game.

- Dint really cares or having times to take cares of the game properly.

- Dint have the interesst of really growing that community.

- Protecting cheater, hacker and toxic player over our own legit players.

- Not listening his own community.

- Taking decision of his own community.

- Not attribuate the good role to the right peoples... Like blid, foonat, should not be admin but just moderator of the forum, burnt should not be admin, but only a moderator on the lobby game and a tournament hoster, il himself cant be the head admin who take the important decision, he dont know aything about what hes doing, hes a moderator and a programmar, thats what is should really be... If everyone had the good role, peoples will have more time to work on there strong skills and personal work and work will be faster, stronger and better. But right now everyone are working on shit they dont even know about, burnt trying to be an admin, trying to make promotion, trying to take real decisions. It's a fucking damn joke bro, nothing is professional here.

I mean seriously.

I could continue like that but i would be relentless.

I mean i understand what you say about being diplomat and professional...

But acting hypocrite hes not diplomat and professional in my book.