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To those trying to grow wc2
« on: April 01, 2020, 01:45:15 PM »
If there was ever a time to grow wc2 it would b nw with the world on lockdown on their computers.

1. Make a 30-40 second flashy advertising video

2. Appoint a new admin team positions;

Wc2 growth committee max 5 members
 ( I will be one of the committee, I will try help build wc2 best I can)
 Can vote on changing things if needed
Come up with ideas, discuss identifyed new players

 New player community guardian ( role can be taken up by many players)
      Role is to proactively add all new players, try keep track of
there progress, talk to them, help them get started
      Connect them with the new player community,
      encourage games between new players, b like a big brother
     To players and get them playing many games in a row to hook then

Skill guardian ( role can be taken up by many players)
       It's more a mindset
       Role is to proactively help train/teach/give pointers
       Teach basic skills tactics like basic level 3 rush etc

3. Players Set up learning 1v1 were a skilled player, plays to make it fun
   For the new player, play slow try set up close battles rather then straight owning him in
     2 mins, even let him win. If a new player just loses 30 games
 Straight he never coming back

4. Target / try to get in contact with popular streamers of any games
     To show advertising video on their stream

5. Make a thread were a new players who gets established name is posted
    With a little bit of info bout him and his basic skill set so far
  So the community knows how to treat that new player.

6 make a Reddit post with video, spam the redit link were possible
 Get the post up voted and seen

7. Make a interesting and exciting slogan that.accurrtly demonstrates the
deep skillfull meta game
8. Save the old ladder records to a pre-covid archive and start
 A fresh new auto ladder.. it's too cluttered and old, makes
 it uninteresting.. seeing 837-358..etc