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Leaders make the way season 1
« on: June 20, 2020, 07:19:30 PM »
I got a new concept i want to start to work on.

It will be call * Leaders make the way *

Every season we will choose 2 different leaders (Team captains) Who will draft there teams in a selection pool that i will choose.

Once the teams are complete both team captain gonna send a player into a B0-7, the other captain gonna have to counter whit his personal pick that he will send to the field.

Every victory will bring points to his team captain, the final bo will be Both team captain togheter.

The team captain that win the most points in the total group will win 100$

He will also be able to choose his mvp player for a prize of 50$.

It's gonna be short season, im planning to do a couple of seasons.

Here the Kind of Team captains i would love to see for the first season.

Swift Vs Lone
Shotgun Vs U8
Braviet Vs Alf-Attack
TDWargams Vs 00Steve
TDLux Vs 00Joe
TDViruz Vs BHC-Jesk
Mystical Vs KnitterHemd
PaperBoy~SoL^ Vs SPARKZ102
Talrand Vs Thumb$

If someone in those captain are interested for the season 1, then let me know!