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What is hope, what is believing? 219  1

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What is hope, what is believing?
« on: June 07, 2020, 06:04:18 PM »
Why is hope and believing are so important, why those achivements are so important... Titles, Icons, Ranks, etc etc.

Because hope and believing is what push you to your limits, this is what that always give you that breathing you think you cant grab, this is what make you stronger and make you discover lot of things you dint even knew about yourself.

The day you are taking that hope and believing from someone, you can do whatever the hell you want with him, its just literally a mental murder.

That kind of behavior is not killing only peoples, but also mouvement where that peoples belong... Our mouvement here is warcraft II, we must fight for it, cuz at the end thats what we really love, thats what we have played for 25 years. Giving time, energie and LIFE.

I understand there probably a good part of that communauty that dont even cares about all of that, because they probably start to get older and at the end they are just here to have fun and chill... What i totally respect, but there another part for who it still matters.. Look at harrywang whos really improve himself the last 2 months, look at silent farts who keep getting better, Look at ragner, talrand, maciek.. Look at lone who finally reach that step that will allow him to maybe be the best player of the world without a damn doubt.

Yesterday we were all playing, there was lots of peoples,  shotgun, Joe, spudy, dugs, Alf-Attack, me, angel~fire, more and more.

At the beginning spudy/shotgun was playing against joe and alf attack, they did a couple of games and finally dugs decide to leave.... Angel~fire was ready to play, but obviously nobody was confident about allying angel~fire vs 00Joe and Alf-Attack (no offense bro if you see that) anyway probably nobody will be confident to ally me against those guys too. So everyone was trying to stay lay low and drop some jokes by there and there... Angel was pretty conscient about the fact that he probably cant handle 00Joe and alfttack togheter so he tell them to split that team to make it fair, what they actually dint do.... So angel was hanging there waiting for whats comming... And it's where big bad nox decide to step up like a man, even if i know its about an impossible mission... But im so piss to see that right true my face, seing that darkangel who love that game is certainly ignore by everyone and that will probably finish by truely be affect by this and sad and will just leave the game hoping for another better day where someone will want to ally him. That i decide to ally him and take everything i got in the deepest part of my soul to win this shit with him... I told him, dont worry bro, we got that, three fingers in the nose.

That hope and believing make us do something that nobody will never bet on it.

Much love to 00Joe, because actually i really love the guy and i dont do that to insult him, i just do it to show at everyone why i constantly insist about why is hope and believing is so important.

You must dont cares, i understand, but some peoples still, and those younger new players that we found everyday cares too.

Competition is a part of this game, this is a part of his own breathing, broke that competition and you broke the game.

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Re: What is hope, what is believing?
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2020, 07:54:09 AM »
Lmfao nice, well played, 3 fingers and all  :ok_hand: