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ss opps 1448  63

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Re: ss opps
« Reply #60 on: June 17, 2020, 02:24:50 PM »
Even if Poopac had good intentions which I find harder and harder to believe the more I see his twisted ways, and the games he plays.

If you have a tendency to let your feelings blind your judgement you are definitely not fit to get anywhere close to sensitive information.
Imagine having a president that acts on his feelings and his emotions, bluff or not, this is not acceptable for a person holding that trust.
You only get to break the trust people give you once and he crossed the line way more than once already.

I talked with IL and he confirmed to me that RU wont associate with cyber criminals and that it is non-negotiable.

Just because you want the moon and someone is willing to give it to you, does not mean it is wise to take it from them.

We may need all the help we can get, but we will always take it from people we can trust.
Our priority should always be to keep that trust players give us and what we have, over getting better stuff.

RU may have its flaws, but it values the trust players gave them over the years and they know all it takes is to break it once.
So they wont take that risk, we have everything to loose with such associations and nothing to gain...

You cannot let your fears and your paranoia decide what is good for the server otherwise people like him will use that against you to play their mind games.

More fruits for thoughts related to that here...

Someone has been playing that game for far too long...

That dosent prove anything. It's not my fault the language barrier between us caused him to misunderstand anything I said. And the best part of all all that was happening on my way out the door of resigning here and showed I was still nice enough to let him know he was hacked but the dude couldnt even understand what I was telling him. He took my words as a threat rather then a heads up your system was broken into. Plus I told him he was hacked my job was done. Wasn't me either! You see if they cared and supported me when we was a team dellam would of never posted my email, and ur cyber criminal that hacked you, would of never been able to message me. Seems your own actions came back for you.

I think it's proper to quote myself. So since iL took my heads up as a threat maybe he acted on emotion? You stated above right? I was literally departing from their team as my dox leaked and their known cyber criminal was in the system. He seen my info and was able to contact and this guy is actually good BTW! Not a bad guy at all kinda makes me wonder if you did something to deserve him hacking you. Showed me some cool stuff, i acted stupid so he would show me more, and i gave il that info for him to call me a cyber criminal and to carry on on like most you. Post more PLEASE its hard to fight back when you cant prove anything and pull anything out of your rear. You cant win when you are wrong. Fess up, move on!
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Re: ss opps
« Reply #61 on: June 17, 2020, 05:58:55 PM »
Oh but it does,
It proves trying to get what you want by playing with other people's fears is something you have been flagged for doing for a long time by many.
It does not work on responsible adults and people that can see through your schemes that is the problem...

IL did not overreact or act on emotions here, he just has principles.
And one of these principles is to not associate with cyber criminals in any shape of form.
No matter what they say they have to offer, it is not worth it and he understands that.
You clearly do not understand it, but it is quite a simple position to hold.

Would you entrust a man that just broke into your house illegally with your security for all of your belongings?
Probably not, you would probably send him to jail first...

Your offers always have been tainted by your little mind games and schemes you are so easy to see through.
It is a good thing that IL could see you for what you are, as he did back then...
Language barrier lol, that is a good one :ok_hand: :rofl:.

Oh and BTW good question about the guy behind the attacks:
The only thing war2.ru did to piss that "guy" off is to push you away...
You do the math and wonder why all these people called you out when the server got attacked when it did, oh certainly because they were all bad people rofl...
"Poor little Poopac unjustly treated by his pairs boo boo" rofl give me a break lol.

The only reason people like me do not accuse you for this is because I cannot prove it yet, and the burden of proof is on us and I understand that...
And because you live in the US if that happens to be you, you would probably be in jail before I let you know anything rofl.
They do not joke about these kind of things over there let me tell you that much...

Again, principles, you clearly blame others for not respecting but that you do not hold yourself to either:
Blabla this CLAVV is a hacker,
blabla Cel has no woman in his life,
blabla Cel is a woman beater,
blabla Cel is ddossing my server,
blabla Maxi is Cel's smurf blablabla... Your mouth is dirty as it gets...

It is funny how you play the victim when you stand accused but how easy it is for you to accuse others of things you have no way of knowing and want to get away with it...

And yet you still do not understand why people wont ever trust you, and why your server keeps being just as irrelevant as you are...

At best you are stupid, at worst...
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Re: ss opps
« Reply #62 on: June 18, 2020, 08:24:11 AM »
Another essay of how Cel views the world. Lol dumbass get real. You havent made sense in days now.  Talk sense if you got any more left. You just mad and want the last word. Have at it and enjoy talking to yourself. :)

We call this thread The Beat Down of Cell and his failed proof.

The end.
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Re: ss opps
« Reply #63 on: June 18, 2020, 08:40:18 AM »
 :fro: :fro: :fro: