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Re: Everyone on War2USA
« Reply #45 on: September 03, 2020, 05:54:44 PM »
IL seems like a good guy, he is not the most dedicated persona on earth but he is a good person.
He does not let his feelings or emotions or anger direct his actions for that I respect him and am happy that he is the one hosting it.

About the attacks, we discussed them with IL about a month ago and there are very easy but tedious steps to  go through to secure the server and IL has not found the time to address these yet. But when he does the server will be much much much safer and if attacked successfully, the attacker will have had to dig harder than he is used to at the moment and 1) it may cost him (will prolly have to pay for proxies). 2) it may backfire without him even knowing it did until it is too late (not gonna go into details on that part).

Now lets be honest here, the real best solution would be for blizzard to actually start caring about the game and hire people that actually know the game and care about it enough to make a proper remaster of the game like they did  for starcraft. But in the mean time, we have what we have (it is what it is lol) from all the servers you can play war2 on to this day, war2.ru is the most populated one and has the most content.  :wc2:

So yeah in the mean time we have to be patient and wait and if it gets attacked again and again well take comfort in knowing it will eventually stop...

You can choose to trust other people and servers and whatever, fact remains that here it is the most active warcraft 2 community on earth and it probably wont change anytime soon and that is probably for very good reasons...

Trying to make that other server benefit from these attacks could also be the reason why they happen in the first place. Knowing that, you probably wouldn't really want to associate with such individuals but then again you make your own choices.

Although I will also let you know that mentioning that server is now forbidden in the discord server because of the fact that accounts got created litterally seconds before and started posting links to that place before and during the attacks in a timely fassion... Needless to say these were properly dealt with.