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Re: I apologize for supporting these forums
« Reply #45 on: March 16, 2015, 08:54:45 AM »
they've turned to shit really fast

im going back to

see u guys there
I'm really sorry you alienated from us and our server.

But i don't see our fault in that.

Note that last time you began your mod job was right after Lb stopped his moderation job, there were only 2 mods: you and blid.

I relaxed and let you do what you want with moderation as you see that.
I just posted that polled-based rules to let us know the majority opinion on how these rules should be handled.
You had several months to handle that yourself to total happiness as you wished.

Not sure how you evaluate your moderation job yourself, but many people began to cry that forum "turned to shit" without any moderation and we need to enforce moderation to save it.
Note that it's not my point of view and not mousey's one. It is a result of rules poll and also several topics on the forum. You can check them in flame wars section if you don't remember that. People really dislike absolute anarchy, they preferred some kind of moredation to keep forum ordered.
That was the same situation with old mods: (me, you, Lightbringer, blid) and also with new mods: (Burnt, mousey, blid).
It's not depend on staff, it depends on community.
Community prefer some kind of moderation stronger instead of total freedom/anarchy.

Of course you feel free to leave and alienate from us, it's your choice.

But i ask you to give chance to our new moderation team. Let's try for several months to see the result. Maybe it will be turned to some kind of order totally accepted for community. We can totally stop any kind of moderation as soon as we see we failed with it.
It is some kind of transition period now, so not everything goes perfect, people can tell about some wrong decisions, to punish somebody and not to punish somebody else. That's usual for such transitions. Please, be patient and let us continue our moderation job.