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I completely missed this! Same time tonight?
General Discussion / Re: A Real Gamer.
« Last post by CumSavorer4385 on Today at 08:44:04 AM »
Server.War2.ru / Re: Every girls dream
« Last post by Yamon on Today at 07:31:56 AM »
General Discussion / Re: The Atheist Delusion
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 05:46:10 AM »

I can't believe it. I've been wrong this whole time. :(

That's the evidence I've been looking for my whole life. I've now seen proof that humans can turn into animals.

My whole existence, my purpose in life...everything...shattered, just like that.

I finally realize evolution is true. I can't deny evidence I see in front of my eyes.

And the worst part of all of this is blid's non-stop Islamophobia. I find it really offensive.

My first move will be to have a coccygectomy performed to help prove evolution.

I watched this video to help me know what it will be like:

Coccygectomy - YouTube

I just hope I don't get pelvic floor prolapse afterwards. I think the long recovery time and being unable to sit for a really long time will suck.

From http://tailbonedoctor.com/pain-and-pelvic-floor-prolapse-after-coccygectomy-tailbone-removal/:

Pelvic floor prolapse: Some of the pelvic floor muscle/tendon/ligaments do indeed attached to the coccyx, and certainly there have been case reports of people who have suffered from “pelvic floor prolapse” after coccygectomy, which is sagging of the pelvic floor.

What the Orthopaedic Surgeons have to say http://www.johnhardy.co.uk/Publish/information/Coccydynia.pdf

The coccyx has several important functions. It is the
insertion site for multiple muscles, ligaments, and
tendons. It provides weight bearing support to a
person in the seated position. Leaning back while sitting
leads to increased pressure on the coccyx

And sex after the surgery...might be painful...or impossible...but it's hard to know since there have been no studies done on sex in coccygectomy patients.


While I'm having that done, I'll also ask to have my arms, legs, eyes, tongue, ears, nose, teeth and everything else I can survive without removed at the same time to prove that I don't really need them to survive. That will help everyone know that I used to be a monkey.

These images are proof that the mother and father of these humans are pictured below with their siblings, a nice family portrait:

We need to get the truth out there.
General Discussion / Re: The Atheist Delusion
« Last post by Antti_Kiviniemi on Today at 03:40:56 AM »
animals turning from one kind of animal to another kind of animal, such as cows to dolphins and whales.

proof of evolution

Awesomely bad videogame movies - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - Animality - YouTube
Server.War2.ru / Re: Ways to cheat in war2.
« Last post by Antti_Kiviniemi on Today at 03:35:00 AM »
Losing on purpose
Player A is allying Player B, against Players C and D. Player A wants to make Player B less confident and less happy. In this 2vs2 game, Player A is matched up against Player C, and Player B is matched up against Player D. Player A sees that Player B is in a disadvantaged matchup against Player D (e.g. B = 4, D = 5). Player A puts in just enough effort to have Player C on his knees. Player B loses to Player D. Player A loses to Player C because Player D gets involved in the matchup of Player A vs Player C. Player B thinks they lost the game only because he lost his matchup against Player D. Player A yells at Player B after game that he played bad and that they lost because of him. Player B gets taxed emotionally.

Damn, Sepi is on to me.

Have you checked out the last gow championship 1vs1 replay pack on en.war2.ru? I need to send the 2vs2 championship pack to mousey.
Server.War2.ru / Re: Every girls dream
« Last post by easycompany on January 20, 2018, 10:40:29 PM »
thier banking on that overwatch but it isnt gonna be a sc1
Server.War2.ru / Every girls dream
« Last post by XuRnT on January 20, 2018, 09:46:02 PM »
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