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not real see ya later

sorry i like singing to satan u can have bullshit jehoava alllah they can even figure that out.go gett fucked

baby joel olsteen loves you

im  really soory you played the game i quit in 2008

i the mpq u can give all units 9 visinon...unit .dat

11) Português / Re: meu musica section
« on: Today at 02:51:17 AM »

TLC - Baby-Baby-Baby - YouTube

u can go fuck yourself baby shark i dont wanna fuck your ugly ass anyhow

14) Português / Re: meu musica section
« on: Today at 02:40:00 AM »
easy gona get som more ber calm donwwn   candlebox time!!

15) Português / Re: meu musica section
« on: Today at 02:32:15 AM »

Weezer - Say It Ain't So - YouTube ive lost discord o well

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