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Boredom Zone / Re: Fractals anyone?
« Last post by Lambchops on Today at 11:03:37 AM »
Yeah :)  they're nice, and they literally go on forever...  our human brains try to ascribe all sorts of meaning to them - flowers... galaxies... even the bhudda, but actually they're just numbers (and not even real numbers!), they don't really mean anything at all.

Boredom Zone / Re: Fractals anyone?
« Last post by mousEtopher on Today at 10:26:13 AM »
i understood 1% of what you wrote but sooo pretty <3
Boredom Zone / Fractals anyone?
« Last post by Lambchops on Today at 10:20:33 AM »
So i was talking to mac about code to handle complex numbers the other day - which ineviably led me to waste a meap of time messing around with the mandlebrot set.

Been done a million times before, but I can't help myself..... it's just soooo pretty.


General Discussion / Re: How about that bitcoin..
« Last post by CumSavorer4385 on Today at 10:10:36 AM »
Also.. Moore's law. Processing power doubles every 2 years. It's been pretty accurate up to this point, and now we're entering the age of Quantum Computers.

This will play a factor in the amount of energy needed to mine 1 bitcoin.
General Discussion / Re: How about that bitcoin..
« Last post by tk[as] on Today at 08:47:05 AM »
Also.. Moore's law. Processing power doubles every 2 years. It's been pretty accurate up to this point, and now we're entering the age of Quantum Computers.

This will play a factor in the amount of energy needed to mine 1 bitcoin.
Server.War2.ru / Re: Bots constantly hosting and cancelling games
« Last post by ~ToRa~ on Today at 07:58:51 AM »
Okay they gone for now.
Server.War2.ru / Re: Bots constantly hosting and cancelling games
« Last post by ~ToRa~ on Today at 07:47:36 AM »
Im trying to ban them now.
Server.War2.ru / Re: Bots constantly hosting and cancelling games
« Last post by Szwagier on Today at 05:16:25 AM »
Why admin Still didnt ban them
Moderated Section of War2 Forum / Re: WOMEN'S RIGHTS and FEMINISM
« Last post by Ze_sAiNt on Today at 03:25:54 AM »
First of all, this is not a game. These topics have to do with real life.

There are real life girls and women being abused, tortured, mutilated, stoned, beaten, raped, and killed every day in Islamic countries. This is reality.

This is not a game.

I'm still baffled by your poor understanding of your own native English language.  So, here we go...  This is English 101 for today:

Being beaten at one's own game is an idiom.  It does not actually mean a game is being played.  It means: "To defeat or triumph over someone by using their own strengths, techniques, or tactics to one's own advantage"

Isn't that what you've been trying to do all along?  You use tactics of quoting verses from the Qur'an and using Hadith quotations out of their historical context to prove Islam promotes violence.  So I showed you that your very own Bible glorifies violence, accepts the sexual abuse of young girls and supports mutilation, in the words of Anne Spicer.

Either you can't understand English or you are playing dumb and taking everything I say in its literal meaning, thereby avoiding to comment on the core of the matter by distracting the readers with beautiful necklaces of words?  I'll let the others be the judge of that...

I am here to speak for the victims of abuse and oppression, because I care about them.

Great.  So let's start with the victims of abuse in your own country, America:

The following facts and statistics, drawn from the National Center for Victims of Crime "Child Sexual Abuse" fact sheet, reveals the scope of child sexual abuse in the U.S. and its devastating long-term impact on a child's life:

1. The almost 90,000 cases of child sexual abuse reported each year fall far short of the actual number. Abuse frequently goes unreported because child victims are afraid to tell anyone what happened and the legal procedure for validating an episode is difficult. (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

2. An estimated 25% of girls and 16% of boys experience sexual abuse before they are 18 years old. Statistics for boys may be falsely low because of reporting techniques. (Ann Botash, MD, in Pediatric Annual, May 1997.)

Of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies:
- 67% were under age 18
- 34% were under age 12
- 14% were under age 6

3. Of offenders who victimized children under age 6, 40% were under age 18. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2000.)

4. Despite what children are taught about "stranger danger," most child victims are abused by someone they know and trust. When the abuser is not a family member, the victim is more often a boy than a girl. The results of a three-state study of reported rape survivors under age 12 revealed the following about offenders:

- 96% were known to their victims
- 50% were acquaintances or friends
- 20% were fathers
- 16% were relatives
- 4% were strangers
(Advocates for Youth, 1995)

5. Girls are the victims of incest and/or intrafamily sexual abuse much more frequently than boys. Between 33-50% of perpetrators who sexually abuse girls are family members, while only 10-20% of those who sexually abuse boys are intrafamily perpetrators. Intrafamily abuse continues over a longer period of time than sexual abuse outside the family, and some forms -- such as parent-child abuse -- have more serious and lasting consequences.(Finkelhor, 1994.)

6. Behavioral changes are often the first signs of sexual abuse. These can include nervous or aggressive behavior toward adults, early and age-inappropriate sexual provocativeness, alcohol consumption and the use of other drugs. Boys are more likely than girls to act out or behave in aggressive and antisocial ways. (Finkelhor, 1994.)

7. The consequences of child sexual abuse are wide-ranging and varied. They can include:

- chronic depression
- low self-esteem
- sexual dysfunction
- multiple personalities

According to the American Medical Association, 20% of all victims develop serious long-term psychological problems. They may take the form of:

- dissociative responses and other signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome
- chronic states of arousal
- nightmares
- flashbacks
- venereal disease
- anxiety over sex
- fear of exposing the body during medical exams
("Child Sexual Abuse: Does the Nation Face an Epidemic - or a Wave of Hysteria?" CQ Researcher, 1993.)

This is what happens when you read "the most dangerous book on Earth" which promotes sexual abuse of young girls, condones incest and glorifies rape.  People's minds are getting programmed by such immorality.  YOU need to help them by telling them to STOP READING SUCH FILTH IN THE BIBLE.  This is not a Book of God.  God doesn't 'inspire' people to write such immorality.  This is Satan's handiwork.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are more and more problems in America, according to Reverand Jimmy Swaggart.

He writes in his book on "The Dangers of Alcohol":

There are 11 million drunkards in America and 44 million heavy drinkers. And Jimmy Swaggart says he sees no difference between the two. That means 55 million, he sees all of them to be drunkards.

What did this?  The Bible.  In his very first miracle, Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:7-10) and since then, wine has flowed like water in Christendom.  There's no stopping it now.  And it's the same W-I-N-E that Lot drank and had sex with his own daughters according to the Bible.

And further, according to Reverand Billy Graham in his book on "Homosexuality", he says: "If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!".  You now have millions of gays and lesbians in America and your statistics tell us that the numbers are not about to decrease in the future.  How are you dealing with this problem?

Then you have pornography that is being depicted in the Bible.  Ezekiel Chapter 23 "Whoredoms of the 2 Sisters", Ezekiel Chapter 16 "Jerusalem, the Insatiable Whore" to name a few.  The more people read this Bible, the more they become programmed to believe that porn is acceptable.

So BabyShark, before you go all 'Mother Theresa' and try to change the world, start by helping with the victims in your own country.  American Christian families are suffering.  They are being torn apart.  The Bible has caused (and is still causing) chaos in the life of innocent Christians.  It's is time to stop all this.  Pick up your "BAN THE BIBLE" sign and start propagating this to the world.  The world WILL become a better place with your help.

I pray to God that He helps you in this mission. Amen.
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