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 :o dont make me throw you in my arcade..sports playing pac man in the back ground and a bar and recliners for our tired knees
Your drywall looks like an evil ugly witch just casted and even eviler ugly spell on a pile of soggy cardboard toilet paper rolls and then scotch taped them onto a wall. I had no idea what he was asking when I copied that ending line, but I do now thanks to you. I just wanted him to think "I remember when I typed that" and have an excuse to keep this thread alive.

Were you serious in toodalooing Warcraft 2?

I will be 1v1ing most of the night
ahh shit man he is cool as hell
copy link from up top in the main bar..youtube may be on the way out all shows and good shit are going to prime i expect music to also
After the apology I just copy and pasted a bunch of the best sentences from tk posts and moved everything around so it kinda made sense. There were too many good ones though so it wasn't very well done. Lambchops scratches his head.... He's an embarrassment, and I'm sick of copping flack just because he's an Australian. I normally don't bite on such obvious trolling, all the regular players are used to his crap, but he actually had some hapless noob believing him for about 10 minutes today....

1) You're a dick.
2) You're a complete dick.
3) OMG what a dick.
4) if 57907 is 1110001000110011 and that actually equals -7629..
    then how can we represent the actual number 57907 as a
    16-bit integer
5) Your head.
6) I still use my original wc2bne CD not war2combat so obviously, you're a dick.
7) You're an ugly, creepy dick.
8 )How the hell do you know I ate corn yesterday? Are you some kind of weirdo stalker too?
9) Did I mention you're a dick?

... and BTW why cant I work out how to imbed YT on here?..... is that just cos I'm stupid, or do I need some sort of privilage?
Mods & Development / Re: [TUTORIAL]PUD Reversing
« Last post by tupac on Today at 10:30:21 PM »

What happend to my pictures in this thread....
General Discussion / Re: what is this
« Last post by easycompany on Today at 10:25:16 PM »
:o i watched the one of paris spooky shit!
Mods & Development / Re: How do i can change the mission objetives?
« Last post by tupac on Today at 10:21:08 PM »
Need Help, i'm making a campaign and i wan't to change the mission goals
PD: sorry for my bad english  :)
PPD: I want to add new AI to the game  :)

Detailed instructions on an archived website for creating AI. There is also .PDF files on the same post for more details on creating Al. It's the last post in this thread.


Not much you can do with the objectives yet. It's a project I've been working on. I haven't had much free time in over a year. Maybe someday I will finish it.

Good luck!
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