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Server.War2.ru / Re: Anyone good still play?
« Last post by Shotgun on Today at 10:33:16 PM »
Bara very new
Server.War2.ru / Re: HU an Orc Are NOT imbalanced
« Last post by Winchester on Today at 09:41:59 PM »
Im simply telling you how I play humans Cel. I play humans reguarly and Im not here to argue balance. In a previous thread months back you were against patching the spells to be more usable out of nostalgia other then gold costs and maybe lowering a point or two for heal, i can't remember if the heal suggestion was you or someone else, but you seemed against everything else other then costs.   warcraft 3 recently did it (and that game is now really old too) and as far as going to change which buildings make certain units such as spirit walkers and at what tier that building can be made (Tauren Totem changed to t2 instead of t3).  I catch incoming dks often with either a flying machine, gryphon (they can do this too of course but often wont because too committed to lust), or holy vision. eye of kilrogs sight is too poor to find incoming dks on a regular basis and is more useful for finding hidden things like expansions or hidden temples/raxes

And the air is relevant as humans because like i said, people trying to lust a group of ogres clumped together are more thrown off when all there ogres are running and scattering away from each other. Humans don't have lust so a dragon attacking them does not bother them as much since they would've just charged immedietely in instead of waiting to lust. Holy vision is extremely useful when attacking things like expansions on almost all maps as the reveal is so large that when you see ogres coming to defend, you can retreat with minimal or no damage at all while crippling your opponent.

I won't try to argue the usefulness of heal as it is incredibly poor when up against lust, however when up against a bunch of guard towers defending expansions it gets some ok value if your not using a mage to get rid of them. So i will pick it up since i build a church for holy vision anyway.

Server.War2.ru / Re: HU an Orc Are NOT imbalanced
« Last post by Lambchops on Today at 09:26:59 PM »

Despite any other advantages, the biggest advantage by far that lust has over heal, is that you can cast it before a battle then send and forget. Heal must be cast once a unit is damaged, which is often just before it dies. This particular advantage is very much related to game speed/microing, although I can definitely see cel's point about the mana costs.

Actually an equivalent "opposite" type spell for lust is something like unholy armor. Heal is not a good direct counter to lust at all, but more useful between battles.

Heal should be useful in pinches with front line units being healed by those behind, but in reality that situation tends to play a much bigger role in early game with grunts/footies.

It's not unreasonable to suspect that healing was originally intended for the cleric unit type, but was given to the paladin when they decided to can the cleric. I'm not sure how far through the game creation process that was. Perhaps they never quite tweaked it properly for pals.

Server.War2.ru / Re: Anyone good still play?
« Last post by baRa on Today at 09:17:48 PM »
Bara was my favorite player to watch.  Always said he had a very "elegant" style.  Great macro but also a finesse micro player, very smart.

I used to talk shit to people under the name liljamal and then he'd log in and beat them for me.  Fun times.

What was that name I used? Cheeaaaa

Was that xkosmodangerx
General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin up to 19000 today
« Last post by Lambchops on Today at 08:57:08 PM »

Bitcoin for 35k by end of year.

Jan 21: $5 Billion Wiped Out of Crypto: Bitcoin Below $3,500 Could Spell Trouble

                  hmmmm  :blank:

Server.War2.ru / Re: Can we bring back iron man please ? :D
« Last post by Cel on Today at 04:13:24 PM »
I would not be against that I wonder why it was removed in the first place though.
There must have been a reason or multiple ones it would be nice to know what  it/they was/were, and if it/they still stand.

In the mean time nothing stops us from hosting games in "faster" speed from time to time, I would say that is a first step, but they are quite unpopular lots of players complain about it.
Though I think they may be better for new players it gives them more time to think and they tend to perform better if the speed is lower.

As for it making humans vs orcs fair well uh, lets say I would not bet on that  ;).
Server.War2.ru / Re: HU an Orc Are NOT imbalanced
« Last post by Cel on Today at 02:30:45 PM »
You can change the speed of the game all you want it wont change the numbers, You still have to spend twice the amount of gold to get the human equivalent of an orc's late game dks and twice the amount of ticks (game time).

You can repair your mage tower and make air yes, now how is that relevant? Cant an orc player do that too?

And again if you do that with an orc you have the exact same unit when it comes out except you have Coil which is the best nuke in the game because you can use it way more often and almost as soon as your dks come out (mages and dks spawn with 85 mana).

Oh and you also have the option to get whirlwind instead of d&d which is slightly weaker but faster to research if you research that you dont even have to rep your temple.
In some situations whirlwind actually is better than d&d if you use it on a gold mine it will stay way longer than d&d there thus preventing mining more efficiently. if the peons where pulled off the mine they will have to wait more before they can get in again oh and you can retreat your dk as soon as the whirlwind is casted.

Yes slowing the speed down will make targeting moving units easier and since slow / polymorph / heal are directly targeted spells it will make it easier for a human player to cast these and get more value out of them.
But the imbalances do not only rely on the impracticability of these mechanics, numbers just do not add up.
You simply do not get as much value out of your clicks even if you manage to perfectly use your spells.

Paladins will barely ever heal each other back to full life because heal is expensive and it will cost you a lot of actions to try healing them.
It takes 3 actions to select pick the heal and apply it will never get you the same value as 3 actions to select an ogre pick bloodlust and apply it.
Heal simply does not heal enough for it to be worth it.

More numbers:

Lets compare in terms of mana / value:
50 mana heal will really heal 8 hit points.
50 mana Bloodlust will increase your damages by 3 for a level 5 ogre, so instead of  4-8 damages he will do 12-24 damages if that ogre lands only 1 punch this is already more value than heal lol.
Even if you made bloodlust disappear after the first punch it would still be more worth it than heal from that perspective XD.

Exhorcism along with skeletons and flame shield must be one of the most situational spell there is. think about it you can use it only on 1 unit out of the 15 units orcs have if you have 1 orc opponent out of 2 it makes it even more awkward.

Server.War2.ru / Re: Anyone good still play?
« Last post by Sentinel1 on Today at 01:29:44 PM »
Bara was my favorite player to watch.  Always said he had a very "elegant" style.  Great macro but also a finesse micro player, very smart.

I used to talk shit to people under the name liljamal and then he'd log in and beat them for me.  Fun times.
Server.War2.ru / Re: HU an Orc Are NOT imbalanced
« Last post by easycompany on Today at 09:32:18 AM »
isnt normal speed = to war3?

im almost sure its in the skill..a pro person would be ready.
its been proven by the great falkentyne

"Humans aren't an offensive race late-game, they're defensive. This puts a whole new spin on the game for me and I find it more enjoyable."-woofy

dam im pretty sure these dudes destroy alot of orcs :o
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