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Server.War2.ru / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« Last post by Lethal~Machete on Today at 12:36:10 PM »
Tora are you some kind of internet retard? BS isn't complaining about the money but it seems that you have a big problem with it.
She's telling you that she’s fine with the amount of money, I know it’s not a problem for her to pay that.

You keep saying that she doesn’t have the money. I’m pretty sure she does.

BS can definitely win against you and maybe that’s the reason why you’re scared of her and trying to flake out.
Server.War2.ru / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« Last post by ~ToRa~ on Today at 10:52:48 AM »
Tora, I have a great idea. :)

Let's do a 1v1 assorted map series 7 games, each of us picks 3 ladder legit maps (including Mr. Bean and Zones which are now valid) and GOW can be the 7th, no map repeats.

Loser isn't allowed to post on forum for the entire month of July.

You in?

^^ill play u if u want. Mind you I only play in the mornings now.
Monday 10am ok?

I'm not available weekday daytimes at 10 am, but I could do 6 am Monday or this Saturday at 7 am EDT? I have tennis at 9 am but could get a good chunk of them done by then hopefully. Other than that I can do a later evening.

I’m going to Boston this weekend so maybe next weekend? I don’t play video games after 12-1pm usually. Occasionally I do log on late at night but it’s not my preferred time of gaming.

Also let’s change the bet to a cash bet. Let’s say $250 each? Xurnt can hold onto it and stream the games.

Definitely sounded like you asked for a $250 cash bet involved. It's a fun idea. Let's do it.

The General section of the forum I mainly troll in.

You brought up the 1v1 series and made a thread here in the main section. I have no interest in winning any money from you. And I care even less about proving who is better at war2.

If we do this it would be for the purpose of promoting the server.
$250 is not a lot for me personally. If it’s too much for you I don’t have an issue with lowering the wager to something more manageable for you personally.
Server.War2.ru / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 10:01:43 AM »

What makes anyone else's mouth more big and flappy than yours? You're a bit of a "keyboard warrior" yourself, eh?
Server.War2.ru / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« Last post by BabyShark on Today at 10:00:20 AM »
Tora statistically speaking has better chances to win the GoW match

Where do you get this?

I looked up ladder record on all his akas I can recall and our record on GOW is

Tora 2
BabyShark 3
Server.War2.ru / Re: What do i need for a LAN party
« Last post by Igognito on Today at 09:37:00 AM »
You can also set up an ipx/spx protocol.
I find that easier than setting up a server.
It has some hindrances though, for example you will be able to alter game speed in game :-D like the old good times :-D

Server.War2.ru / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« Last post by Igognito on Today at 09:29:01 AM »
That would be a fun match up!
Especially, on a map variety.
Tora statistically speaking has better chances to win the GoW match, but on other maps the story will be different!

I also feel that it is unfair to put money and have no reward back. But I also think that the winner donating part of the money makes sense.
Thus I suggest a that 80% of the amount goes to winner 20% to the server. (The amount you can agree upon)
I wouldn't wage 250$ on a game even if I knew I would win...
I would 50$ (or 50€) that would be my top limit.

So with 50$ it would be 80$ for the winner 20$ for the server! fair enough I think ;-)

Tora, at least use warvid to record the game so that later we can make a commentary from your pov if we want.

I'm rusty as I haven't played for a some time now and certainly not seriously, but if you want to organize mid level 1v1 challenges I would be game :-D

Rules KOTH, bo7, we start with GoW EF High, each players suggest 5 different than GoW maps and settings for each to form a GoW EF High + 10map/setting pool
If two suggested maps are the same then both players have to choose another map :-D

I would wage 10$ for each challenge with 80% to the winner 20% to the server.
If we do 8 challenges that would be a total of 32$ to the server.

That could be an interesting challenge tournament that would actually collect money for the server without hurting our pockets severely!
Australian version of this story:

Dickhead Gets a Broken Nose.

Some dickhead tried to carjack some people in a carpark yesterday.

Fred Smith, 65 relates, "Me and the wife were just leaving the carpark when this dickhead comes up and yells 'give me the car', so I wound up the window. I think he hurt his hand trying to punch the glass".

Bystanders say that the 44yo dickhead tried this a couple of times before one driver got out and gave him a good flogging.

When interviewed the next day the dickhead stated, "I think someone must have laced my weed with PCP or something. I have no idea what happened, but they told me I just went bat-shit crazy. I'm glad there weren't any guns around - someone could have got seriously hurt".

From that story it sounds like he did the right thing, however I don't actually remember the part of the Good Samaritan story where he pulled out his gun and shot anyone. Didn't the Samaritan help the wounded man after the violent robbers had left?

Not sure how JC would feel about the gun lobby corrupting his story like that. Perhaps Lone Ranger would be a better metaphor.
Server.War2.ru / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« Last post by XuRnT on Today at 05:55:56 AM »
BabyShark was getting really good at 1vs1 last time we played. I bet Tora has too. Would be fun to watch.. Especially if @Cel shows up for the party.

@Nedro would be cool but I'm not the one who can make that happen.
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