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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: Best forum feature ever...
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:22:01 AM »
Yeah, have some temporary accomodation. It's not great, but at least I can set up my puter. Only cell internet though, so it's a bit laggy sometimes. I'll mess around with it and see if I can get it working faster.

glad you like the new lambicon :D

Yeah! :critter: Too cool   :)

2) Server.War2.ru / Re: Braviet first player to 20,000 wins
« on: April 21, 2017, 06:53:41 AM »
Yeah but ch0ppy was way faster getting to 20k losses  ;)

3) Server.War2.ru / Best forum feature ever...
« on: April 21, 2017, 06:51:28 AM »
:critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter: :critter:


       It's a lambicon!      :)

.... or is that an emotilamb?  ;D

     w/e lol.... that is quite seriously the highlight of 2017 for me.

Fully  AWESOME        :critter:  :)

4) Mods & Development / Re: A collaborative PUD editor.
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:50:59 AM »
Hi peeps  :)

I'm not much help right now as I only have my phone - no puter  :'(  Hopefully I will get that sorted out before too long.
If you're interested I'd recommend reading the latest README and source comments more than reading this post.

... and the PUD file format i attached a couple of replies back

5) Mods & Development / Re: Nerd's Corner
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:39:56 AM »
Nice edit to the tutorial. It's almost a sprite editors  if you could load up a bmp with say 60 frames or scroll on it. Really good

Yeah I'd like to do a GRP editor, but that will have to wait for now. Living in my car - nowhere to plug in my computer.... :(

6) Forum Affairs / Re: Is Ryu still banned?
« on: March 27, 2017, 03:40:04 AM »
I wonder what happened to dellam. I actually miss that attention seeking whore.

Can't agree there

7) Mods & Development / Re: Remove unit limit map editor
« on: March 24, 2017, 02:45:28 AM »

Forgot about this thread....

I only hope the unit cap limit is not hard coded like 64x64 - 128x128 (map size limit).

I'm pretty sure it will be - but that's OK because its likely it will only be one instruction, so if we find that its just 1 change.... For map size there will be a whole pile of checks, calculations and arrays all over the place. Unit cap is just.... Too many units? no training for you then....

8) Server.War2.ru / Re: DKPuzzle Solution Video
« on: March 24, 2017, 02:23:34 AM »
Just typed WarVideo.zip into an ftp indexer for lolz and it came back with this ;D


( yeah that's just the warvid program from the download page )

.... Made me lol though

9) Server.War2.ru / Re: DKPuzzle Solution Video
« on: March 24, 2017, 02:05:16 AM »
Winchester - Yes, that footman part was probably the hardest part of the map to figure out and execute.

Yeah very tricksy indeed, but just before that a peasant kills a gt (with spell help) then gets past 4 knights and a footie in a 2 unit wide corridor, then outright pwns an archer ..... all with 1hp left. That's some hell crazy rain-man schtick ;D

10) Mods & Development / Re: Nerd's Corner
« on: March 23, 2017, 02:33:25 PM »
that works great, ty! c:

NP :)

... and for those who are into such things, I've just done a big update to my

                Palette Editor (v1.0.2).

11) Server.War2.ru / Re: How open are you guys to an expansion/patch?
« on: March 23, 2017, 03:25:01 AM »
Lambchop suggested to just extend the .pud file...

Yeah I'm pretty sure this would work well, its probably going to be the next thing I do. Right now I'm just finishing off an update to my ppl editor and getting evicted.

12) Mods & Development / Re: Nerd's Corner
« on: March 23, 2017, 02:59:41 AM »
"GdipSaveImageToFile returned InvalidParameter"

Oh, BTW:

Given this error, there's a fair chance that the JPG save might work, even if the PNG doesn't.

If you want to try, just put the attached .BAT file in the same folder as WC2FullSSc.exe and double click on it.

13) Mods & Development / Re: Tupac & easycompanys WarCraft 2 Map Editor
« on: March 21, 2017, 05:17:17 PM »
:o not seen lamb lately....hope he is ok

IDK about 'ok', but I'm going down fighting at least ;D

14) Mods & Development / Re: Nerd's Corner
« on: March 21, 2017, 05:08:46 PM »
ok done! I think it's perfect this time? *tentatively hopeful*

Yay! :) Thanks so much for all your help. You're awesome  :fro:

Yes, at least it's ending up with a correct image. I'm glad the re-checking thing worked cos I've got no way of testing it at the moment. One of these days I'll get my Win7 machine set up again and check it all out.

and now I know where to start looking with the GDI+ thing -->

       "GdipSaveImageToFile returned InvalidParameter"

Hardly the world's most helpful error code, pretty much means "I didn't like one of the numbers", but it's a start. If it would fail on my computer it'd be easy to fix, but no such luck lol.

15) Mods & Development / Re: Nerd's Corner
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:39:44 AM »
lamb your back! :-*
Hehe :) ya I'm around, just stupid RL cramping my style a bit.

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