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1) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: Today at 02:46:18 AM »
Lambchops you write very angry lol. Do your veins pop out your head
while you type?

lol? Logical argument = anger?? You wish. It was you who resorted to name-calling because you had no valid reply. Weak. Very disappointing.

2) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: Today at 01:37:48 AM »
Currently, each entry only changes one address (its just an alpha), however I will add the option for multiple changes to the "SELECT" input method for the next release. Good point and not hard to add.

... what I mean by this is... so for example we can change the spell to lust AND the icon to the lust portrait AND the hotkey to 'B' all at once.

3) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: Today at 01:34:24 AM »
ok lamb  ;D  any way to hide the value box? im just doing some spell test like ...ex Heal2Lust checked it replaces so users wont crash with bad spells...got my own little spell tab this is great !!!

well it can stay open no biggie..so users least see what its writing.

we'll ok to work some spells, there is 2 value spots so i had to do a 1 and a 2..

well tried to bypass with the text and sz :P most values in the exe has  3 parts 00 00 00

but still good enuff.

hehe, just tried out the heal2lust thing - cool :)


For slow, you are witing 2 values to consecutive bytes
49615C and 49615D .... so what you are actually doing
is writing a WORD (2 byte) value at 49615C, so you want
to change it to "output=2".



You can see here that I have limited the allowed value to only that correct value, to avoid mistakes....

But as you do not need to enter a range of values, it would be better as input="SELECT". Try this:

[Change Heal to:]

Actually, doing that I've just noticed that the combo-box for selection isn't displaying properly - you can still use the little "up/down" arrows to make it work though.... I'll get that fixed.

4) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: Today at 12:18:42 AM »
^^Example of an intolerant evolutionist.
Please don't start name-calling. I am neither intolerant nor an "evolutionist".

However implausable I find your beliefs, my response as demonstrated by this thread is to provide information and logical argument, with a minimum of opinion.

You stared a thread about evolution, clearly with the direct intention of arguing against it. You did not start a thread about your own beliefs and attempt to explain why they are true. Your entire premise was one of negativity towards thinking that contradicts your beliefs.

If I created a thread called "Creationism" then posted "Now I ask you please give me an example of observable evidence of creationism", then continued to refute and LOL at any replies - that might be considered antisocial, perhaps even intolerant, but in this instance you have invited comment and I would invite you to read actually consider what I have written before you decide to start name-calling, and then even if you still think it's a good idea, to refrain from it.

Furthermore I would like to point out that "evolutionist" is a propoganda term invented by religious extremists in an attempt to project the image that views contradictory to their doctrine belong to a small sub-set of the community, when in fact the reverse is true. i.e. Christians are a minority sub-set of humans, and fundementalist Christians are a minority sub-set of Christians.

If you want to quote extremist propoganda in general discussion that is your choice, but please don't direct it personally towards me.

@Lambchops I'm willing to bet you've never traveled outside of the  Australia/American/Euro zone.

(a) incorrect
(b) irellivant

The more you travel the more beliefs you will come across.

People in every country on earth understand science and logic .... it's the norm. That is why science works, because it is all about truth. Anybody from any culture can propose anything as long as they have the evidence to back it up, and anybody can provide logical argument and evidence to either support or refute it. It is understood and participated in all over the world. What world do you live in?


Take, for example, string theory. There are a lot of people who think it is correct, however it is not proven AND there are also a lot of other valid theories out there (see HERE for example).

There are no genuine alternative theories to evolution and nobody even presenting alternatives. People have been conducting research based on it for many years, and nobody has said, "uh... I think this research is based on a flawed premise". There is only people who just don't WANT to believe it.

The massive evidence for evolution has been presented, discussed and accepted by the community. That's a done deal, and plain common-sense I might add. If you don't like someone else's explaination you have to come up with evidence to refute it, and preferably also a counter-proposal. You have neither of these things because they don't exist.

Name-calling won't help your case. You have no case.

5) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 23, 2017, 04:12:48 AM »
You cannot breed one species into an entirely new species.
Could humans and all organisms have evolved from one another over millions of years, in short yes.

These two contradictory statements show that you don't even understand it... and no, using the word "breed" does not change anything. External selection only speeds up the process.

Religious extremism is a curse on this planet. If I started a thread saying that all women should keep their heads covered, not be allowed to drive or vote or be educated, and that if any schools taught girls we should send suicide bombers into them, then continued to refute any opinion to the contrary - but then said, "Oh but I didn't mention religion", I don't think anyone would be fooled.

In the same way I have never met or even heard of anyone who trys to cast doubt on evolution who isn't a religious extremist. Yes, that is an extremist belief, not a mainstream one, albeit the thin end of the wedge. You are probably more comfortable with the term "fundamentalist" .... tomato-tomato.
To be honest I'd respect you more if you stood up for your beliefs, instead of this pseudo fence-sitting, it's a bit weak really.... that's just my opinion - but hey, this is "General Discussion" after all.  ;)

6) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:53:51 PM »
Tell me how is it that in a few thousand years we have bred both rotweillers and toy poodles from wolves

You can breed different species of dogs. However you cannot breed an entirely new species. Saying that "we bred one dog into a new dog," isn't proof. You can't prove something that isn't observable. You cannot breed one species into an entirely new species.

The definition of a 'species' is a subjective human construct. It is childish to assume that two things are the same because we use the same english word to describe them. Is a rat the same as a mouse? How about a rabbit? or a squirrel?

As we have established that DNA changes and therefore the organisms that is constructs changes, you can't just declare some change to be "out of bounds" because of some imaginary line the divides one creature from another.

Its an aweful coincidence that so many creatures have 2 eyes, one mouth, and a nose in the middle don't you think? How amazing that the poodle, the rotweiller and myself all share this same configuration.... and come to think of it we all have 2 ears and a brain in a skull, and a spine and 4 limbs that are similarly jointed .... and nipples! Wow. What are the odds?

... and BTW If GOD created us in his image why would he make a monkey - which would surely just be a mockery of his own image?

I must say evolutionists defend their beliefs with the same zeal as christians do their beliefs lol.

Yes, my friend. I believe that you are one of the more valuable, and indeed intelligent members of our community.

If your friends convinced you that you could fly, I would do my best to talk you out of stepping off a cliff. However if I failed, the reality of the fall would require no defence and would also further demonstrate that which Mr.Darwin so eloquently described for us.

      You could refuse to believe it the whole way down, but Darwin would still be right in the end. ;)

7) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:09:13 PM »
all this has to do is spell swap

please explain? is there something that you need to change that you can't change?

ahh it needs to be online?

The internals locations for many things are different for multiplayer/siingle player games.
Some are the same, however if you are looking for multiplayer mods there's not much point testing in single player mode as they might not work.

8) Server.War2.ru / Re: Van has been banned until further notice
« on: May 22, 2017, 04:00:28 AM »
Van posted some negative content on a war2 member's Facebook page earlier today. He is currently refusing to delete said negative content. He is banned until further notice.

IDK Van, but if that is the case I fully support this. This is a game. People's friends, parents and children see things on social media. You do NOT attack people's families with the rubbish that gets said on gaming servers. Period.

9) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:33:34 AM »
You keep bringing up religion lol. Where did I post anything about religion?

I didn't suggest that you brought it up. I am also happy to admit that I simply assumed that religion was behind your opinions.

I am happy to admit this because I am not afraid of the truth - denial is for the weak-minded.

I assumed (and still do assume) that is the case, for the rather simple reason that I have never in my life heard of anyone suffering from that particular brand of denial who wasn't doing it based on a combination of religion, peer group pressure and ignorance. The rest of the world doesn't bother denying such obvious stuff.

.... you can't prove humans evolved from a monkey or whatever. .... There is no observable evidence of any species turning from one kind into another. Like a cat turning into a dog etc.

This is the ignorance bit. Please try to understand something before you parrot someone else's opinions about it.

Humans did not evolve from monkeys.
Cats do not turn into dogs.

Evolution has been proved, because the mechanism has been proved. It does not take millions of years to prove that:

   a) DNA replication occasionally suffers from random flaws.
   b) Changes in DNA will affect the physiology of the organism that it produces.
   c) Organisms who's physiology is better suited to their environment will be more successfull at replicating their DNA

That's really all you need to prove, everything else is just a logical extension of those FACTS. Just as I dont have to actually throw myself into the sun to prove I will be burnt, just knowing it's hot, and that hot things will burn me is sufficiant.

Do you believe that the sun exists? How do you know it's not a big light bulb hanging from the sky? If its really a huge ball of burning plasma then you can never get near it without being vaporised... does this mean we can't prove it? Are you sure Australia exists? Have you ever been there? Why dont you deny the existance of the sun? ..... Answer: because the MAN you listen to didn't tell you that you had to deny that. So very sad  :-\  My friend I have more proof that evolution is real, than I have proof that YOU are real.

Last attempt at intelligent discussion:
Tell me how is it that in a few thousand years we have bred both rotweillers and toy poodles from wolves?... or don't you believe in dog breeding either? Sure humans have sped up the process a bit by selecting breeding partners, but exactly how did the DNA of a wolf turn into the DNA of a toy poodle? GOD was bored that day? or did Noah have a pair of toy poodles that he fed on peanut-butter? Why does the flu virus constantly mutate. How did the bird-flu epidemic happen?

Do you know what DNA is? Do you believe it exists? If not for evolution why and how does it exist? If you don't believe in it, do you still cheer when they execute a mass-murderer who was convicted based on DNA evidence? Why do I have nipples? Why do you believe the word of GOD comes out of the mouths of ignorant men when it is so clearly all around us, and beautiful to behold?

  ... now go look that stuff up in "the denial handbook" and post what it says. ;) Peace out homie.

10) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 22, 2017, 01:41:07 AM »
but if yall wanted to make a stand alone exe part it wouldnt be as big as the pud editors,just not a whole lot of usefullness stuff as the pud afaik

Oh... now I see what you're saying....

Good news, mate  :)

That is the point of LiveMod. The editor can add a new section to a PUD file. The new section lists all the mods for that map. So then when you play the map, the LiveMod.exe automatically mods the Warcraft II EXE in memory, while it is running. Then when you leave that game it reverses the mods and puts the EXE back to normal.   :critter:

Of course all the players must be running LiveMod.exe so they all get the same mods, otherwise people will desync and drop.

So instead of having to distribute a modified EXE file, people just have to download LiveMod once, and then modders can configure the editor for whatever mods they can come up with, and map-makers can add whatever mods they want to each PUD file so then it all happens automatically...  :fro:

11) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 21, 2017, 11:08:27 PM »
Well for example not actual values!

[Death and Decay]
tab="dnd spell"

1. So to replace death and decay with blizzard I would need to input 2 addresses and 2 values.

Currently, each entry only changes one address (its just an alpha), however I will add the option for multiple changes to the "SELECT" input method for the next release. Good point and not hard to add.

I notice you have the same address twice there - I'm assuming thats just for this made up example and they would normally be different (in fact I just re-read and you said that), anyway for multiple options for what to write at a single address the look at the "SELECT" input type on the example tab.

2. Also should be a comment section where we can add lists of addresses & values.
You mean in the ini file itself? or included in the mods section that is written to the pud? ... both worthwhile ideas.

Certianly I have been planning to use the semicolon [;] as a comment delimiter to allow comments in the ini file, but just havn't got around to it yet - currently any text that is not part of a valid definition will cause an error.

It would also be good to have 2 text sections available to be saved with the PUD:
 - Comments for other modders and interested people that would appear on the LiveMod console log
 - An intro message that would be displayed on the screen for all players at the start of the game that would explain a bit about the particular map/mods

3. I see the format is in decimal, can we use Hex? That would be great and save time from converting all current research.

Of course :)
change "input=DECIMAL" to "input=HEX"
That sort of stuff is all up to you.
Have a look at the entries for the "example" tab in the ini file

There is also a "scale=" option where you can set a multiplier to be applied to the input value before it is saved, for cases like the gold amount in mines that is written to PUD files. I dont know if we will need this but it's there.
   with "scale=3" inputing 10 in the editor would save a value of 30 for the mod
   or "scale=0.5" inputing 88 in the editor would save a value of 44 for the mod etc....

Here's the basic outline of the format so far:

tab     = (tab title)
limit   = min,max
scale   = (multiplier)
select  = "item",(value)
output  = 1|2|4|Sz|USz
address = (write address)
default = (initial contents)
checked = (BOOL: initially active)

It still needs documenting properly.

"output" types are

Obviously "select" items only work with input type "SELECT" .... the "item" part is what will appear in the editor combo-box, then after the comma is the value will be written if that item is selected.

output to "Sz" (ANSII string) or USz (UNICODE string) requires "TEXT" input.

4. Is there a reason the range is from 0 to 250 instead of 255?

Nope. That's just what I typed in when I was quickly making a test ini file. If the acceptable range is 0-255 or 1-255 or whatever then it should be changed to that. I'm hoping that our awesome modding community will help work out things like that :D

5. Now the hardest part. For example what if I would want a address to be triggered apoun certain conditions? So I have an address that changes the icons for units so a peon could have a mage icons(attack, move, blizz, fireball, etc.) The current set up would force all units and buildings to have those icons. So if we could add some mini scripting this would be pure ownage.
There is a string value in a memory location that changes to peon, mage, barracks when you click on them in game. We could then use that!
My psudocode idea
If selected = peon then
Call icons
End else
Call defaults

Something like that would be amazing! Think of all the possibilities. You could add the scores of each player in game and reward them with onscreen, or whatever the possibilities are endless.

Yes, scripting like this would be very cool, and it is ultimately possible, however that's a whole extra layer on top of what will be the first release. Might add this for version 2 if I get time... never know, see how we go.

It would not be cheat proof because a person could edit the ini.... but if you networked the exe and said everyone has to use the hosts ini file boom!

.... the .ini file is only to configure the editor. The editor writes the mods to the PUD file and it is the mods in the PUD file that are applied to the game, so when you play the map everybody has the same mods (from the PUD) and the .ini file has nothing to do with it.

yall nerds 

Hehe - yes indeed  ;D

my mouse icon better not turnto a  :critter:  >:(

OMG! :D That is a FREAKIN AWESOME idea! Ima do it!!

ok ruffed them all to this one value im just guessing shit right now.....heal does heal lol lust works also haste does to on canon towers guard..should of released this first :/

95f70-95fc0 =70 22 44  "on for buildings?"

but great got this little part out of the way and what it kinda is ...spell affects which type units.

Sonds cool. Not exactly sure what you are saying here, but I suspect "95f70" etc. are file offsets, so you will have to convert them to process addresses.

    --> Fortunately for most of the WC2 exe this is very easy - you just put a "4" in front of it .... i.e. 0x00495F70. This is because the image base is 0x00400000 most sections have the same value for "VirtualAddress" and "PointerToRawData" in the IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER structures. The exception is stuff in the .rsrc section .... but I can help with that later if need be.

12) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:53:37 PM »
I see, can you add delimiters for example to edit a spell you need two memory locations and two values. So I can prevent having a massive .ini file

That sort of thing shouldn't be too hard to add, if you give me an example of exactly what you want.

Edit: So the sided values everyone would need the same .ini file? For onscreen I could technically add that and only I would receive it.. Don't try it people it's detected with antihack. (I think this is awesome)

If not already is the ini file locked to a map or all maps?

The ini file just configures the editor.

The editor adds the mods to the PUD file.

When the game is played, the mods are loaded from the PUD file so they are the same for all players.

As the game has always been, if one player has different mods they will drop from the game - all players must use the same map.


EDIT: So just to clarify - To play a modded PUD all you need to do is run the LiveMod program. You don't need to ever look at the editor so you don't need any ini file at all.

13) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:41:18 PM »

Ultimately you can't prove something this is only testable over millions of years.
Theory doesn't = proof.

Not without the capacity to think, anyway.

Spare me the trite quotes from the deniers handbook. If you're not interested in having a discussion, don't ask questions on a discussion board.

As science already has about 1000000 runs on the board, I think the burden of proof definately rests with the "Adam and Eve" camp. Prove that ;D ROTF

14) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:20:35 PM »
Maybe I can send the info and code of my project and you can add into yours?

You can add it yourself, thats the point. Put the details of what you want to change in the .ini file

I assume those are false positives.

LOL Havn't looked at it, but only 10 is nice  ;D  I'm guessing THIS post will still be relevant.

15) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 21, 2017, 02:07:06 PM »

 :critter:  Here's an alpha test.

I made a simple PUD for a tester, but you can use the built in editor to make your own.

Have a look at the .ini file and you can probably work out how to configure the editor for other mods - I havn't written any docs yet...

To test the map, all players must have LiveMod.exe running and active.
(click the lamb icon to activate it).

Still pleanty of work to do, but using this method we should be able to do lots of cool stuff, like embed GRPs in the PUD files so the graphics will change for that game etc...  :fro:

Check it out.

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