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1) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 29, 2017, 01:28:24 AM »
Humans did not evolve from monkeys.
Cats do not turn into dogs.

Evolution has been proved, because the mechanism has been proved. It does not take millions of years to prove that:

   a) DNA replication occasionally suffers from random flaws.
   b) Changes in DNA will affect the physiology of the organism that it produces.
   c) Organisms who's physiology is better suited to their environment will be more successfull at replicating their DNA

That's really all you need to prove, everything else is just a logical extension of those FACTS. Just as I dont have to actually throw myself into the sun to prove I will be burnt, just knowing it's hot, and that hot things will burn me is sufficiant.

2) General Discussion / Re: 'Murica thread
« on: May 27, 2017, 06:52:28 AM »
:critter: These guys are awesome too:

Trump: ‘I Am A Very Stupid Human Being’
The Onion - NEWS IN BRIEF - 5.16.17

WASHINGTON—Responding to a damning Washington Post report alleging he had shared highly classified information with Russian officials, President Donald Trump addressed the concerns of the press, his fellow government officials, and the public at large Tuesday by announcing that he was an incredibly stupid human being.

“I am a big idiot,” said the president, adding that the reason he always messes everything up is that he is a dumb moron who doesn’t know better. “I do a lot of things that don’t make sense and are bad, and that’s because I don’t understand much. If I was smart, I would do stuff better, but I’m not. I’m really, really stupid.”

The commander in chief added that it was probably best if somebody stopped him from doing dumb things all the time because he was too stupid to know how.

3) General Discussion / Re: 'Murica thread
« on: May 27, 2017, 06:43:37 AM »
Romney demands Trump release tax info, dick pics
StubhillNews / May 25, 2017

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has doubled down on his demands that former comedian Donald Trump release tax documents, while adding a new demand that Trump verify the suggested size of his genitalia.

“I released pictures of my member at the onset of every election I’ve ever participated in,” said Romney. “American voters have a right to know, and if Trump has nothing to be ashamed of, then he should divulge this information immediately.”

The Trump campaign responded by insisting that he would like to provide pictures, but legal restrictions due to an IRS audit are preventing him from doing so.

Romney quickly took to Twitter to reiterate his demands for transparency.


Thanks @marx was right for posting from StubhillNews, I've never found them before.

4) General Discussion / Re: 'Murica thread
« on: May 27, 2017, 05:41:51 AM »
"My problem with the wall isn't it being a giant fuck off racist wall, it's that it's too expensive.  We could use that money on law enforcement or CIA escapades, and I believe $21.6b is over double $15b."

Yeah it's patently a stupid idea that will never happen because the logistics are just too untennable. Unfortunately that won't stop crooked politicians paying their friends and family members billions while they pretend they're going to do it. That being said, I'm pretty sure 2 x 15 = 30.

5) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 27, 2017, 05:15:21 AM »
The LiveMod alpha test is available HERE, there isn't much in the way of documentation yet, but an idea of what it does and how can be gained from reading this thread.

Can you please upload source code of this, youre doing in c or asm??

It's done with both. The dll is compiled from ASM source, the exe is compiled from C source... and of course the C source also has embedded ASM in it.

No, sorry I will not be releasing the source code because that would be a security risk. The aim is to have everyone running the program so that people can make and host fun modded maps and anyone can join.

If I were to release the source there is a possibility that someone could reverse engineer the security I have put in place and use it to release malware from a PUD file.

To be honest, beyond the editor/configuration etc. and the security itself there really isn't anything very interesting there, it's just a standardised framework for writing mods to the WC2 process. The mechaics of modifying an active process aren't terribly difficult - you can probably find examples on Stack Overflow or the like.

The point is you can't really do that because unless everyone has the same mods it won't work. That's what this program is for, it means everyone gets the same mods at the start of the game.

As for the actual mods themselves, there is none of that in the source code. Any mods will be in the editor config (.ini) file. I'm hoping that people will share their modding research and we will end up with a comprehensive .ini file that has lots of cool new things that can be added to PUD files.  8)


6) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 27, 2017, 04:42:44 AM »
^^In truth haven't really read most of your works. Too much bold and italics.

Ahh that explains a lot... so font changes means someone is angry in your world? Carefull there - you don't want to fall off the edge of it ;D

Do you mind me asking how exactly you were intending to receive this "example of observable evidence" without reading the replies? .....were you waiting for a burning bush with a youtube link attached to it perhaps? ;)

7) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 26, 2017, 06:12:02 AM »
make a ums,it has a time limit 5 mins and do a use map settings in bnet,its not for single player yet. even though that would be cool for campaign people!

yes click the lamb to activate.
yes both people has to have it or will drop one.

"I tried it today on melee with custom gow map"-it will work any settings the time limit may have got you like it was doing me. activate it when u got ur magic units

Yeah that is fine for testing, although when its actually being used everyone should activate it before entering the game.

For testing I just use a custom map where you start with a fort etc. on "use map settings" -- just make a map with 1 computer(active) controler and 1 human..... its handy to just give the comp 1 peon surrounded by walls, you can bust him out if you want to let them build.

Th 5 minute limit is just because it's an alpha test. In case we discovered some nasty issue when testing it that needs to be fixed - that will stop people from using the test version later in real games. When I release a stable, tested version there will be no time limit.

... and yeah when it's "Active" its monitoring the WC2 process for modded games and will apply the mods when the game starts. When it's not active its just a launcher for the editor/about with a console log and pretty pictures.

 As EC says, all players would definately have to be running it or they will drop. It may be that some mods will still cause drops, IDK. We have to test it.

At the moment my circumstances aren't ideal, I have limited computer time/internet time, so I would appreciate it if 2 or more people can test it in a multiplayer game.

BTW: If you make a player vs. CPU version of "flame wars" the comp totally pwns... it smashes out fireballs with 2 mages at once!

8) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 25, 2017, 01:46:16 AM »
:critter: So has anybody tried running this with 2+ people in a server game?
:critter: It should work, but AFAIK it hasn't actually been tested yet.

9) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 25, 2017, 01:40:06 AM »
Hey guys, can you make heal increase the max hp of a unit?
This way, heal would be a perfect before battle spell!
It could become OP but if you can make it to do only double original HP then it should be fine :-D

Those things would require modding the code, not just the data sections. LiveMod is restricted from writing to executable sections. This is necessary to safeguard against people using it to inject malware.

They are cool ideas though. There is a facility built in for safe, tested code mods to be given an encrypted exception, so if anyone works out this, or other fun code mods they can eventually be included in pud files also.
Tell me when I can test some of your stuff :-D and what I need to do?

The LiveMod alpha test is available HERE, there isn't much in the way of documentation yet, but an idea of what it does and how can be gained from reading this thread.

Its a format to allow non-standard mods to be added to PUD files. As for the individual mods, they are up to the community to work out. I've included examples for setting the MP costs for spells, and EC has posted stuff for giving paladins lust or heal also.

Hopefully as this matures we will be able to colaborate on an extensive .ini file that has lots of cool mods that people can add to PUDs.

Is it possible to do .5 or does this become op?

It is not possible to have fractional MP costs for spells the value is stored as an integer, however I think it would be unnecessary as I really can't see anyone re-casting heal faster than they recover 1 MP anyway - well not without hacks...
this could be a minor but permanent change into the next war2combat file.

War2ce releases are not up to me, however I would be very surprised to see (and would strongly argue against) any permenant changes to the game mechanics. As soon as that happens, war2.ru is no longer a Warcraft II server. As soon as someone used heal in a game with standard wc2 clients there would either be crashes, drops and/or splits.

That's the idea of what I'm trying to do with LiveMod, it allows people to play modded games if they want without throwing a massive spaner in the works for the standard WC2 game that we have all loved for the last 20 years.

10) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 24, 2017, 02:46:18 AM »
Lambchops you write very angry lol. Do your veins pop out your head
while you type?

lol? Logical argument = anger?? You wish. It was you who resorted to name-calling because you had no valid reply. Weak. Very disappointing.

11) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 24, 2017, 01:37:48 AM »
Currently, each entry only changes one address (its just an alpha), however I will add the option for multiple changes to the "SELECT" input method for the next release. Good point and not hard to add.

... what I mean by this is... so for example we can change the spell to lust AND the icon to the lust portrait AND the hotkey to 'B' all at once.

12) Mods & Development / Re: Easycompany
« on: May 24, 2017, 01:34:24 AM »
ok lamb  ;D  any way to hide the value box? im just doing some spell test like ...ex Heal2Lust checked it replaces so users wont crash with bad spells...got my own little spell tab this is great !!!

well it can stay open no biggie..so users least see what its writing.

we'll ok to work some spells, there is 2 value spots so i had to do a 1 and a 2..

well tried to bypass with the text and sz :P most values in the exe has  3 parts 00 00 00

but still good enuff.

hehe, just tried out the heal2lust thing - cool :)


For slow, you are witing 2 values to consecutive bytes
49615C and 49615D .... so what you are actually doing
is writing a WORD (2 byte) value at 49615C, so you want
to change it to "output=2".



You can see here that I have limited the allowed value to only that correct value, to avoid mistakes....

But as you do not need to enter a range of values, it would be better as input="SELECT". Try this:

[Change Heal to:]

Actually, doing that I've just noticed that the combo-box for selection isn't displaying properly - you can still use the little "up/down" arrows to make it work though.... I'll get that fixed.

13) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 24, 2017, 12:18:42 AM »
^^Example of an intolerant evolutionist.
Please don't start name-calling. I am neither intolerant nor an "evolutionist".

However implausable I find your beliefs, my response as demonstrated by this thread is to provide information and logical argument, with a minimum of opinion.

You stared a thread about evolution, clearly with the direct intention of arguing against it. You did not start a thread about your own beliefs and attempt to explain why they are true. Your entire premise was one of negativity towards thinking that contradicts your beliefs.

If I created a thread called "Creationism" then posted "Now I ask you please give me an example of observable evidence of creationism", then continued to refute and LOL at any replies - that might be considered antisocial, perhaps even intolerant, but in this instance you have invited comment and I would invite you to read actually consider what I have written before you decide to start name-calling, and then even if you still think it's a good idea, to refrain from it.

Furthermore I would like to point out that "evolutionist" is a propoganda term invented by religious extremists in an attempt to project the image that views contradictory to their doctrine belong to a small sub-set of the community, when in fact the reverse is true. i.e. Christians are a minority sub-set of humans, and fundementalist Christians are a minority sub-set of Christians.

If you want to quote extremist propoganda in general discussion that is your choice, but please don't direct it personally towards me.

@Lambchops I'm willing to bet you've never traveled outside of the  Australia/American/Euro zone.

(a) incorrect
(b) irellivant

The more you travel the more beliefs you will come across.

People in every country on earth understand science and logic .... it's the norm. That is why science works, because it is all about truth. Anybody from any culture can propose anything as long as they have the evidence to back it up, and anybody can provide logical argument and evidence to either support or refute it. It is understood and participated in all over the world. What world do you live in?


Take, for example, string theory. There are a lot of people who think it is correct, however it is not proven AND there are also a lot of other valid theories out there (see HERE for example).

There are no genuine alternative theories to evolution and nobody even presenting alternatives. People have been conducting research based on it for many years, and nobody has said, "uh... I think this research is based on a flawed premise". There is only people who just don't WANT to believe it.

The massive evidence for evolution has been presented, discussed and accepted by the community. That's a done deal, and plain common-sense I might add. If you don't like someone else's explaination you have to come up with evidence to refute it, and preferably also a counter-proposal. You have neither of these things because they don't exist.

Name-calling won't help your case. You have no case.

14) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 23, 2017, 04:12:48 AM »
You cannot breed one species into an entirely new species.
Could humans and all organisms have evolved from one another over millions of years, in short yes.

These two contradictory statements show that you don't even understand it... and no, using the word "breed" does not change anything. External selection only speeds up the process.

Religious extremism is a curse on this planet. If I started a thread saying that all women should keep their heads covered, not be allowed to drive or vote or be educated, and that if any schools taught girls we should send suicide bombers into them, then continued to refute any opinion to the contrary - but then said, "Oh but I didn't mention religion", I don't think anyone would be fooled.

In the same way I have never met or even heard of anyone who trys to cast doubt on evolution who isn't a religious extremist. Yes, that is an extremist belief, not a mainstream one, albeit the thin end of the wedge. You are probably more comfortable with the term "fundamentalist" .... tomato-tomato.
To be honest I'd respect you more if you stood up for your beliefs, instead of this pseudo fence-sitting, it's a bit weak really.... that's just my opinion - but hey, this is "General Discussion" after all.  ;)

15) General Discussion / Re: Theory of evolution
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:53:51 PM »
Tell me how is it that in a few thousand years we have bred both rotweillers and toy poodles from wolves

You can breed different species of dogs. However you cannot breed an entirely new species. Saying that "we bred one dog into a new dog," isn't proof. You can't prove something that isn't observable. You cannot breed one species into an entirely new species.

The definition of a 'species' is a subjective human construct. It is childish to assume that two things are the same because we use the same english word to describe them. Is a rat the same as a mouse? How about a rabbit? or a squirrel?

As we have established that DNA changes and therefore the organisms that is constructs changes, you can't just declare some change to be "out of bounds" because of some imaginary line the divides one creature from another.

Its an aweful coincidence that so many creatures have 2 eyes, one mouth, and a nose in the middle don't you think? How amazing that the poodle, the rotweiller and myself all share this same configuration.... and come to think of it we all have 2 ears and a brain in a skull, and a spine and 4 limbs that are similarly jointed .... and nipples! Wow. What are the odds?

... and BTW If GOD created us in his image why would he make a monkey - which would surely just be a mockery of his own image?

I must say evolutionists defend their beliefs with the same zeal as christians do their beliefs lol.

Yes, my friend. I believe that you are one of the more valuable, and indeed intelligent members of our community.

If your friends convinced you that you could fly, I would do my best to talk you out of stepping off a cliff. However if I failed, the reality of the fall would require no defence and would also further demonstrate that which Mr.Darwin so eloquently described for us.

      You could refuse to believe it the whole way down, but Darwin would still be right in the end. ;)

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