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Monday Moonlight Madness Ultimate Newb + Pro Team Face Off on Fresh Assorted Maps!!

WHEN: Monday, June 4th, 2018 at 10 pm EDT

WHO: Newb + Pro team (or two mid-range players)
          Maximum ELO per team: 2900
          Minimum x wins per player at /stats x-y-z: x=100

MAP SELECTION: Each individual **pre-registered** team may choose two maps per team or one per player from the maps listed below to add to the Monday Moonlight Madness Map Pool of maps that will be played on June 4th. Picking the same map as other players IS allowed, and the map will increase in frequency in the map pool, ie. it will be added into the generator twice or however many times it is picked.

Mr. Bean

Pirate's Lagoon


Ocean Bloom

Party at Midnight

16 x 9



Hey Stop That!

A Diamond in the Rough

Agent's Traps

Lost Paradise

Arena of Annihilation

Combat Zone

Buccaneer Bay

Highway to Hell

Violent Voyage

Dangerous Territory

Secret Operation

Woodland Warlords

Not yet pictured:

Abyssal Waters
Frozen Den
Arctic Flower

A few more maps will be included in this list and pics will be added in the near future.

Newb BS + Pro Buddy Team was originally going to challenge one other team for a little fun competition, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to participate.

*Pre-registration is required: Deadline to register June 3 11:59 pm*

The exact format of the competition can only be decided once I know how many participants we will have. If you're interested, the sooner you express interest, the better I can plan this out.

I anticipate Round Robin style with each team playing each other team, if we have 4 teams or less, each team would play each team twice. If 5+ teams, each team would play each other team once. I'm thinking the map selection will be randomized using a generator (ie. the order of play and which match gets assigned which map out of the ones that have been selected by contestants). I need to have all the matches set up ahead of time so that is why preregistration is required.

If this ends up being between my team and another team, I still think that would be great fun. But especially since Thumb$ complained and others have expressed interest, I wanted to open it to more players.

Team 1: HumanPeasant and BabyShark
Human Peasant picks Party at Midnight
BabyShark picks Mr. Bean

Team 2:

*Insight Replays required for all matches.

Let me know if you have any questions.

More details to come.
Would be cool to see some 2s tourneys :)
I've had 2 but they only got 8 so was two rounds. I should definitely try to have one.
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on April 25, 2018, 11:01:07 PM »
Woodland Warlords

I posted Bremer's maps alphabetically, knowing my favorite would be saved for last. Woodland Warlords offers a dynamic realm in which to put your W2 skills to the test. This has been and will probably continue to be my most frequently hosted Bremer map.

Mr. Bean is going to have to share the spotlight with this up and coming future community favorite!

This map has that special something going for it, that magic something that you can't quite put into words.

You step onto the map and you know you're where you belong.
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on April 25, 2018, 10:53:30 PM »
Violent Voyage

Just when I think there can't possibly be a new map concept I haven't already seen, another brand new creation appears to galvanize me and renew my enthusiasm for W2.

The first game on this map was a nice long, action packed flurry of push-pull between two teams of 4 that had everyone on tenterhooks, not knowing til the very end who would grace the victor's seat. It featured everything, juggs, subs, drags, zeps, saps, destroyers, mages, dks, ogres, knights, offensive towers...just one mad mess and a ton of fun!

I think 4s random starts (naturally) is the perfect setting for this map.
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on April 25, 2018, 10:47:38 PM »
Secret Operation

Bremer said of this one that the expansions have more gold the harder they are to defend. Having the middle exps so exposed is an interesting concept. This is another one of those in the well respected family of AYN/POS and cousins, although it is a fresh creation from scratch.

I find these maps are highly playable and easily taken to by first time players, as the navigation is simple and the concepts are internalized intuitively not needing comprehensive explanation of the maps.

This map forces you to be more open and exposed, as walling isn't accomplished with supreme ease almost anywhere, with some shallow bases and non-construction-friendly dirt paths throughout the middle and extending into the bases.

I genuinely look forward to my next game on this map! If Bremer didn't make so many maps I find awesome, it would be an easy choice to play this one. But Woodland Warlords gently nudged its way into my #1 favorite Bremer map spot!
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on April 25, 2018, 10:34:57 PM »
Paradise Lost

This one actually is not brand new like the others, and has been featured elsewhere on the forum (ie. Igog's posts) previously, but I want to include it in Bremer's Collection for easy reference. This one I played for the first time maybe a year or so ago, and enjoyed the games on it. It reminds me somewhat of Isolation in a few ways, but is also very different in feel and gameplay in spite of having a middle island and side islands like Iso does. I personally would consider making a slight adjustment to this map to give the middle a bit more to fight over by having 2 mines on each side of the middle instead of one, and a semi-barrier of trees with holes between those two, although that's just one newb's idea and I really have very limited map making experience and the maps I make tend to be garbage lol.

Maybe even make it so the islands on left and right sides can be halled from both above and below, instead of just on one spot. Since there are limited expansions, it seems like the first one to get the expansion is going to be ahead and someone else who was involved in a fierce neighbor battle for instance, has no chance to get gold if they are already claimed and towered. A little more opportunity to fight for expansions I think would make this map even better than it already is.
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on April 25, 2018, 10:22:18 PM »
Highway to Hell

I think this might be my 2nd favorite of the Bremer Collection after Woodland Warlords.

Wallable bases, not too hard to maneuver units around, and I like the cozy middle.
General Discussion / Re: Is communism good or bad?
« Last post by CumSavorer4385 on April 25, 2018, 08:25:59 PM »
Mods & Development / Re: How do i can change the mission objetives?
« Last post by easycompany on April 25, 2018, 08:10:11 PM »
idk yet,im not a wardraft pro or have i got anything to do good in wardraft.
the crap i messed with is just flags in the exe..example, they'll reach a certain point and repeat so comp mass foots or archers or peons...so ai has to be in ai.bin
Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« Last post by BabyShark on April 25, 2018, 07:19:39 PM »
Dangerous Territory

Dangerous Territory is what I think would come out if AYN and POS got together and had a baby. Both are classic, well-loved, frequently played maps that have been favorites for the nearly 20 years since I first started playing W2 and was introduced to AYN by the xipx clan way back in the beginning.

This isn't to say Dangerous Territory isn't a whole new entity. It is. It just shares features with these classic maps that have been factors in repeatedly producing a pleasant and exciting gaming experience on W2.

This is one of the maps that tends to be "easy" for newcomers to the map to pick up, since it has a normal, standard feel to it and has predictable and symmetrical elements. Some maps are more difficult for greenhorns if they offer a nuanced and intricate set up, but this one is totally friendly for first-timers, which makes this a great first choice for those who want to try out hot fresh maps but are slightly apprehensive.

I liked this map and its cousins from first game on, and never lost that lovin' feeling.
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