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but with spoof hack all can join to game as " aaaa" even if u see "aaaa"  whips i am black i am XXX he can troll :P

Hi guys,

Saturday July 1st at 3pm eastern we will be hosting a tier 3 tournament in the tournament channel.

The map will be Garden of war on High/Ef settings. bo3
Finals will be in the KOTH format with the 1st map being gow ef. bo5   

Prize payouts will be $40 for 1st and $20 for 2nd.(As always players must warvid/stream and have paypal to collect their cash prizes)

Players who are excluded from this tournament are the following.


*All decisions regarding who is allowed to play in this tournament is subject to discretion.   
What if there was a 2v2 tournament where all players were welcome but people on the above list weren't allowed to ally one another?  Could make for a pretty wide open unpredictable field.

i think it got good and bad points
+ low players will play with and versus better players
- game will be focus "kill better player ignore lower"
- ppl from top dont want play with lower ppl

i think i got better idea
lets make a ffa or even 2x2 but we must all play on the same acc, so ppl will dont know that red is A, blue is B, it could be pretty funny, like ffa on w3, u dont know vs who u are playing u can see only "player 1" "player 2" "player 3" etc

we could be use spoof hack with names ofc all MUST make warvideo and  i suggest admin MUST be in game
7x players ffa and all dont know who is who :P

Ofc ffa tour for fun

3) Mods & Development / Re: How do i make a tileset?
« on: Today at 10:45:10 AM »
i can wrote where u can find it :P
open mpq data u got  there forest etc


here u got few

what about res?  (gow old ef must be high ;c) maybe lets play random res?

Is this a 1v1 tournament?

rlly tora? xd hum/orc vs hum/orc

6) Mods & Development / Re: Warcraft 1 modding
« on: June 22, 2017, 09:01:25 PM »
OK i know how to unlock/lock  buldings/spells/units  8)
also i know how to produce unit faster/slower by pc

how could anyone ever lose a 1v1 while maphacking?  i kinda wish i would have experimented with it so i would know, because to me, it seems like it would be so easy to win.
its simple, maphacker will watch more his enemy than he will play

8) Mods & Development / Re: Warcraft 1 modding
« on: June 21, 2017, 07:27:19 PM »
okey i know how to change campaign add/delete units buldings mines


as u can see its first map orc not human and i added one unit (orc should have got 8 units)  and replace grunt for raider

missions are in the same file, but how add/delete wood still dont know , dont know also how unlock/lock spells/units/buildings

some1 want play few mission?

! No longer available

ok i made 1-3 orcs 2-3 video i skipped mission 1

there is more easier editing orginal mission than saves since
"3c00000000000000" this is foot + where he is 3c is  60 hp
in editing map
484C 0001       00 is foot 01 enemy + 48 - X 4C -  Y + where is he, there is no information about his hp like in saves

computer will rebuild added rax

U should allow alf and viet... maybe finally they will win something

U need send photo your polish id also

polish people always shared hacks between each other. they work best on chop which is why we dominate the scene

sory tk if u want our hack u need learn polish and get polish citizenship

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: Warcraft 2 hard game?
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:49:11 AM »
I know you can attack ground. What I don't understand is how it can be considered "abuse".

If anything on W2 is "abused" it's bloodlust.
For example s9 vs 9 gow old, if s9 got cat and 9 hadnt got s9 will set his cat skill attack ground in middle bettwen gold and hall, enough?

I understand how the attack ground feature on cats/juggs is used, but what I'm not quite understanding is why you don't like it. Why do you feel it's a bad thing? I mean all players have access to the same feature on these units. I think the MORE UC is possible the better the game is.

I didnt say i dont like i said that there isnt in wargus when i was playing and i wanted use it! (had diffrent version not easycompany)
no attack ground mean
- u cant kill turtle without zeppelin ,dragon or near towers
- cats "think" very slow so guess they will never target peons bettwen mine and hall (maybe if u put 20 sometimes they will kill but if u got 3-4 they are safe)

if u are open war2loader it should ask you for update AH, i had it

it doesnt matter that some1 have got/havent got ah

I can say if u will see some1 got status  "UNKNOWN"  probably its hacker so u can ask him for ss ofc u need still proof it
like error with swift

First time when i was using hack  my status change from AH to UNKNOWN
Second time when reboot w2 i had AH with hack

Now i see 2 players with UNKNOWN status

oh come.. i tested hack online with tora and i allready know how to hack and still  got this stupid ah... but i think 99% players cant do the same

and i no need to hack to be top player 

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