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He He!!! Even the music became more sad at the end because of my uc :D
General Discussion / Re: As I Lay Dying
« Last post by david99 on Today at 12:09:22 AM »

I could hear some commotion in the hallway. Indistinct voices carried traces of an entire hospital wing in upheaval. I thought at some points that I heard her voice, but I assumed that was just wishful thinking.

Hades Ginger came in and took my vitals. She was ranting about the earlier incident and asked me several times if I was okay. I assured her I was fine.

The same officer entered my room again. His graying hair still had a fair amount of brown in it. His tan-skinned, mustached face was square with a cleft chin, and his demeanor was serious but calm. He was moderately heavyset with a slightly protruding belly, but the ease which which he moved suggested that he still put in effort to work out regularly. He glanced down at the pad of paper in his hand, then looked at me.

“Sir, there's a second woman here we've placed under arrest, she's allegedly breached hospital security protocol, won't answer any questions. Is she connected to,” he paused to read the name off the report in his hand, “Kim Xiao Laohu?” He butchered the pronunciation badly.

I thought about how I could respond so they'd let her go. I wanted to see her.

“No connection. She's my...can you bring her in here?”

He left the room and returned, escorting her by a handcuffed arm. She wouldn't look at me.

“Do you know this woman?” he asked me.

“Handcuffs!? Really?? That's completely unnecessary,” I advocated, glancing at her face that was turned away from me. I felt some pangs of guilt when I read the hurt on her face.

“You know her then?”

“Yeah. She's been visiting me. She should not be getting arrested.”

The officer started removing the cuffs. She peeked at me before looking away again.

“My apologies, ma'am. All the same, it appears you've violated hospital policy by, uh, failing to register at the front. And due to the serious nature of the offense that's been committed here today, I'll need answers to a few questions.”

She stared at the window without responding, rubbing her wrists.

I started moving to sit up. As I was moving, I felt increased pain and wetness in the bandaged area of my left side. My head still hurt.

She must think I'm the douche of the century, I thought as I looked at her.

She suddenly turned toward me with eyes ablaze, her face a mess of anger, confusion, hurt, and accusation. She strided toward me with eyes ablaze and made a silent demanding shrug with a slightly raised palm, and seemed to wait for an answer.

I whispered her name.

She spat out my name in a venomous tone.

Baby, I love you, I wanted to tell her. My chest was feeling constricted.

The officer looked back and forth between her and me, then grunted, “I'll give you two a minute,” and went out to the hallway.

I kept picturing her watching me throwing up, being there watching my organs shut down, being separated from her family and friends. She wants to be here. She wants this. She wants you. Why are you fighting it?

I felt a trickle of wetness at my left side, and moved my hand over the bandages. They felt like they were wet underneath. I started trying to pull up my gown, and in spite of the pain of scooting back and forth to lift it, I eventually managed to get it up, with the blanket covering what was left of my lower body.

I glanced down to see the bandages saturated with crimson.

She noticed. Her face changed. The hardness vanished and a worried look took its place. She took another step closer and leaned down.

“What happened?!” she asked, sounding alarmed.

“You...were supposed to be angry and leave and not come back!” I said eventually.

She stared at me.

“You...set that up?!” she asked, incredulous.

“No! She just showed up. I had no idea she was coming. Why did you come back?”

“You texted me. Just my name. But...it was enough to tell me you cared. Then there were all these cops and she was getting arrested and then they saw me and Hades Ginger started yelling about me breaching security measures and they cuffed me too.”

“That's messed up!”

“I'm not worried about that,” she scoffed. She stared at my bandages and announced, “A nurse needs to look at that.” She pressed the call button.

She stared at me some more.

Eventually she charged into it.

“So, how is it that the man who asked me to marry him yesterday was seconds away from impaling a prostitute this morning?”

“She's not a prostitute...”

“Is it a costume party then?”

“Can I convince you it is, and you can come as Adam's Eve before they got clothes?”

“Are you serious? You're such a pervert!”

“I dreamed about you. All night. Again. I woke up like that. She just showed up and jumped me! I told her to leave!”

“So, this woman, she just...shows up...and starts...you know...doing stuff to you?” she asked.

I nodded.

“You...dreamed...about me?” she asked.

I nodded again.

“I'm not surprised women find you sexy or anything, but why her, why you? Do you know her?”

“She was my ex. Haven't seen her in two years. She wants to stay at my house.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I said fuck no and fuck off.”

“I see.”

She watched me for awhile. I felt a bit scrutinized.

Eventually she whispered, “Are you okay?”


“She did that, didn't she?” she asked, gesturing the blood-soaked bandages.

“She kinda kneed me there as she climbed on top.”

“What's with you and crazy women?” she said with a hint of a smile.

That brought a smile to my face. “You tell me!” I replied, taking her hand in mine. “You're the crazy woman I'm in love with!”

Her smile grew into the full-fledged animal.

She put her arms around me and hugged me.

Eventually she asked, “So, why didn't you reply to my text after you texted me?”

I shrugged. “I wanted to spare you from -” I gestured myself and the medical equipment I was attached to. “Watching someone die has got to be one of those most depressing bullshit experiences on the planet. I didn't want that for you!”

She looked me in the eyes.

“If you don't want me to be here, just ask me to leave.”

I didn't answer right away. She went into a pissed-off rant.

“Why do you have to be such a coward? Why ignore me after all the crap you said to me before? Why can't you just give it to me straight like a grown up? You asked me to marry you. How the fuck do you think it's okay to just,” she shook her head, agitated, struggling to come up with an end to her thought.

She looked at the ground for awhile. “Were you really gonna do that to me? Again?”

“It's easier that way.”

“Easier for who?” she spat out angrily.

“You think it was easy for me? Back then? You're wrong.”

“So, why? Why couldn't you just have said goodbye like a normal person? Just told me, talked to me!? Why did you have to end it the way you did? That was fucking cold. I deserved better than that from you.”

“I didn't want it to be goodbye. You would have convinced me to keep it going. And, it's not like you didn't choose to stay with him. There was no future for us.”

She had tears running down her face now.

“You have to know...how much I loved you. You knew how bad I was hurting. You could have said...something...anything...to make it okay.”

“And then what? When would you have been okay with me walking away?”

She stared at the floor.

Eventually she whispered, “Did it...when I...did I make you change how you remembered me by not being able to walk away after you did? Were you...angry? Annoyed? Did you think, “Wow, what a loser!”?”

“Well, you were kind of acting like a loser!”

“So was every girl that trusted and loved you a loser, or just me?”

“I'm not sure there were as many of those as you think.”

She squeezed my hand.

“I know I wasn't the only girl whose heart you broke.”

“You fucking broke mine too.”

“Did I, though? You seemed to shake it off like it was nothing.”

“People handle their shit in different ways.”

Hades Ginger entered the room. She saw her with me and started shouting at the officer in the hallway.

“You let her in here alone with him??”

The officer hurried in.

“He said he knew her.”

She noticed the raised gown and blood-soaked bandages.

“He's been hurt! Someone has tampered with my patient!” She turned to her and yelled, “Did you do this to him? What did you do? What did you do!?”

tolea[as] vs Kyr.!VooDoo - YouTube

How do you put a video in your post?

You just paste the YouTube link

it says "Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links here"

you're a new registered user, you need 5 posts or 10 posts before you can, just an anti-adbot spammer thing in place.
Mods & Development / Re: How do i can change the mission objetives?
« Last post by easycompany on April 22, 2018, 06:38:37 PM »
u can add new ai without wardraft its got to be made available

swag in the exe main code is seperated by 909090's nop value your reversed hex addresses point them out 38 50 4x 00 points to locations..but your messing with asm calls also as hex is like asm :o

ie 004 <mem only hex x5038 boom 9090's location
i wouldnt worry much about it unless u just want to 95280 is the only place i changed up cpu mass poking around to map out...theres one that holds the shit ..i changed up what the 004 mem called to mem "00"'s options

well gone drink sumer is near ill fall off at fall
Server.War2.ru / Re: war2 Censorship
« Last post by easycompany on April 22, 2018, 06:20:22 PM »
i thoguht he played humans well congrats u 2..all the other ones down about 8 or so get some cheap dishes go outside and breakthem  then back to war2

Hot Dog - YouTube
General Discussion / Re: Things You Like To Watch Online or TV
« Last post by easycompany on April 22, 2018, 03:06:37 PM »
how the universe is made and "real" ghost stuff..and all the spin offs of nerds that play vid games and talking about movies.
Server.War2.ru / Re: war2 Censorship
« Last post by Lambchops on April 22, 2018, 12:46:49 PM »
... the external and a few impressive video game moves...

You heard it here first folks.... pb has some impressive moves!  ;)
Server.War2.ru / Re: Thats the real question about war2...
« Last post by easycompany on April 22, 2018, 09:53:59 AM »
ahh yes flame shield..now go kill some lusted orges!
Server.War2.ru / Re: war2 Censorship
« Last post by UppityAdm1n on April 22, 2018, 09:08:36 AM »
pb and bs sitting in a tree

we already know
Server.War2.ru / Re: war2 Censorship
« Last post by UppityAdm1n on April 22, 2018, 08:37:12 AM »
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