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1) Play Pen-itentiary / Re: Infants Welcome
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:51:29 AM »
Wow didnt even knew the existence of this part of the forum...

I would like to stand in defense of Ripe.
Not to what Ripe said or what Ripe feels about immigrants. But to the reason why Ripe feels like that!

Most European (especially North) countries are pretty isolated. The term foreigner is a scary term!
Immigration to them seems inappropriate and scary.

In the USA you have lived in harmony with many different races, nationalities and that makes you tolerant.
But when something strange for your society appears aren't you reacting exactly like Ripe?

Example: ISIS (well you will tell me it is not the same, they kill people, they use slavery etc... and yes you are right but it is exactly the same)

Immigrants in Finland is like ISIS in the USA.

Ripe is just afraid of what he doesn't know. It is normal... We should not ban him. We should teach him that immigrants are people like me, you and him...

At least that is what I personally believe.

Oral was Raimis?
lol ggs :-)

See you tonight!

3) General Discussion / Re: FULL SCREEN?
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:01:56 AM »
What operating system u are using?
Have you tried alt-enter?
Have you searched the properties of the executable?
Also try using the ddraw file from en.war2.ru/downloads

4) Server.War2.ru / Re: A tribute to Justin Schmidt!!!
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:00:31 AM »
Lol Lol and Lol again!

That is supposed to be a Greek party/wedding or something!
And yes Justin keep the good hardcore work! We need videos like that too :-)

5) Server.War2.ru / Re: Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 19, 2018, 09:52:17 AM »
Thank you for the big compliment Igognito. I appreciate that. I did not play wc2 for months. Do people actually play my maps tho? I made a lot and would like to see that. I will make more maps at some point for sure. Since last August i'm into another game for making levels and doing live streams.

You are welcome, and it is true in terms of beauty your maps ROCK!
Unfortunately, I cant host games otherwise I would be hosting some of them that I like to play :-)

I really like the 2nd map you have posted at:

that map is really fun to play :-D And one of the few you have not maxed out gold mines!

I also want to try Frozen World

Seabattle of Power is the map I have played the most among all :-)

Mystic Forrest is a good comps map if I remember well! I think I should mention this one to Sandman!
Also if we tune the goldmines I think it might be a great map for pvp :-)

You should join one of these nights (CET time) and host for us. Be a bit patient, I'm sure you will find players to play your maps!

I will also say to XBremer to have a look at your maps. He makes very interesting tactical maps but not so beautiful!
He could learn a few tricks from your maps and you from his :-D


6) Server.War2.ru / Re: Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 19, 2018, 09:32:46 AM »
Try start location -> random

ta-da! balanced.

So where are the forum posts about these new maps? And who is beta testing? As I said, I am putting down a lot of hours into developing balanced maps, and does just get small response from community. And I've been a regular player for Warcraft 2 since the early days. I love this effort with trying to get better maps to war2, but the maps posted here so far is not really balanced. Although they could be! But there is a long way to go still...

Last night we played a lot of maps from XBremer1!
Only thing needed is for you to come online and start advertising. Then slowly but constantly people will join your games. Usually we get a group of 6 (sometime 8) players make 2 more or less balanced teams and go for it!!!

Now if you have balanced 1s maps that is a very different story. Personally I'm not a 1s player. I simply do not enjoy 1s that much, but I will play you for testing the maps!
So prepare your team maps and come and host them tonight!!!! Speak to me XBremer1, Babyshark, ring, Tofu, Raimis, Cel, Xurnt, and many many others!

See you tonight (22:00+~CET)


Lol, I saw the zone games :-)
Fun stuff!!! especially the one that Kyr.!Voodoo wins!
Both dualed and both of them where open and didnt even knew it until the very end of the game :-D
If any of them had rush would have been hilarious to see their reactions when the footmen would rush in a helpless castle peon line :-D

After that game, u8 simply illustrated his superior skill! He had already adapted to the map and knew exactly what to do.
I can pretty much say that he should probably be ready to win against almost any tactics that can be used on the map.

Thank you for the mention BS :-)
Yeah, I think the zone hidden rax tactic is mine :-P. But certainly not the way kyr tried to execute it!

Also in 1s it is a hard tactic to use. Maybe at game 2 instead of towers u8 could go rax but towers are better when u know where to place them!

Now, I need to watch Mr. Bean matches :-D

Lol, I think I know why you feel like that!

While GoW is not my favorite map... I have to accept that GoW is a map that you can have action at all the stages of the game!
And that makes it one of the best maps ever created!
I know that people do not like the simplicity of zones but that is a map that you again get actions at all the stages of the game...
And a map that allows for many different strategies also :-D

I plan to watch your matches with Kyr Voodoo one of these days.
See what strategies you used to kick his butt :-P (I'm pretty sure you did that badly)


9) Server.War2.ru / Re: Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:43:09 AM »
Continuing from yesterday...

You can't make a map and think it will be finished without a lot of testing and proper adjustments... It takes many hours to complete a good map, so if people are willing to put down the time, both players and map makers. I think some nice fun competitive maps could be added to the pool. The problem is to find serious people willing to test and come with feedback. If you can publish a map on the forum and people would test play and give feedback we have a good chance to get some good maps developed.
Yes, you are right a new map takes time to be completed! It takes time to create, beta test, and to improve.
But this is happening daily lately!

Maps from Shepherd, Nedro and XBremer and others are being played and improved often!
The problem is that further than a few people that recognize that by playing and helping these map makers the community stays dark!

So that is what all this topic is about :-) to make a way the work of map makers to reach a wider audience and get more recognition!

Also I want to bring to attention that we have/had 2 players that had joined the community to be map makers! Bjorn (@BJayLandmaker) which made by far the most pretty maps I've seen and an other new player @frontliner2 (which by the way has made a very cool map, bloodpath, which with a bit of beta testing and improvement might be a great to play map!)

These kind of players is what we need in this community! Players that contribute and devote their time constructively for all of us!

10) Comradely & Loving Discussion Zone / Re: Raimis waves goodbye.
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:29:35 AM »
You are enlisting?
Which Country?

4 months training camp... That is not so much you'll be back before you know it :-D

I hope I'll catch you online before the 25th!

in the meanwhile! Take care my friend!


11) Server.War2.ru / Re: Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 16, 2018, 12:03:32 PM »
I'm very happy for the positive reactions this topic got!

Let me answer in a few points:
About the ladder it is much more complex I think as changing the roaster of maps means changing the meaning of the current elo.
You would need to create a new elo I think.
We could do it though having a classic BNE elo that would be based on classic bne maps and a war2combat edition elo based on a completely different set of maps that we deem legit and fair enough.

Elo will normalize just fine... No need to make map related Elo. Take for example Unu... He only plays NWTR so his Elo is representative for the terrain you will fight him :-D

Incuding maps in the game folder and making them legit for ladder are I think two very different things.

I totally agree:
We then require two mechanisms:
(a) an inclusive mechanism that allows more maps to be distributed with the game.
(b) a strict mechanism that promotes some maps to ladder maps.

for (a)
I would say that we can set a number (N) of maps to be included per year! The N most popular new maps (either by vote or play) are included.
for (b)
We set a up a committee etc...

ps: I need to go now I will continue tomorrow

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 13, 2018, 11:41:28 AM »
I feel you are in favor to increase the map pool!
You just have your reservations on which maps to use...

Then propose a method for choosing maps to add :-)
I proposed a way that did not took fairness in consideration. You suggest a way that we can evaluate a map for fairness.

The only way I can think is by having a map evaluation comity that approves the maps before are added.
Something like:

The 3 most voted maps pass from a comity to be revised for fairness and minor bugs. The best map in terms of game play is chosen.
As this will have an extra round might make the process slower. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

13) Server.War2.ru / Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:24:21 AM »
Hi all,

The idea I have is simple and come up from what @BabyShark is trying to achieve for 2 specific maps.

I believe we should create a mechanism for making "official" some maps!
The candidate maps are many!
I would first start by making official (adding to ladder and to installer) the maps that have won on previous map competitions.
Then I would suggest of having map competition where the community votes for maps to become official!!!

Now maps that lost on a competition the can still participate to future competitions ;-)
Also this competitions could be often! For example every month!
The competition would start by the creators posting some maps on the forum (first week of the month).
Then a responsible person makes the poll for the posted maps.
Then people play the maps and vote!
At the end of the month the poll closes and the map with the most votes wins.

Every new year (or sooner) the responsible admin for installer will need to make a new version that includes the new maps :-)
Furthermore, this will be a nice mechanism for developing other features of the game and releasing them yearly.

Tell me what you think!

For once I will agree with u8...

The poll should be:
Yes - please include the maps
No - do not include the maps
Conditional Yes - Include after small revise (for example peon spots)

Also the poll should not be whether we like or not the maps.
For example I do not like Mr Bean but I do not mind if it is included or not... There are plenty of maps that I do not like that are part of the ladder folder.

15) Server.War2.ru / Re: EJJI vs Lethal - CLANWAR
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:44:59 AM »
Lately Badfingaz is appearing so we are 2 (z) that we could also participate on a clan war :-D
And Tora had said he is willing to play with us so we could have 3 players :-)

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