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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: Talking keeps things alive
« on: Today at 08:44:51 AM »
im too newb to have much to say on the topic but am interested to see any replies :thumbsup:

Yeah same. I only know one strat well... that's where I go stand next to the water and ally/unvis all - I'm fully pro at that ;)

Java or JS ?

3) Support Requests / Re: Warcraft 2 Gateway?
« on: December 11, 2018, 08:57:26 PM »

If you messed up your gateway in the registry you can double click on this .reg file and it will reset them.

4) General Discussion / Re: anti-capitalism thread
« on: December 11, 2018, 12:37:09 AM »

One of the world's biggest alcohol manufacturers marketing to communist wannabe snowflakes.

Excellent example ;)

5) Support Requests / Re: Host Lantency Issue , Same connection high ping
« on: December 06, 2018, 05:06:56 AM »
Both of you when you install war2 combat check the box that says random port and problem is solved. This works if you are on the same network.
not always, i've specifically tried this in the past more than once for different people, sometimes it works & sometimes it has no effect

You need to have your routing set up to forward each game port to the appropriate client. Depending on the individual LAN architecture this could happen for you automatically via NAT or may need to be set manually.

btw i've now tested ProtonVPN and it works great for war2! it's free & unlimited so i'll be updating that guide to use it instead of tunnelbear :thumbsup:

Nice :) It works for hosting too?

6) General Discussion / Re: crying irl about George H.W. Bush's death
« on: December 02, 2018, 02:27:00 PM »

7) General Discussion / Re: crying irl about George H.W. Bush's death
« on: December 01, 2018, 04:36:58 AM »
You know after they bury him in the family plot, given the right geological conditions, then in a billion years or so his body could become one little drip of oil.

Perhaps he will end up as a single puff of exhaust fumes exiting the tailpipe of a car driven by some yet-to-evolve creature on its way to visit the homo-sapien exhibit at its local museum.


8) Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Map Making Resources
« on: November 30, 2018, 11:45:20 PM »
Hello mousEE :) :)
thanks your works here. :D
I got a problem with the PUDDraft.
It said you have to find a WAR2.EXE before you use it.
No idea where this file is.
Do you know what to do? ^-^ ^-^

IIRC War2.exe is the executable from the original DOS (pre battlenet) version of the game. PUDDraft pulls some recources from there. That will be the version you got from abandonware.

9) General Discussion / Re: map editor
« on: November 30, 2018, 11:38:47 PM »
Hi, I was just wondering if there is a map editor for warcraft 2 that can be downloaded. Thanks

Look HERE  :)

10) Server.War2.ru / Re: Error 404?
« on: November 28, 2018, 09:43:10 PM »
to one point i cannot avoid they deaths by my hand..

You're too smart for that. Get creative.

You will think of something appropriate that won't get you locked in prison.... hf with it ;)

11) General Discussion / Re: Push Up technique none of you use
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:46:22 AM »
see the viens in the neck..to much pressure boom stroke.

Never mind his neck, what's wrong with his head?

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: Error 404?
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:43:48 AM »

It was a diferent message was a request to people who got experience in violence to tell me what should i do in acts of fights etc. But i changed name in a random quote, thanks anyway  pz homie c u soon in a month or so ✌️💪👈🤩stay strong homie🤓✌️

Ahh, I see.

Get a good teacher. Train hard. Train your reflexes so you dont have to think about it. Avoid fighting as much as you can. If they force you into it then hit hard and fast for maximum damage.

Stay safe bro :)

13) Server.War2.ru / Re: Legends never die
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:34:22 AM »
Nah man, I mean swift is pretty good - no question - but this is Chuck mofukin Norris we're talking about here. Chuck would rape him with one peon and vision on...\

   .... Chuck Norris man.. !

14) Support Requests / Re: [done] FPS lag in-game
« on: November 25, 2018, 09:02:26 PM »

THB Windows 10 is just a horrible pile of spyware.

For WC2 and probably lots of other retro software, I think your best bet is to install VirtualBox with an older OS .... XP works great for WC2.

So your main OS is win10 then you can just boot a virtual machine off your desktop.

Your PC looks to have more than enough power a heap of VMs so once you have VirtualBox set up it should be pretty painless.

15) Server.War2.ru / Re: Error 404?
« on: November 25, 2018, 08:48:32 PM »

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