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Title: Pirates Lagoon by TGS (Updated Demo 5 Ready for DL)
Post by: Warhammer on May 31, 2017, 04:45:13 PM
*** PLEASE READ 3rd POST for updated version ***
(This post is for map info from original) - Thank you - TGS

Map : Pirates Lagoon
Creator: The Good Shepherd

Starting spots: 8
start mines 50,000 gold
mines in total 20
All 12 expo mines need to blast to get to them. Four of them are on islands in the middle of the map which also are surround by rocks. 
12 oil patches 25,000 each

Creator Notes
This is likened to High Seas Combat but with serious other modifications. Each start position you can blast to 2 sides. If you are playing a full game there will be a player on either side of your mountains (rocks). In the middle of all rocks on the main land (where all players start) are the 8 expo mines each 25k. Look at the pud browser snap shot to see the image. Each set of rocks has exactly 1 expo mine. Mostly toward the edge of the map. This is intended to force action on the main land and on the Lagoon (water).

Please reply with any and all feedback as I may further modify this first version.

Enjoy !
png file of map (snapshot of pudbrowser)
Pirates Lagoon pud
Title: Re: Pirates Lagoon by The Good Shepherd
Post by: Warhammer on July 29, 2017, 08:15:21 AM
*** 2nd Post with updated map here ***
YOU found it !!!

Here is a very much updated version of Pirates Lagoon demo 2 of the map. The original was labeled just pirates lagoon and should of been demo 1. When Pirates Lagoon becomes final, I will call it Pirates Lagoon BNE.

1) mini expo mines on main island are easier to blast. It takes only 2 sappers to get to the mine instead of 3 or 4.
2) spots for halls have been cleared next to expo mines
3) Start spots are numbered in the grass by clock facing. So, 1 is one o`clock and 5 is 5 o`clock. The start spots are 1,2,4,5,7,8,9, and 11.
4) An alternate strategy is that the rocks have been severely reduced near mini expos. You may decide to directly blast to your neighbor using 2 sappers/demo squads OR blast to your mini expo mine. You have 2 paths to blast!
5) Minor changes all around for wood lines and trees.
6) From all start spots a wide path has been cleared that faces toward YOUR OIL PATCH. So where you have the widest area of shoreline that means YOUR OIL patch is in that direction.
7) Map is signed TGS in the middle. Look for it.

Attached: Pirates Lagoon demo 2 (current as of July 29, 2017).

As always enjoy!
Title: Re: Pirates Lagoon by TGS (Updated Demo 5 Ready for DL)
Post by: Warhammer on August 11, 2017, 07:05:41 PM
Pirates Lagoon Demo 5 now ready for DL.

Fixed numerous issues with blasting and mining mini - expo's.
i.e. peons getting stuck or stopped mining because of spacing issues.

Also, fixed the issues of some spots where their peon lines can be decimated by shore blasting. If not completely making the player unable to play the spot.

Attached demo 5.

Title: Re: Pirates Lagoon by TGS (Updated Demo 5 Ready for DL)
Post by: salvadorc17 on August 22, 2017, 03:12:55 PM
Pirates Lagoon Demo 5 now ready for DL.

Really epic map, i like water ones, where battlefield is fully usable.