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Title: A Story of Mr. Jacobs (A Story of the Server.)
Post by: jessu001 on October 07, 2017, 12:01:51 AM
Mr. Jacobs went out and about; his frail froth coming out in winter's breath, as his cottage began emitting a poor, yet good enough internet connection for him to connect to 'war2.'


For so was the initial conjunction of his eyes to the screen and text as he cogitated in his mind as how people could be so violent after his hard days work, when he conjecturally thought his rest for the day's work would land with peace.

"Maybe they haven't heard about Jesus Christ," he completed with his mind in thought -- while turning the station on the TV from the daily news to off.

"I will tell them about Him, and His importance, else they fall into ridicule, and they never progress like two bunnies having sex, to a solid and full realization of love."

So he began to preach on the server, for his eyes would not rest for the companionship that was lacking; and the unfruitful habitations of logic were not welcome with his premise of happiness and contentment with righteousness.

"It is for Christ's approach," he began, "that people should not welcome unrighteousness, neither to dwell in darkness of the thoughts: for in so doing one has bereaved another in the world of hope, or caused destruction, or theft, or a taking away of the very foundations of life that do not destroy a life, but bring it to its fruition (perfection.) I lift up not a rock that sways in time, but a rock that is the foundation of true humility, and happiness; joy, mirth, and righteousness, so in that so following one would not complete a destiny, and then in the light of His glory be ashamed in retrospect, but confident: that their life both before and in the future would not change, but glance at a happiness and contentment that is only brought through the painful and continual harvest of the will of the bible - that in so doing, one would not lose their stance with perfection, but continue steadfast to the utmost state of humanity."

Mr. Jacobs realized that though he would continually complete his mission to subdue the evil, wicked world, he would yet remain harmless as a dove, and wise as a serpent.

Title: Re: A Story of Mr. Jacobs (A Story of the Server.)
Post by: shesycompany on October 13, 2017, 08:39:23 PM