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Title: Community Poll for June 2nd Assorted Maps Round Robin Style Fun Tournament
Post by: BabyShark on April 14, 2018, 06:31:41 PM
I've been thinking about how to do a fun fight for people my level on fun maps we all enjoy, and I'd also like to add a separate higher level fight if the interest is there.

I want to gather some community input for what people would like to participate in.

For SURE, the maps Mr. Bean and Zones will be included.

I'm going to list other awesome maps and put it up for voting to see which ones people want to play most.

Party at Midnight
Pirate's Lagoon
Ocean Bloom
Woodland Warlords
Lost Paradise
Agent's Traps
Dangerous Territory
16 x 9

Preregistration for this tournament will be required because the set up for the player matchups needs to be all worked out beforehand.

These are people who are approved to join the "my level" group, which is a bit difficult to pinpoint and certainly some of these players are superior, but people I've beat at least 2x on any proper map qualify.

Raimis (I guess you're not gonna be here then but you're invited anyway!)

Some people love water and some people play only land.

Time zones are all over the map.

The Pro group will be open to everyone, including "my level" players, so they might be at separate times to enable some people to play in both.

Another style I contemplated was having a 2v2 matchup with a maximum of 15 points per team entering. Ie. a Level 10 Player has to pard a Level 5 player or lower for a maximum of team score of 15. A Level 8 player could pard a Level 7 etc. That would be a way to incorporate higher and lower level players into the same tourney.

Another option that has gotten some positive feedback was the idea of doing a "correspondence" tournament, so it's not on a set date. It would be a round robin style so every player plays every other player in the grouping, probably about 6 players so 5 games per group, which would look something like this:

http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-robin.aspx?ac=IK81ZTT0P9B5&register=true (http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-robin.aspx?ac=IK81ZTT0P9B5&register=true)

(Example only - click "Not Now" to skip registration and view example round robin schedule)

I'm thinking right now of having a group of 6 players in the 1s Round Robin and if there is interest from higher level players a separate group of 6 for them. If there are more players wanting to participate than 6, I would do a 2nd bracket of 6 players, and the winner of each bracket (whoever takes most wins) would battle the winner of the other same level bracket for championship.

Title: Re: Community Poll for June 2nd Assorted Maps Round Robin Style Fun Tournament
Post by: Illescasz on May 15, 2018, 12:45:11 AM
I want to bring these content to develop to be a good result in the future.
Title: Re: Community Poll for June 2nd Assorted Maps Round Robin Style Fun Tournament
Post by: Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart) on May 15, 2018, 11:50:41 AM
Voted Canals with the stipulation that I'm voting for the original Canals, and not the one in the picture.  These all seem to be the maps Nedro makes or plays and none of them are maps from other people.
Title: Re: Community Poll for June 2nd Assorted Maps Round Robin Style Fun Tournament
Post by: Igognito on May 15, 2018, 12:16:17 PM
Hi, nice initiative.

(1) About Robin Round Style tournaments:
To help solve a problem of the robin round style (RRS). You can use divisions (or groups)

if you have an 8 team RRS tournament it is a total of: 4*7=28 games (N/2*(N-1) with N the number of teams)

But we can simplify the RRS tournament by breaking our N teams to N/4 groups: That makes 2 groups of 4 players for our example...
Each group goes RRS and plays 6 games (total of 12 games for the 2 groups)
Then you pick the 1,2 team of each group and create a new group for another 6 games RRS to get the final results :-)

this gives you 18 games instead of 28 for 8 teams.

This is what the do in football by the way.

if for some reason you get a group with less than 4 teams it is no problem. We can normalize and generally apply several strategies to make it fair.
This way we will have the RRS style but also it will not get to be tooo long.

I suggest that we use the groups of 4 teams for each round.

(2) Now, about time constrains, you give a deadline for each round! The teams can participate within the deadline. If a match does not occur within the deadline, then a time is set the next day by a neutral referee, if a team does not appear then it is a loss! Each team has 1 match that is allowed to postpone. For each team at each round there are 3 matches.

(3) About each round games: I suggest that until we reach the final round we do it KOTH 3 games. The score of the games is the points awarded. So if a team wins 2-1 it gains 2 points and the loser team gains 1 point. This way all 3 games will be played and you want to win.

(4) About the map pool.
For the list of maps you should put the creator by the side (where u know it of course).
I suggest that we limit the number of available maps to 12 and also we should allow the Map creators to apply for their maps to take part.
We make a poll with more than 12 and the 12 most popular (by public vote) are used. If 12 is too much we can limit it to the 10 most popular.
Also the choice of the 1st map for the KOTH should be random.

That's for now
Title: Re: Community Poll for June 2nd Assorted Maps Round Robin Style Fun Tournament
Post by: KagaN on May 19, 2018, 10:35:14 AM
When this tourney starts?