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Title: FRESH OFF THE BOAT! (discovery game mode)
Post by: Qanon on July 20, 2018, 11:42:10 AM
not the final name!! (open for suggestions) lol (edited) the official name is Explore And Conquer you can download this map with the Qanon Map pack posted here in link below  http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,4260.0.html (http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,4260.0.html)

ill keep this post for info on how to play

ok a lot of people are confused when I host this... to host this map u must uncheck the one peon.. then you will be able to start with your trans port
now every one starts on the 3 islands below .. 2 on the left island 4 in the middle an 2 on the right.. you may stay and build there if your want just don't think your the only one with that idea
its recommended you take your transport sail up an find a good plot to build an raise your army .. most of these plots you will see a little dirth path entrance from the water and can follow the path to a base

couple things you need to know... the further you go the later you will get to lay a town hall down.. but the pay off is the resources the mines further north hold more gold.. as you can see in the 3 starting islands as well the mines there must be chopped into .. but they hold a fair amount of gold for that reason.. the plot of land above those islands with the 3 starting locations and 1 expo in the trees only hold 35k the 1 in the trees has 45k.. this is because of the convenience of getting this land .. most likely youill be in a gay or rush war with the people next to you and the last man standing of the 3 there will own all 4 mines... so 35k is plenty to get you started for your rush an you can always throw a peon in your transport an sail off for a expo up north!

so keep in mind the mines graduate the more north you build but some of these far north plots have walls blocking the entrance to them so make time to hack away at a wall an the reward will be fulfilling ;)

im open to suggestions please give this a try its something new an id like to make more maps like this where you travel to find a your starting location its very noob friendly and I think it brings a real fun dynamic to the game.. have fun an let me know what you think... this is the latest version of the map!

Title: Re: FRESH OFF THE BOAT! (discovery game mode)
Post by: Qanon on July 20, 2018, 11:58:56 AM
lookin for testers to play this with me now!!! an up to 3 hours from now ill be on playing send me a whisper on war2 and respond to this post! ty all who helped test will be thanked in a notepad when the full map pack is zipped an uploaded to the site